hannah and lina

Om Nom Nom

Who: Lina and Hannah (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN)
When: Evening
Where: Movie theater!

Hannah had returned after grabbing a quick diner dinner to see the later horrorfest showings. She sort of hoped she'd run into Brett again; she would have taken great delight in sitting next to him and bugging him for a description of the scene over and over again.

Then karma came and bit her on the ass for that one. The movie showing was some brand of creepy Japanese horror; she usually loved them, and it helped that she didn't need a subbed version - no need for subtitles she couldn't read, she could understand the film as it was spoken. Problem was, this was one of those where most of the movie is spent in silence, the protagonist conveying horror with clues, weird camera angles, and horrified faces. So Hannah didn't have a huge idea of what was going on.