Private to Indira

'talked' to someone today; he said that the houses were only boarded up yesterday, as well as people left yesterday, and the power had gone out. i went to the hardware store and got flashlights, batteries, and some wooden broom handles to break for flipping switches - just in case. you want anything?

Definetly not Playschool anymore

Who: Owen and Addison
When: Morning
Where: Park Road

To say that Owen was terrified would be an understatement. He hadn't put Clarkson down the night before and hadn't slept much, sitting in his doorway with what equated to a baseball bat close at hand, cradling the bird against his chest and watching the street. He'd been freezing, and when he'd drifted off to sleep without realising it, he'd woken up with a start, abjectly horrified at the idea of being locked inside his house.


is anyone else from experiment b here? hello?