private messages to Stan, Svetlana, Everett

To Stan
Good morning, Stan, I wanted to check in and see how you were today. Hopefully your time hasn't been too rough, and I wanted to know if you would like to meet face to face sometime at your convenience? I'd be happy to meet you anywhere you'd like. I look forward to hearing from you,

To Svetlana
Svetlana, I hope you are well. I hope that you were not too upset by the last few days, and wondered when it may be convenient to see you. Please get back to me at your convenience,

To Everett
Everett, I hope you're well, especially after the last few days. I was wondering if we might want to talk soon about the town, and what we might have in mind for things. Get back to me as soon as you can,

there but here

who: kaori
where: her home
when: morning

When she first woke, and looked over the computers, she wasn't sure what to think. There wasn't anything different--until she got to the hall, to go check the computer there. Because the little button for the elevator was lit up. It hadn't been yesterday, and she had tried. So, reaching out hesitantly, she hit the button, and to her utmost surprise, it opened. It looked just like the elevator from the house, only the buttons on the inside didn't match. The floors were missing. Eventually, after some debate, she hit the up button, and took the long journey back to the surface. It was odd. She realized in a belated fashion that she knew how long the trip should have taken her, to go from the lower sub basement to the ground floor in the mansion. But she wasn't in the mansion, apparently.

That was something that was confirmed when the doors did not open up into the living room there. Instead, she was let out into her new home. The door hadn't been there previously, but that was something she was now accustomed to, and barely batted an eye at. Upon inspecting her home, she realized that she was alone there. No one was there, the rooms looked emptied and unused. She actually had to take a trip back down to her 'office' to really confirm the strange sensation that she was there but here as well. It was odd to say the least. Drawing in a deep breath, and letting it out slowly, she made herself tea, and tried to think of what happened now. What moving forward was going to entail. She would need to get hold of Everett. Perhaps arrange a meeting with Stan to see if he was alright. ...there were things to do. She just needed the motivation to do them.

Passing On Information PM to Stan, Jack and Brianna

After gathering some names and numbers, here is what I've been able to gather due to the help of others I can speak with and they can. Addison has put together a fairly coherent listing and way of listing things, so if you would like to continue this and copy it to others, go ahead, if you have your own methods, feel free. Please add in information that you have for me, and I will pass on anything you have added to the others I'm speaking with.

(Glitch) Pirate Corliss the Dagger: (unknown)
(unknown) Fat-Ass Carmen Barbossa: (unknown)
(Shane) Stop-Picking-At-It The Wise: (unknown)

PMs to Kaori, Shane, Camber, and Glitch

Addison rubbed her temples. Occasionally, very occasionally, she wished her grandmother drank. Not that she would've been able to get to the bloody kitchen to get the booze, but sometimes she just really wanted that alcohol. Especially after the message on the central computer. 'Armless Adele Smithe'. What the hell, scientists. What the hell. Was it 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' out in the real world? Or someone just watched Pirates of the Caribbean too many times? Or maybe someone pulled this little test out of a goddamn hat because it sure as hell felt that random.

a not so dingy office in the sub-basement

who: kaori and open to stan, addison and brianna
where: computerland among other places
when: mid morning

private to everett // private to leah

I have discovered today that Dave, Lina, Kales and Emma have been removed. I thought you would like to know this, because it effects the situation with the town and everyone in it, along with the fact that I know you and Kales at least were friends. I am sorry for the loss, and in general. I hope to get together with you soon, so we can discuss ideas for the town in general, and structure for people to have. Structure is usually helpful in times of crisis. Not that it's ever worked properly before, however I wish to try anyhow.
Contact me any time, I hope you are well.

as we professionals say: this sucks.

who: kaori and open to those in her house!
where: the living room
when: mid morning

private journal entry

When I became aware of the situation in town, I knew that things weren't over. I thought I was prepared for that. But waking up today and realizing very quickly that Lina and Dave are gone, and recieving any pms to them, or Kales or Emma back as undelivered...I can't help but feel that I thought I was better prepared than I am. They were gone before, and right when I had them back in my life, they are gone again. I never even had time to sit down properly with Dave, I've been so busy trying to care for Svetlana. I'm even taking time out at the moment from her case notes to write this down.

checking in

who: kaori, svetlana (so far)
where: kaori's house
when: morning

Making breakfast again, Kaori noted that the scientists had ignored her. She didn't have any of her case files, and while she'd started writing one up on Svetlana today, (and one for Leah, even if she hadn't met the woman yet) she would have felt a lot better with her case files intact and all together. And someplace that was locked. They weren't left lying around where just anyone could find them or anything, but that was not the point.

private to the people in charge

I'm unsure if this will work or not, but thought I would give it a try. We have individuals in town who's medication supplies are running low. I request that they be replenished. If not, I request that the hospital be put back into working order, with the requisite medications located there. I will find a way to get there and get to those in need if this is opted for.