Things Have Changed

Who: Cheryl and Jeremy
When: Morning
Where: Jeremy's house

Cheryl was well beyond unnerved. She had hidden away in her house for awhile, gnawing at her nails until they were bitten down to the fingers and then cleaning her "house" until her muscles ached. She didn't know why she was doing what she was doing, all she knew was that it helped take some of the tension out of her body. She wasn't sure what to make of what was happening around town, and she couldn't bring herself to arming herself either. A part of her felt like she didn't deserve to have protection, but then again, she was in the same boat as everyone else. She wasn't watching this time. She hadn't slept in almost two days but for a few hours here and there, and she was determined not to unload on Drew or Jeremy, neither of which she had seen much of other than when they came to check on her before. After awhile though, it became too much to bear and she left her house, crossing through the yard that separated them, to knock on Jeremy's door. Cheryl felt if she didn't talk, or have some kind of human contact, she was going to end up going crazy and having another breakdown, and she didn't want to end up in that hospital again.

Bar Room!

Who: Jack and Cheryl and Open
When: Morning
Where: Bar Room

Fighting for Normal

Who: Jeremy and Cheryl
What: A small visit
When: Shortly after noon

It was a bit cold out and Jeremy huddled in his coat and quickened his pace as he headed to Cheryl's house. He knocked and as soon as the door opened, held up a bag of goods. "If you have coffee, I have bagels," he told her with a smile. It was another brave attempt at being social and maybe a little normal too.

Greasy Bacon and Pancakes

Who: Cheryl and Hannah
When: Midmorning
Where: Diner

Cheryl felt adrift by the time the sun came up. She'd had trouble sleeping again with the house creaking and every little noise causing her to sit up in bed and look around. It had gotten to the point where she was dressed and had coffee before six am. She did her laundry, cleaned the house - although it was still pretty spotless - and forced herself to stay put and not run to Jeremy or Drew. She'd told Drew she needed to meet more people in town, so she was hoping that would be the case when she finally ventured outside mid-morning. As much as she understood it, she didn't want to grow paranoid of the participants the way Jeremy had and she didn't want to consistently hide away inside of her house after having been locked up for six months.

She stopped at the diner first to get some breakfast, not feeling much in the mood to cook. And cereal wasn't to cut it today with her appetite. Cheryl sat at the counter rather than a booth, not really wanting to isolate herself for some reason. If she was going to "readjust" to society, that also meant not hiding in the corner.

early morning twtiching...with coffee!

Who: Cheryl and Drew
When: Morning (?)
Where: Drew's house

Cheryl did exactly what she told herself she would do. She got up, showered, dried her hair and got dressed. And then she went to the park for awhile, trying to sort out her thoughts and dredge up some determination to be stronger about the entire situation. She thought of it as a self-motivating pep talk, which she realized halfway through was sort of pathetic, but if it worked, then who cared?

private entry #1

Even knowing Jeremy is next door, and Drew is behind me, I still can't shake off the paranoia when I try to sleep. Like I'll wake up somewhere else. Or someone will try to get in. My house creaks so loudly when I'm laying in bed. So I'm typing instead. I thought about posting a public entry and seeing if anyone else was up and awake, but I'm having trouble doing that too. I don't know those people - well, some of them I know from watching them on monitors, but at this point, do I really KNOW them? Not at all.

The Door Is Always Open


Who: Jeremy and Cheryl
When: Evening
Where: Jeremy's house

It didn't take long for Cheryl to make the decision to go over to Jeremy's house. As the sun was setting, she was getting a bit anxious at being left alone again and while a part of her wanted to run to Drew, she knew the guy was dealing with enough that he didn't need her clinging to him all night. And after seeing the response to Jeremy's confession on the journaling system, she took a guess that he might need someone too.

Intern to Intern


Who: Cheryl and Chris
When: Morning
Where: Grocery store


It's late, but I am feeling more up to trying this out now. So hello to everyone who's out there that can read this. I'm Cheryl McKinney. I'm 22 and from Ohio. Some of you I may know. Some of you I don't. I'm sure I'll probably run into quite a few of you around town regardless.

I guess that's all I have to say right now. It's late and I don't really know what else there is.

and the interns reunite

Who: Cheryl and Drew and Jeremy!
When: Morning
Where: Out