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PMs to Lilith, Janie, Bethany

Indira woke in an exact replica of her bedroom back home, save the addition of kitchen facilities. To say she was unhappy was perhaps understatement; just when she got used to a new place and worked out a routine to keep herself safe, she was dropped in a new location. That this was made to look like her home was adding insult to injury. The computers, she noticed immediately. They were, after all, out of place - she owned a laptop.

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Who: Esme and Open to Indira, Posy, and Salem via PM
When: About the same time as everyone else's scenes
Where: An excellent replica of Esme's room at home. And cyberland.

Thinking time

Who: Indira and open
When: Around 6-ish
Where: Park Road, heading towards the park

Breakfast Soothes The Mind

Who: The residents of 9 Park Road (Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira)
When: Morning
Where: 9 Park Road


Who: Nate and Indira
When: Midday
Where: Mini golf course office

After a morning spent cleaning up her place, Indira was more than ready to get out and get some fresh air for at least a few minutes; she had a headache from the cleaning gel's fumes and didn't want to sit around boring herself or reading journals - she'd heard talk of gun safety, but she hadn't gotten herself a weapon. Not when her aim was sure to be terrible.

Picking one of her headscarves in a rich teal, she wrapped and pinned it to cover all but her eyes, locking up behind herself as she left. She set out towards the park rather aimlessly, though despite trying to relax she kept a sharp eye on her surroundings. It ended up being that eye that kept her from walking around the corner and straight into a bear. A bear that was apparently just... walking around town.

Warm balls of popcorn goodness

Who: Nate and Indira
When: Afternoon
Where: Movie theater!

Indira couldn't stay in her home a minute longer. It was a nice enough place, but she could never forget that they were as trapped in this town as she had been back in the experiment house. It was a feeling she detested, and even with the alterations she'd made to secure it, it meant she was out and walking in the cold. The weather was cloudy, which matched her mood, and exploring the town gave her ample time to brood as well.

Not so friendly smalltalk

Who: Everett and Indira
Where: right outside the bar
When: right after the meeting

Ev had tried to keep his hopes reasonable throughout the meeting; he knew the score here, after all. But there had been some hope he just couldn't crush. The idea that things could be different this time around died hard inside him, and he was still nursing it in private at the moment. The meeting was over, plenty of people had filed out of the bar, but Ev was still hanging around. Leaning against an outside wall, he flicked a match to life and brought it against his cigar, puffing it to life. He'd take his time here, make sure everyone cleared out, and walk a long circuit around town. Been a long time since I had a beat to walk, he mused silently, exhaling a cloud of dense smoke.

Many meetings

who: Jack and Open
where: The Bar
when: Evening

He hadn't opened the bar for a couple of days. It was strangely surreal, with most of the other businesses in the town closed down. Bethany's bright sign looked particularly lonely, and he wrinkled his nose as he unlocked the door.

Private to Indira

'talked' to someone today; he said that the houses were only boarded up yesterday, as well as people left yesterday, and the power had gone out. i went to the hardware store and got flashlights, batteries, and some wooden broom handles to break for flipping switches - just in case. you want anything?