leah and will

Joyeux Noel! Or something.


Who: Will and open to multiples ("...where's Scott?" ;D)
Where: The house
When: 8 am, promptly

Will woke to the blaring tune of "Jingle Bells", loud enough to flood the entire upper floor of the house. At first he rubbed his eyes and rolled over, wondering if someone with a sense of humor was putting their musical instruments to good use, before he realized that -- well, for one thing, it was October; for another, there were lyrics.

Will blinked awake and found himself looking at a neatly wrapped box sitting on his nightstand. He sat up. The rest of his room was reset, just as it always was; the family photos, his letters and stationary, books and clothes, all back in their place as they had for the last two mornings. But this box, wrapped in shiny paper and tied with a bow, about the size and shape of a shoebox. He was simultaneously terrified and transfixed. "Merry Christmas," he said to himself, pulling at the ribbon.

Footsteps in the hall distracted him, however, and, after a moment of deciding whether or not to just carry the box along with him, Will put it down; better see what was going on with the household than be selfish with gifts. He'd save it for a quiet moment later. He pulled on clothes quickly and headed out to see who else was awake.