Who: Leo and Tobias
Where: Tobias' house
When: Shortly after the PM exchange

Leo had wasted no time leaving the beach hut place he'd been put in. He was no lover of solitude, in fact, another day of that and even with the ability to message people he would have been climbing the walls. Discovering the existence of some way out was the best thing to happen to him and he was so in that lift within a couple of minutes of finding it, leaving everything behind without a second thought.


Arriving in Mombai (Bombay - which one do you use anyway? I can never work that out...) was a shock to the system. Just the sheer amount of people. This crush of sheer humanity - it was almost overwhelming, to all senses. Smells, sounds, the whole lot. I didn't know where to look, though in the end the 'porter' trying to convince me that I needed someone to carry my bag got my attention.

Messages to: Eris, Leo, Ronnie, Cheyenne


Dale cracked her knuckles. If there was a way to just copy the message over and over, she'd do that, but she figured she could write out something that was the same for everyone if she wrote it down on paper first. So she hunted around until she found the pad of paper that was by the phone in the cabin (not that the phone worked) and a pen that was in a drawer somewhere. What she'd really would've liked was a whiteboard so she could keep track of names and numbers, of course.

Right. This is Dale!

Looking for the numbers for
"Fruity Gwyn Dread" (that's me!)

Off Putting

Who: Leo and open to Janie, Joy, Lilith and Dale
Where: His room/PMs
When: First thing

Leo woke early, sunlight filtering through the gaps in the frond roof above his head. He arched, off-balancing in his hammock a little, before he steadied himself, easing a crick out of his back. Hammocks were not the most comfortable things to sleep in after a while. Or, at least, this one wasn't. He half lifted himself-half fell out of the thing, landing on the floor of the hut, reaching for his shorts.

The first thing he noticed was that the chocolate bar he'd kept in his back pocket was gone. That had him on the floor, hunting for it. And then he looked under his pillow - in the hammock, anywhere there might be stashed food. He always had stashed food. But, not today. He headed out to the bar - that had been where the 'kitchen' had been, if there really was one here. There'd been a fridge with some food, a barbecue, it was enough. Only today, the bar had changed - there were shutters between the bar and its roof, and a door instead of the gap to the other side. And the door was locked, a push-button keypad seemingly there to unlock it. Leo tried typing in his pin number. No joy - how would the scientists have known that anyway? He tried a few other codes, but no joy. He noticed that the computer which had yesterday sat on the bar was now on a small stand next to it.

Ko Samui - Private Journal Entry (but also copied by PM to Dale, Lilith, Joy and Janie)

White sands, clear ocean, palm trees. It was like something out of a film, or an advert. I half expected some woman to come prancing along in a bikini advertising Bounty. But a thought like that feels like cheapening it now.



Who: Leo and open to Dale, Lilith and Janie
Where: his 'room'/PMs
When: Morning

It took Leo a while to work out what was going on. He'd woken up in a wooden hut - the kind he'd stayed in on the beach in Ko Samui. Single room, hammock for a bed, brightly coloured rungs on the walls and floor, palm branch roof - sand everywhere because you couldn't stop that with a beach hut. It was warm, there was a breeze wafting in the glassless, open-shuttered windows. There was a computer up against one wall - a laptop, like the one he'd taken travelling with him.


I knew, of course, that it used to be busier. I was told, by taxu drivers, locals - the tourists used to come in droves, but that was before the bombs. 2002, 2005 - it was quieter now. But I wasn't looking for droves, I was looking for beauty. People just got in the way of that.

I ended up with monkeys! I was tired of the beach after a while and travelled to Ubud - looking this time for culture. I ended up at the sacred monkey forest (who the hell has a sacred monkey forest, I though - this I had to see...). The entrance was guarded, seemingly, by two giant stone statues - monkeys, of course. I wandered around for most of the day and there were statues all around. I stood in front of one for ages, just looking, until I was driven away by a chattering monkey - think I was on his patch or something. I didn't stay in one place for long after that.


Who: Esme and Leo
Where: Their house
When: Morning

Leo was up early, half expecting Christmas tune again, grateful when there was nothing. The paints he'd been given yesterday were still there. He'd decided that today, was painting day - that was going to be this afternoon. But, first, he'd made a promise to a lady, so he got up, got dressed in a pair of jeans and a red poloneck t-shirt and headed downstairs, finishing off a breakfast bar on the way, the uneaten chocolate bar from yesterday still shoved into his back pocket, and knocked on her door.

Rio de Janeiro

The plan was to get there early. The plan for me, anyhow. For everyone else - who knew? We didn't make plans, really. I didn't even know who would show. It had been an off-and-on topic of conversation for the whole year. Whoever I met, whoever they met, messages going around between people who met, who travelled together for a day, a week, couple of months, whatever. People who seemed alright. Meet up in Rio, for New Year. New Year at Copacabana.

I'd never been, but everyone's heard of that, right? The carnival there, on the beach. Who could pass that up.

Wanna play stuffed animal parade?

Who: Esme and Leo
When: Mid-afternoon
Where: Living room

Well, it was something different at least.