PMs to Bethany, Shane, Esme and Kaori


I'm not sure how this is going to work, and I'm not sure who's out there, but hi. I'm Jack. I'm guessing this is just those scientist guys fucking with us because this? This is not normal. Is there anyone there? I've gone around to each computer and written basically the same message. Well, every one but the centre one because hey, there's no message system on there. Bastards.

Anybody out there?

Family Drama on Christmas

Who: Open to the groups converging on Scott. And of course Scott.
When: Morning
Where: Town Hall and the Christmas tree

Before having gotten dressed to leave, he had quickly opened his box but didn't really peruse the contents which was why he had only grabbed the video camera. There wasn't really time to look and it would be there later (he hoped). Although he was definitely pleased that there was a video camera because this stuff needed to be documented. Anyhow, he'd gotten dressed quickly and made his way downstairs with the video camera.

With Cheyenne hanging off of his arm the whole time in a complete and utter death grip, it was kind of difficult to slush through the snow. Still, he wasn't going to complain because someone was with him. He wasn't alone and that was the best feeling in all the world. Plus she had the umbrella and his poor pale skin wasn't going to get beaten with the sun.

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Who: Owen and Open!
Where: 1 maple street
When:Eight in the morning