a morning in bed


Who: Jason and Emma
When: Morning
Where: their happy home

Emma had woken up to found they hadn't been moved again, which she supposed was a good thing. She really wasn't a fan of the musical chairs with houses. She'd liked it better living with Dave and Lina, but Dale and Esme were nice girls, and she got on with both of them. Like clockwork, she got up the same time as yesterday and headed into the bathroom. "You know, I never slept in all that much before you came along, but I wouldn't mind the opportunity once in a while." she mumbled.

She did her bathroom business and headed back out into the bedroom, casting a small smile in Jason's direction. "Morning."

"Morning." he answered. He'd woken up when she'd gotten up, that movement interrupting the light doze he'd been in. He really had to get used to sharing a bed again, that was for damn sure. He knew he would, but yeah. It might take a bit. A heavy pounce on the end of the bed announced War, who walked up the bed to snuggle into his back and start purring. "Morning, War." he mumbled as well, reaching back to scritch her head. "How'd you sleep, baby?" he asked, turning his blues on Emma again. He tugged the covers back to invite her back into bed.

Message to Jason - sent midmorning

Since you've probably noticed I'm not in your house by now, the answer is yes, I did get relocated back to the creepy drippy basement of Hell House. Though irritated and feeling the deeply-seated need to put my fist through a scientist's face, I am otherwise unharmed and in one piece.

I'd pack up and move again just to piss them off, but I have a feeling moving all my shit is of significantly less hassle to them than it is to me. Assholes.

private to dave and katalina

So, I had been going to find you, and all that, but that didn't happen and looking outside, I'm thinking it's not the day either. Anyways--just checking in. Emma and I are in a house on a street that magically appeared yesterday, so that's fun. Esme's here, and Dale.

I had found Hannah and had her here but now she's gone again. And oh, yes, she's in a house with Eris.

You two faring alright?

scouting around town

who: jason and hannah
where: around town
when: early afternoon

and the point of this is....?


Who: The happy residents of 2 Maple Street (starting with Jason and Emma, open to Dale and Esme)
When: Morning
Where: 2 Maple Street

Home is wherever you are.

Who: Jason and Emma
When: Morningish
Where: Dave's house

After Hannah's last message, Emma couldn't even think about replying. She was locating the map and printing it whilst simultaneously dressing, and pulling a long blue duster she had knitted over everything. The house she was in was listed as Jason and Emma's house. Jason had been here. She was finally going to see him.

She couldn't even describe the flood of emotion she was going through. Her heart was racing and her eyes were tearing up but she just couldn't stop smiling. She scanned the map for Dave's house, found it, and ran out the door. She would have run the whole way, if she could. And, well, she really couldn't. She'd had a treadmill in her little princess suite - she'd demanded one - but this was still something completely different. Oh yeah, and the town was really freaking creepy. Her mind was flooded with thoughts and worries - what was going on here? - but that was all so unimportant compared to finding Jason. Her heart kept pounding, and she kept going. When she finally found Dave's house, she felt like her heart might explode. This can't be good for the baby. Which she would have to tell Jason about soon. Oh God, oh God.

Taking a deep breath, she pounded on the door.


Who: Kales and Addison
When: About midday
Where: Streets

It's not over

Who: Dale and Everett, open to Dave and Kales
Where: Cherry Street, outside Dale's
When: 8 A.M.

don't get too out of touch

Who: Everett and Kales
Where: Cemetary behind the church
When: 7 pm

Everyone Has to Shop. . .


who: rin and jason
where: the grocery store
when: morning