permission to take the out

Who: Kaori and Lina
Where: Kaori's house (their house?)
When: Early afternoon

Lina hated being snowed in. Indoor things really weren't holding her attention, and she wasn't in the mood to attempt to fight through the snow and get frostbite, either. She'd taken to reading, and sprawling out on one of the sofas, but she wasn't happy with the situation. Some days she felt like she'd actually been a lot happier living outside.

Kaori entered the living room, or more the raised den. It was an odd layout for a house though she enjoyed that room. It was pleasant. Sitting down on the loveseat opposite of Lina, she smiled politely. "You look stunningly uninspired." she noted good naturedly. "Reading anything good?" she asked.

Lina gave Kaori a small, humorless grin. "Well," she said, turning the book to look at the cover. She'd forgotten what the fuck she was trying to read. "Does that answer your question?" she smirked. It wasn't that it was bad, it just wasn't holding her attention. "How are you doing?"

private to dave and katalina

So, I had been going to find you, and all that, but that didn't happen and looking outside, I'm thinking it's not the day either. Anyways--just checking in. Emma and I are in a house on a street that magically appeared yesterday, so that's fun. Esme's here, and Dale.

I had found Hannah and had her here but now she's gone again. And oh, yes, she's in a house with Eris.

You two faring alright?

Another Pair of Hands


Who: Camber and Lina
Where: The Garage
When: Mid-Morning

Camber looked at her printed-out map, fretting a little. Right then. Lina, at the garage. Between Jeremy and Dave, Camber knew where to go and who she was looking for, but beyond that she knew nothing about the woman she was going to be talking to.

The Point

Who: Brett and Lina
Where: The garage
When: Early afternoon

Brett had a bad feeling about this as he wheeled himself into the garage in search of Lina. then again, he had a bad feeling about almost everything - especially that which meant that he had to actively seek out the advice of others. He'd much prefer to keep himself to himself, but he'd said that he'd go and even if things had changed somewhat with the news he'd gotten over night, he was still sticking with the plan until he could find that woman and actually talk to her about things. "Hey, anyone here?" he called, making his way forward, leaving the door to the outside open.

It seemed a little pointless to be here for Lina - people were still trying to figure out what was going on, but, fuck it. Volunteers had shown up, so she stayed for work. Not that she actually did a whole hell of a lot of it. She was letting her mind wander in the back room when she heard a call. She got up and walked out into the main room, eyeing the guy in the wheelchair. "Yep. What can I help you with?"

Private message to Lina

So I'm sure you heard I was here by now. Hi. Enough smalltalk.

We both know what's coming. I knew when I woke up, so I hit the police station. Looks like someone else was there first, but I requisitioned every firearm and baton in the place. Now maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think people who know me'll be wild about me having every gun in town. So if you're okay with it, I think it'd be better if you had them. If you don't want them, I'll go dig a trench and bury them, no hard feelings. Let me know.

- Everett


Who: Dave and Lina
When: Ass-early in the morning
Where: Dave's house

Lina tried not to head straight for Dave's house at five AM. Really, she did. She knew he didn't get off work until sometime around or after two AM, and really, she didn't need to wake him up at ass o'clock. This wasn't an emergency. Nobody was going to possibly die from what she knew.

But holy fuck, Lina couldn't deal with this bit of knowledge on her own. How the fuck did Hannah do it for who knew how long? No wonder that bitch was crazy.

PM to Dave

We need to talk.

another layer.

[private entry, handwritten]

It figures that what bothers me the most about this situation is whether or not I tell Jason. I just found out that we've eaten human meat, for fucks sake. And it's not that that doesn't bother me enough. Really. I don't need something else on top of that. And I didn't need that on top of Freddie, and all the shit attached to that situation, or finding out that Everett's here and hey, so is Eris.

Om Nom Nom

Who: Lina and Hannah (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN)
When: Evening
Where: Movie theater!

Hannah had returned after grabbing a quick diner dinner to see the later horrorfest showings. She sort of hoped she'd run into Brett again; she would have taken great delight in sitting next to him and bugging him for a description of the scene over and over again.

Then karma came and bit her on the ass for that one. The movie showing was some brand of creepy Japanese horror; she usually loved them, and it helped that she didn't need a subbed version - no need for subtitles she couldn't read, she could understand the film as it was spoken. Problem was, this was one of those where most of the movie is spent in silence, the protagonist conveying horror with clues, weird camera angles, and horrified faces. So Hannah didn't have a huge idea of what was going on.

irony, you bitch.

[public entry]

Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to take a few dozen mental nam-war vets, stick them in a gated community, and then run Horrorfest?

Seriously? Nobody upstairs thought that was weird? Really?