cheyenne and jack

on the way to the haunted house

who: cheyenne and jack
where: the streets
when: noonish

Cheyenne had left a note for Veronica at the house, that was short and sweet. It read:
'Ronnie! Went to check on Glitch, talk to you soon!
kisses! ♥ cheyenne

She didn't want to run out on the girl when she'd just got in, and she knew they needed to talk too, but she'd seen Ronnie, seen she was all whole, in one piece and everything, and she needed to go check Glitch out to be sure of the same. Which meant she had on her sunglasses again, she was all bundled up nice...with the big black umbrella. She looked like a very silly vampire. Or something. She didn't know. But she couldn't help it. She was also determined to try and get to the house without bailing, or trying to duck into the nearest car. Which...was proving difficult, really. And in fact, as she walked along, she needed to take a second to huddle in a empty house's porch, needing the little roof over her head, and she stood there shivering for a long moment, counting to ten, trying to tell herself it was fine, the big bad wide open world was just the same as it had always bloody well been, it wasn't any different, and couldn't hurt her.

That was just easier to say than accept in a state where one wanted to hyperventilate.