Is it Really Stealing?


Who: Hadley and Open
When: Morning
Where: Grocery store

The place was fucking deserted. It took her awhile to figure out that it wasn't just boarded up houses. It was... everywhere. She entered a few businesses to find them empty when they should have at least had an employee or two. Doors were open, everything appeared normal. But... yeah. Deserted. The fuck.

Hadley wasn't sure what to make of it. If it was some sick joke, if maybe there had been some disaster and everyone had been evacuated but her? Aliens had come and sucked everyone up into space, right? Doubtful, but after living through nine months of bullshit, no scenario that ran through her head was too far fetched. Inhaling deeply to soothe her nerves, she found her cigarette pack empty but for a few loose flakes of tobacco. Which led her on foot to the grocery store. It was the same as the others. Open but empty. And at that point she didn't give a shit. She went behind the counter and grabbed a carton of cigarettes, ripping it open and starting in on pulling the cellophane from the pack of cigarettes. If there was no around to tell her she couldn't do it, then fuck it. She needed a smoke. Maybe she could grab a box of Oreos while she was at it. Nicotine and sugar always made everything better.

Not Mayberry

Who: Hadley and Dave
When: Late morning
Where: The park

In Soviet Russia, the road walks you

Who: Trevor and Hadley
What: Heading home and getting directions.
When: Shortly after noon
Where: Church Road

He didn't make it far before he'd stumbled back inside, feeling like his eyes were burning. Damn it was bright out, like someone had just dropped a nuke on the town. Fortunately they sold shades in the small kiosk inside the hospital and his second attempt at outside exploration went a little better. But now what? Do you want me to get a volunteer to drive you home? one of the staff had asked and he'd said no. Which was fucking stupid in hindsight but he wasn't about to go in there with his tail between his legs, changing his mind.

Good Grocery Times

Who: Hadley and Seth
When: mid-morning
Where: the grocery store

So here he was. He had his house. He had a car that looked like it was going to collapse at any second, and he had his money. Hopefully, he'd also have something to do in this town while they tried to find their asses with both hands. His annoyance at being delayed in moving on was dulled by the sense of anticipation that came from living amongst some of the people he'd watched for so long. And there were more. Other experiments. Ones that made him very curious. What they went through, how bad it all was, whether or not B had the highest body count or what. All things Seth hoped to find out eventually.

Regardless of all that, he needed groceries. The "burgers" at the diner had given him a stomachache already. He needed real food. So Seth was pushing the cart through the big-enough grocery store as his eyes scanned the shelves, the white earbuds to his music player stuck firmly in his ears.

Shopping for food was not high on Hadley's list of things she wanted to do. But given she needed food to survive, she figured it was necessary. She couldn't spend all of her time at the bar living off a diet of nicotine and alcohol. Not healthy at all. So she trudged her way to the grocery store after showering and digging through her clothes to find something decent to wear. Pulling on a blue sweater over her Guns n' Roses t-shirt, she put her tousled hair into pigtails, pulled on a pair of black pants and finally headed out.

I didn't ask for sunshine and I got World War three

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A Cheap holiday in other people's misery

The Devil I Know


Who: Hadley and Liam
Where: The bar
When: Evening

Hadley had spent some time wandering the town after withdrawing some money from the bank after walking away from her brief encounter with Brett. He had stoked her irritation, but that was nothing a cigarette hadn't been able to calm. She supposed it was her own fault for giving the guy another chance not to be a dick. But it didn't matter given she didn't really care much for him anyway.

Not So Nice Reunions


Who: Hadley and Brett
When: Early afternoon
Where: Streets

If there was one thing that Hadley was not thrilled about, it was living next to a cemetery. She didn't care much that her house was small - given it was just her, she didn't need anymore space than she had. She was thankful for the privacy. The neighborhood she was stuck in? Wasn't the nicest she had seen, but fuck - it was so much better than her previous living arrangements.

Post #1

Hello to all fellow journalers and town inhabitants. I've been reading the updated introductions from the new and not so new. So hello and welcome, and all of that. I'm Hadley and I was taken out of Experiment D and plopped down in this place. I'm looking for any other D-er's that might be around. Let me know you're alive, yeah?