Who: Reno and Jack
Where: Church Road South (heading North).
When: Mid-afternoon.



Who: Adam and Jack
Where: The farm
When: Early morning

It would figure the guy was moving out onto the farm. He figured he was lucky he didn’t live in the south end of town; otherwise it would have taken him much longer to get there. He’d set his alarm for somewhere around eight o’clock and hadn’t bothered rolling out of bed until eight thirty, sure that the guy (Adam, his name was Adam, he’d have to remember that) wouldn’t want him rocking around just as soon as he’d started to unpack. Stretching and yawning, he ambled up the road towards the farm, eyes turned skyward.

It was a nice day, really. Not much cloud in the sky, the sun making the whole place kind of warm. He could get used to the town, he’d decided, booted feet smacking against the pavement as he made his way past the main drag. It was more activity than he’d seen in the town since he’d arrived, and he was surprised by the knot of apprehension that had settled in his gut. He wasn’t usually nervous, but then again, he wasn’t usually in a town this small, either. It took him less than an hour to walk from one end to the other (he’d timed himself and doubled back a few times, just to make sure) and compared to the sprawl of some of the major cities back home, it was positively rustic.