Whispers in the Graveyard

Who: Posy and open to Chris
Where: the Cemetery
When: morning.

PM to Posy

Who are you?


Unfamiliar ceilings

Who: Jeremy and Owen to start with. Now open to Bethany, Chris and Drew
Where: Maple Street 1
When: Early morning

Bear Hunting

Who: Owen and Chris
Where: Heading up towards the video store from the east side of hill street
When: Midday

Sidewalk Salt


Who: Dale and OPEN!
Where: Her house
When: Middle of the morning

Private Journal Entry

Day three. The word is that you've taken over, that this was never ended. So, where does that leave me? I worked for you and I still will. Whatever you want me to do. I know if you're out there you can read this - I always read their's. So tell me - what do you want me to do? Just let me know.

Park Meeting


Who: Emily and Chris
Where: the park
When: morning

Chris was thankful that the black eye Lina had given him a couple of days before was starting to go down now, but the bruising was still evident as he headed around the park that morning. It was quiet here at the moment - though, really, it was quiet everywhere in the small town most of the time. But here, he supposed that it could be referred to as 'serene', with the expanse of grass, the scattered trees and the small lake to one side. And, it being well into fall, the place probably also classed as 'beautiful', given the torrent of colours from the turning leaves.

Chris bent and picked up an autumnal leaf, holding it by the stalk and turning it over to look at the veins running through the leaf. He smiled a little and shifted, crumpling the dead leaf in his fist, before letting the pieces fall to the ground as he continued his walk.

Emily was sitting on one of the benches that had been placed around the lake at intervals, although the cynical side of her found the whole scene to be a little too picturesque and so serene that it made her skin itch a little. Still. It was nice. It was normal. Normal-looking anyways, and any relief from the spin that Jeremy's little journal confession had sent her into was something she'd willingly grasp at with both hands. She'd grabbed a shawl to wrap around herself as she sat out on the lake, watching the wild geese and thinking that next time, she'd bring some bread or something to feed them with, before it got too cold and they all flew.... where ever it was they'd fly to.


Who: Chris and Jeremy
Where: Main Street
When: Morning

Chris was walking home from the grocery store, a bag in each hand. He really need to get a car - this whole walking thing was a pain in the ass. And, of course, he knew that it meant that anybody he came across would be able to see the fucking huge shiner that he had. Fucking bitch lab rat.

But at least he had food he liked now. And it was a nice enough day for walking - heavens and small mercies and everything. And at least the town was mildly interesting as well - the stalls from yesterday were gone, but there were people around. It was still in that stage where people were randomly stopping on the street to talk - strange, but everyone was a stranger and Chris wasn't going to not go with that. He hardly knew anyone in town and it'd be nice to meet someone who wasn't going to bitch at him or sock him one, that was for sure.

Intern to Intern


Who: Cheryl and Chris
When: Morning
Where: Grocery store

Psycho Bitch


Who: Chris and Lina
When: Late morning
Where: Wandering around town

This place? Was kind of fucked up. And creepy, in the Pleasantville sort of way. Actually, it was very Pleasantville. Any minute now Lina expected to see little blonde girls in poodle skirts skipping out of a malt shop hand in hand.

God, she hoped that wouldn't really happen. She'd seen a lot of shit in the past nine months, even played hockey with an internal organ or two - in the quite literal sense - and had developed quite the strong stomach, but that would truly make her ralph, right on the street.

She'd left the house - her house, she reminded herself - just to see what the fuck was out there. She needed a car. Though really, after an entire summer and half of spring trekking through the woods, she was more than used to walking. It was the principal of the thing. She missed having a car. One of the first things she'd done, before they'd even put her in this place, was access her bank account and go wild with ordering parts. She was looking forward to that. And there was little else to look forward to.

Aimless walking through the town had eventually taken her to an abandoned school, which she looked at from the sidewalk. So. Fucked. Up.

Chris was also walking. So, they'd provided them with a town map - whoopsiedo. Wow, it was a piece of paper with lines on it. Lines that meant fuck all if you didn't really know where you were going. Or have any idea of the reality of your situation. So, he was walking, map in one hand, loosely, putting reality to paper, committing it to memory, wanting to really know the town. And, also, keeping an eye out for people he knew. His fellow interns, the experiment 'people'. And intrigued about those he didn't know - so there had been more than his labrats. That was interesting, very interesting. And only peaked his curiosity of the scientists, who obviously had wider remits than he'd imagined. He liked that. Vision, ambition. He liked that a lot.