Passing On Information PM to Stan, Jack and Brianna

After gathering some names and numbers, here is what I've been able to gather due to the help of others I can speak with and they can. Addison has put together a fairly coherent listing and way of listing things, so if you would like to continue this and copy it to others, go ahead, if you have your own methods, feel free. Please add in information that you have for me, and I will pass on anything you have added to the others I'm speaking with.

(Glitch) Pirate Corliss the Dagger: (unknown)
(unknown) Fat-Ass Carmen Barbossa: (unknown)
(Shane) Stop-Picking-At-It The Wise: (unknown)

Pms to Brianna, Brett, Jesse and Svetlana

Alone again, huh? Owen here.

I got this as a message today, and I'm not sure if you guys have seen this. I'm sending this message out to everyone, because well, yeah.

Raargh "Itchy Tasty" Muurgh is my name for the day. I've got a code. which is 4432. I don't know what it does. I think it's supposed to go to Pirate Corliss the Dagger. whoever that is.

How're you guys holding up?

PM to Stan and Bri

Okay, I think I've figured this out. It's Scott, if you know me. So far I've contacted Jesse and Tobias. Who is this?

PMs to Jesse, Brianna and Brett.

Pms to Jesse, Brianna and Brett

Well, there's these computers with this messaging system on them and I figured I'd give it a try. I'm Owen. There aren't any names on these things, as far as I can tell. Uhm, Hello? I mean, is there anyone there? Please tell me I'm not alone.

Time In A Box

Who: Open to Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira - multiples fine. :B
When: Just before breakfast
Where: The front hall

Brianna was getting really tired of her room being reset. Oh sure, she appreciated that it would mean the kitchen would be restocked and everything would be nice and clean but how in the world were they sleeping through this resetting? Were they being drugged? Gassed? Likely gassed through the air vents or some such. Maybe Indira and Addison were just making her paranoid... But how the Hell else did you explain such occurrences?

Huh. Not bad.

who: janie and brianna
where: their house of crazypants guestage
when: mid morning

Janie had gotten up and was sitting on the floor in the living room, on one of the rugs. She had her tarot cards with her, and while she was still in her jammies and robe, she had brushed her hair and she had a bowl of cereal next to her. She was looking at the card she'd drawn for the day, and musing over it's meanings.

Breakfast Soothes The Mind

Who: The residents of 9 Park Road (Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira)
When: Morning
Where: 9 Park Road

Inside of a Dog, It's too Dark to Read

Who: Brianna and anyone else really.
Where: Liz-ibrary. I mean, Library.
When: Mid-Morning

Nightmare on Elm Street

Who: Brianna and any ExErs.
Where: Brianna's house then off to Elm Street.
When: Nightfallish