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who: eris and brody
where: the rec center
when: late afternoon

Eris hadn't slept after she'd got tossed out of Brett's house. She hadn't gone back home. Home was too close to Everett's house. It was too close to Lina's house. It was basically just walls that she hated, with nothing inside she even really wanted. She was seriously considering just...not staying there anymore. Either way she hadn't returned. She'd gone walking. She'd considered drinking, but hadn't, in the end not wanting to give herself more of a headache than she already had.

She'd wandered around town, then saw the rec center, and decided to go investigate inside. Where she found a pool. That was more perfect for her state of mind. The lights in the building were off, but she flicked on the ones inside the pool. Searching the locker rooms found her a swimsuit that of course, looked like it was from the 50's. She couldn't be bothered to give a shit about fashion, however, so she just...put one on, and dove in. She'd swam a while, doing laps, before she tired out, and then she grabbed an innertube and tossed it into the pool. She climbed into it, relaxed back, and contemplated the strange shadow and light dance on the walls and ceiling, from the main light source being underwater.

Is it a Ghost Town?

Who: Brody and Owen
When: Morning
Where: Main Street

Making the best of it.

Who: Seth and Brody
When: afternoon
Where: the Town Hall movie room

Seth surprisingly hadn't argued when the town officials showed up at his door and informed him of what was going on today. He wasn't thrilled with it, but maybe he could turn it into an opportunity. If he was going to be used ever again, he'd have to know these people. So it was a chance to watch. Without looking like he was watching.

Keeping that in mind, he mingled through the rooms here and there, not really introducing himself to anyone or interacting much. Just examining things with a Coke in his hand and listening. He'd ended up settling in the room that they were showing movies in, slouched in a chair with one boot up on another one. He wasn't even really paying attention to the sci-fi slop; his mind was elsewhere. But he was there, waiting for either something to happen or for them to be allowed to go home.

This Laundry Thing


Who: Brody and Open
When: Morning
Where: Laundromat

After reading a few responses on his journal entry about laundry, Brody was determined to try and clean his clothes without begging, or bribing, someone to do it for him. He had the laundry soap, and the basket of dirty clothes and fabric softener and those little weird sheets you put in the dryer. He assumed they went in the dryer. Inside the laundromat he set his clothes down on the ground and stared. There was something about separating clothes. Whites in hot water. Cold water for everything else? Could he put bleach on his sheets? Or would that make them splotchy? Brody was almost of the mind to just dump everything in one washing machine, but he didn't want his clothes turning different colors, or shrinking or whatever. So he began to separate, shoving the whites in one machine and the colors in the next. And then he held up a white t-shirt that had a colorful design on the front and sleeves. Did that count as color? Or white? Shit. Laundry shouldn't be so difficult. It should be like washing dishes. Run them under water, scrub them and set them aside to dry. Piece of cake, yeah? Or have a universal machine that would do all the separating and work for you. With a sigh, Brody lowered the t-shirt, glancing at his laundry forlornly. He had a feeling he was going to be there for awhile.

9/25/08 public entry

I haven't really made any public journal entries since I've been here, but I think it's time to say hello.

so Hello. I'm Brody.

as pathetic as it sounds, if anyone knows how to do laundry properly and is willing to show me, I've got this weird fancy fruity smelling bath stuff - or vouchers - to trade for the knowledge. hot water has shrunk some of my t-shirts. yeah.

PM to Jeremy

hey jeremy - it's brody from the library and your sort of neighbor. just checking in to see how you've been doing since we last spoke.

Wishing for Dull Moments

Who: Brody and Jeremy
When: Afternoon
Where: outside of the library

Brody wanted to read. And the library seemed like a good place to start... well, doing that. He had been in town a couple days already and had been preoccupied with buying normal stuff like groceries, visiting the church (some bad habits were harder to break than others) and reading the flux of incoming introductions from new residents on the computer - none of which he recognized so far. He had done pretty much everything he could at this point to keep himself busy, including washing his clothes at the laundromat and checking out the movie theater. But it was to the point where he wanted some books to fill the dull moments (of which he was silently hoping there were many) so he headed out to the library after a shower and some lunch.

It didn't take him very long inside to find a few books and get them checked out. However, he didn't want to go back home and sit inside and read. It was still relatively warm outside, despite the cloudy day, so he sat outside of the library, the chains on his jeans rattling as he got comfortable against the wall, knees drawn up and the book against his legs. He started reading, though his gaze lifted from the printed words every now and then to watch people pass by. He wasn't sure if he was waiting for a face he recognized, or for someone to talk to him. It was really a toss up.