Pretendy funtimes in carnival land!

Who: Jack and Esme
Where: middle of town
When: morning

Jack had never trusted carnivals. He’d gone to one as a kid with his father, before everything went to shit. It had freaked him out then and it freaked him out now, as he wandered amongst the rides, starting in surprise whenever one of them went off when he got too close. He’d thought that maybe people might have been there. He’d been –hoping- that people might’ve been there. Someone that he could get to take him home.

Looking for Freedom

Who: Esme and open
When: Morning
Where: The park

Esme was overjoyed to be out of her "home" and back into the semi-real world. She'd found the elevator early, and had wasted no time in getting upstairs- finding herself back in the house she'd been placed in when they brought her here. In a world that had been so inconsistent of late, she was happy to see that some things were remaining consistent. Even if they were completely insane. She'd taken a nice warm bath to wake herself up, impressing herself with how well she'd managed getting in and out of the tub, then made breakfast.

What the hell? [PM's to Stan, Tobias, Esme and Adam]


Who: Salem and open to Stan, Tobias, Esme and Adam
When: Shortly after she wakes up
Where: Where else?

Upon waking with a growling stomach, it didn't take long for Salem to realize that she couldn't get to the area where the food had been the day before. It was there still, but she couldn't access it. Immediately she started to panic. She tried the other door in the room, the one for the bathroom facilities and that one too she couldn't get to. For a while she continued to try the door, but to no avail. And then she noticed the pad on the wall. A code. She'd need a code... but where the hell would she find a code?

The computers.

Checking them all, she found a message to her, she thought, though it referred to her by another name and gave her another odd name and a number. Immediately she tried the number, but nothing happened.

Was everyone else going through this as well? She wasn't sure, but at least she could find out if four people were. She typed out the same message to the four people she could access.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a cryptic message, locked kitchen and bathroom areas and a code panel...?

She sent them off to Stan, Esme, Adam and Tobias and waited for a response. Maybe she'd get lucky and figure out that code before she had to go to the bathroom. Maybe.

Private to the scientists

I don't know if this will ever actually happen, but if you ever get in the mood to start giving out gifts again, I would like one of those speech synthesizer computer things. I'm getting tired of having trouble communicating with people, and it would make life a lot easier.

Of course if you plan on keeping us penned up here, it's kind of worthless, but yeah.

1, 2, 3, 4

Who: Esme and Open to Indira, Posy, and Salem via PM
When: About the same time as everyone else's scenes
Where: An excellent replica of Esme's room at home. And cyberland.

All the Time in the World

Who: Esme and Tobias
When: around lunchtime
Where: 2 Maple Street, the living room and later Esme's room


Who: Esme and Leo
Where: Their house
When: Morning

Leo was up early, half expecting Christmas tune again, grateful when there was nothing. The paints he'd been given yesterday were still there. He'd decided that today, was painting day - that was going to be this afternoon. But, first, he'd made a promise to a lady, so he got up, got dressed in a pair of jeans and a red poloneck t-shirt and headed downstairs, finishing off a breakfast bar on the way, the uneaten chocolate bar from yesterday still shoved into his back pocket, and knocked on her door.


Who: Esme and the rest of the Scooby Gang in her house.
When: 8AM
Where: Homey home home

Wanna play stuffed animal parade?

Who: Esme and Leo
When: Mid-afternoon
Where: Living room

Well, it was something different at least.

and the point of this is....?


Who: The happy residents of 2 Maple Street (starting with Jason and Emma, open to Dale and Esme)
When: Morning
Where: 2 Maple Street