PM to Glitch, Posy and Cheyenne

Apparently we are likely to have the same message on our computer. And the kitchen and bathrooms are locked. I have the following message:

Good morning Grah "Happy Days" Mmnah. We hope you are well, and you have Cap'n Hillary Leadsword 8671 - do with it what you will.

(I don't know if I copied that correctly).

Salem also has a 'cryptic message' which I assume is akin to mine.

What the hell? [PM's to Stan, Tobias, Esme and Adam]


Who: Salem and open to Stan, Tobias, Esme and Adam
When: Shortly after she wakes up
Where: Where else?

Upon waking with a growling stomach, it didn't take long for Salem to realize that she couldn't get to the area where the food had been the day before. It was there still, but she couldn't access it. Immediately she started to panic. She tried the other door in the room, the one for the bathroom facilities and that one too she couldn't get to. For a while she continued to try the door, but to no avail. And then she noticed the pad on the wall. A code. She'd need a code... but where the hell would she find a code?

The computers.

Checking them all, she found a message to her, she thought, though it referred to her by another name and gave her another odd name and a number. Immediately she tried the number, but nothing happened.

Was everyone else going through this as well? She wasn't sure, but at least she could find out if four people were. She typed out the same message to the four people she could access.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a cryptic message, locked kitchen and bathroom areas and a code panel...?

She sent them off to Stan, Esme, Adam and Tobias and waited for a response. Maybe she'd get lucky and figure out that code before she had to go to the bathroom. Maybe.

PM to Posy

are you indira?

PM to Adam and Stan

Who: Salem and open to Adam and Stan
When: after her message with Esme
Where: Cyberland

Moving to the other two computers, Salem sent out the same message to whoever might be on the other side of the computer.

Hello. I'm Salem. I'm not sure who might get this message, but I'm here... wherever here is. Are you okay? Have you heard from someone named Addison? Or Leo? Please respond.

Now all there was to do was wait and hope and maybe someone would know what the hell was going on.

PM to Addison, Jillian, and Adam

Hello? It's Glitch, if that means anything to anyone. I've got Everett holding on line 1, but who's on lines 2, 3, and 4?

Just Another Day

Who: Adam and open
Where: South edge of the farm
When: Afternoon

Adam didn't celebrate Christmas - whether it came on the right day or not. In fact, Adam didn't celebrate anything. It was not allowed under his religion. Celebrations were a distraction, a dalliance of the flesh, they were not the Way. He appreciated his gift for the functional value it had. He appreciated that it allowed him to be more productive. That was right, that was proper.

PM to Adam {Anon}

I should not have wounded you. I do not regret it, I just feel odd. Strange pangs. I have nightmares. Words are hard. Bother me.

You didn't die and God has punished me enough.

Please leave me alone.

Everything is hard.


Who: Adam and open to everyone else in his house
Where:10 Park Road
When: After dawn

PM to Adam

When are the crops ready to be harvested? I'll get up there and help. No sense in not eating. I don't know my way around animals either but I can handle a feed bin, I'd imagine. Just tell me what you need.

Wound Cleaning

Who: Adam and Rebekah
Where: Farm
When: Afternoon

Adam walked back to the farm, not hurrying, not dawdling either, his hand clamped to his shoulder to stem the bleeding as best he could. He didn't question what he had done to deserve the attack - he was to pay for the sins of his family, their mass suicide had condemned him to a life of more pain than any one man could ever live through, he knew this. It was his lot in life to simply bear it well, to not pass the sin on to his children, when he had any.

He entered the farmhouse quietly, calmly, and headed over to the sink. Running water enough to fill the bowl, he stripped to the waist, the better to clean the wound with and, that done, took a cloth and started to wipe the blood away.