held for a talk

PMs to Jesse, Glitch, Dale, Cheyenne, Camber

PM to Cheyenne, Dale, Glitch, Camber

Everyone okay? I'm guessing I wasn't the only one with an elevator, but... now I'm in this house? Gonna head out in a bit and figure out where I am exactly, but I wanted you all to know I'm alright. Group drinking night really needs to happen soon, I'm voting for it. Maybe not tonight, I'm resettling and stuff, but tomorrow? Everyone let me know if there's anything that needs doing.

- Veronica

PM to Jesse

Pms to Brianna, Brett, Jesse and Svetlana

Alone again, huh? Owen here.

I got this as a message today, and I'm not sure if you guys have seen this. I'm sending this message out to everyone, because well, yeah.

Raargh "Itchy Tasty" Muurgh is my name for the day. I've got a code. which is 4432. I don't know what it does. I think it's supposed to go to Pirate Corliss the Dagger. whoever that is.

How're you guys holding up?

who: jesse, ronnie, scott and sophie
where: pmland!
when: mid-morning

PM to Scott from radioland where it's always time for rock n roll: pass these along, never let the music die!


And here we have just in comin off the request line...for everyone's favorite Punk Rock Girl...Camber, this one's for you. It's one of my personal favorites, and the requester writes:

Jesse James, Camber is one of the best chicks in the biz. Her bass playing has been an inspiration for me, and while I write this anonymously from mom's basement, I want her to know that one day, I'm following my dream! Of playing just like her when the guys come over and we hit up Rock Band.

Well, anonymous, good luck with that, man. And here we have it, the moment you've all been waiting for...St. Mary, by Rancid.

*tap tap* is this thing on?

who: jesse open for scott and sophie
where: pms!
when: throughout the day

Jesse had been messaging with Ronnie, but went to check the other terminals. That's when he caught Owen, and he figured he'd shoot out messages on the other two, to check who was connected to those. He stopped and grabbed a beer from the fridge first though. He still had his daughter's blue rattle teddybear tucked under one arm, something he barely even noted. Hello out there in radio land, this is Jesse 'the beats, they are down' James, your dj for this evening, we have any callers on the request line? he typed out on both of the terminals he hadn't gotten messages from yet. He figured he might as well attempt to do something a little lighter in nature than typing out a panicked message that would probably only freak people out more.

PMs to Jesse, Brianna and Brett.

Pms to Jesse, Brianna and Brett

Well, there's these computers with this messaging system on them and I figured I'd give it a try. I'm Owen. There aren't any names on these things, as far as I can tell. Uhm, Hello? I mean, is there anyone there? Please tell me I'm not alone.

Send out the black bird. Send out the dove.

Who: Ronnie (open to Dale, Janie, Jesse, and Tobias via PMs)
Where: her room
When: morning

Ronnie wished she wasn't so comfortable. It wasn't something most people ever wished for, but she had her reasoning. She'd only had two nights in the farm house, but those two nights had given her a feel for the old bed she'd been staying in. It sagged in some spots, it squeaked and groaned, but it was as familiar as everything else in town. So when she slowly returned to consciousness and rolled onto her side, the lack of that squeak didn't sit well.


Who: Will, and anyone currently in 2 Oakdale Drive (residing or visiting!)
When: After dark
Where: aforementioned house of "Experiment E-ers with S names...& Will"

Will had taken the long way back, in some kind of hope of finding Leah amongst the twists and turns of the town. He didn't have all the streets quite memorized -- and had gotten lost -- but as dark fell, he knew he needed to get home before something happened to Scott or himself, and started paying attention. He wasn't finding Leah and this was doing no good.

private messages

private to ronnie
I really wish I would have woken up with you. How're you holding up today?

private to camber
Everything okay?

private to all experiment e folks, everett & ronnie
Who wants to find alcohol, a place to hang out, and watch movies or something? I'm feeling the need for something vaguely normal.