Abu Dhabi (public entry)

I had missed my connection in Abu Dhabi - my first flight delayed from Charles de Gaulle. It was Ramadan and the plane finally touched down at sunset. I walked through the almost empty airport, listening to the calls from the local mosques echo through the cavernous halls. It was almost deserted there. I've been to many airports over the years, but that remains with me - how few people there were. All the shops closed up as their vendors went to finally be able to eat.

New Day Dawning


Who: Leo and Emma
Where: 2 Maple Street
When: Morning

It was later than he thought when Leo woke up with the slight remains of a headache. It took him a moment, but once he'd checked the clock and looked out of the window, he'd realised that was because the snow and clouds out there were making the day seem a lot darker than it should have been. That glance also confirmed that he'd been moved, which was a head trip. He'd expected to be driven to the town today, not simply to wake up in a strange - and baby blue (yuk!) - bed with, apparently, all his things put away. He crossed to the (his?) dresser and checked that. And then moved to the bathroom. Yes - everything was there, set out, in place. He shuddered slightly as he realised that it reminded him very much of that first day in isolation, when he'd woken up and everything had been just so. That little memory had him looking for the door and, when he found it, testing the handle. He couldn't pretend he wasn't relieved when it opened and he stepped out into the hallway. He looked around, realising that he was in a house and for a few minutes, retreated back into his room.

Sitting down at the computer there, he took the opportunity to write in the online journal (thank god he still had that functionality here - if not, he'd have been hunting for a pen and paper first thing! Got to get that in!) before heading out to explore the house. His house - that felt strange. So much space now, space to explore. Would he be sharing with anyone? They hadn't told him either way. If not, he'd have to brave the snow - there would be other people in town. He'd been promised that.