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This may be an odd question, to some of you, but I hope it's not rude.

Given the last few days, and the experiment that I was in -- being suddenly dropped into a home is welcome, but not so welcome. The thing is, I hate being alone. There isn't anyone who would like a roommate, is there? I have a second bedroom and I promise not to get into your way. I can cook, if anyone isn't so skilled at that ;) I just hate being alone...


PM to Everett, Brett, Addison and Brianna

Ahoy, me beauties. I woke to find the galley and head's been locked away! Some foul bilge rat's been here in the night! And me having had too much grog...aargh. (Seriously. They MUST drug us. I don't get hangovers and I feel like shit.)

I be looking for one Apathetic Carolyn Sparrow. I believe she'll be needing my assistance, for her number does me no good. Perchance she has mine? Tell her this: 7539.

And if anyone hears my name about these parts from any other landlubber, report back smart-like. Or you'll have hell to pay!

Noseless Audra Slasher

PM to Everett

So the word from Brett is that you have Eris (let's just skip the part where I'm not supposed to know who it is and jump to "I have a giant chart of who can talk to who") talking to you and he doesn't anymore. Or you will shortly. Or something.

Brett wants me to tell you that he said to make fucking sure that you keep talking to her. We don't know if her going to sleep is going to kill her or not and, I quote, "(you) better do it" (sorry, better FUCKING do it) because Brett doesn't trust Eris to keep herself awake.

Kaori wants...whoever...to keep her awake and let her know other people are looking out for her. We've got messages out to Stan but I haven't gotten anything returned to me yet and I'll be getting back to you if I hear anything.

Sorry to be abrupt but I'm transcribing here. And also, tired. I'll be by the computers if you need me.

[private/to scientists]

Look, could you just motherfucking take care of the girl with the meds issues?

...yeah, whatever. I doubt you're even reading this.
A+ for effort, though. Nilla wafers and crocheted blankets and everything.

[pm to shane]

Shane, you have Jillian on one of your computers, yes? Coudl you ask her if she can get ahold of Saj? I know he had her too...

I think he might be hurt, or something may have happened. I can't get him to PM me, and he told me he'd be right back. He was trying to get through one of his "windows"...

[pm to brianna, everett, and addison]

Hey, any of you have anyone with a Dave or a Leah? Or anyone with some usable medical experience? Brett has a girl on his end who he thinks might have OD'd on something.

Telephone. [PM to Everett, Brett, Brianna and Addison]

Okay, so it looks like if we want to check on anyone, it's going to have to be this way.

Everett already said he had a girl named Cheyenne on his end that wanted to check on Veronica. I'd like to know she's all right too. Anyone else have messages? Pass them on here. Don't be shy. I'm not easily shocked.

Me, I'd like to know about anyone from Ex E - that's Jesse, Scott, Saj. If anyone got moved in or out from E, I'd like to know that. Um...yeah, just "I'm okay" and "how are you" and that kind of deal.


Who: Will (and open PM to Hannah, Bethany and Shane)
Where: The only room he can be in right now.
When: Late morning

Will knew he was fucked when he realized there were no doors.

Okay, he suspected he was fucked before then, when he woke up and he wasn't in the white bedroom in the giant house; his heart immediately started pounding with the innate knowledge that he had been moved; he had fallen asleep and he had been in the dark alone and he had been taken somewhere.

But this room didn't look anything like that big plush room in the experiment. It was like some kind of vacation house; he woke up and everything was sunny, he was asleep in a day bed in a small neat room, pale hardwood floors clean and shiny. Across from him sliding doors let sun in; tucked into a nook beside them, a closet was open across from him with all his clothes. Over to one side there was a tiled bathroom behind a screen.

He got up slowly, unsure, turned to pull his covers straight and froze. Beside the bed was a workdesk. A little white wicker chair sat at it. It had his family photos, stationary, paper, a ballpoint ink pen. Psychology text books mixed with escapist fantasy literature of all sorts on an overhead shelf.

And a computer.

[private, handwritten]

[completely erased and reworked at this point]

What a bunch of fucking bullshit.

Okay. For reference so far:

Brett - I Wanna Be Sedated - needs a doctor

[pm to brianna, everett, and addison]

Hey. It's Camber. Does anyone know what's going on? (And who am I talking to? Can we only talk to each other?)

[PM to Tobias]


Scott's here - back at the house. We're on Oakdale by the park, I don't know if you knew that. He's resting now, but he wanted us to let you know that he's here, and that he's okay. He was concerned that you'd be worried when everyone woke up re-set -- he wanted to know if you're okay. Leah lives here, and she's going to go for medicine, I think, in a bit. We're all trying to help.

I don't mean to overstep my boundaries, for you or for him, but I think he'd be pleased to see you when you're able.

Please let me know if you want me to tell him anything, or even if you need anything. I'd like to help where I can.


PS [private, handwritten]

"his awkwardness to say more tells me it's not something he takes lightly" - from Veronicas note to me

. . .I really need to go to bed, because I'm reading this wrong.

That boy's head is all with his family. A blind poodle could tell that.

And anyway, what do I care? I don't. We're just . . . "friends".

What the fuck.

[private, handwritten]

...so I wasn't expecting THAT.

Those. These things.
Seriously, I think if I get anymore "here, have some distractions from crazy assholery" in the next week I'm just going to go crazy. I have a bass and loud punk music. Bri has a kitten that I am totally going to take advantage of petting rights to.

I have a certain distraction back in my life (even if he needs more distracting than I do at the moment: seriously, if sex doesn't work I'm going to have to bludgeon him until the "fuck up" part of his brain shortcircuits).
I have a certain distraction whose girlfriend took the nice pills.

WHO IS THAT NICE? It's goddamn weird, that's what. "Oh, hey, your kid's dad has a ...thing with me. A thing where we fuck." "Cool!"

...I mean, the only thing I can think of is that this is some oblique way to make me feel weirdly guilty. (Mostly because it's...working.)

I don't even know, dude.

[public] 7 Oct 2008

Alone in a dark house -- something I hate. Everyone is sleeping, I think, except myself. It's a little comfort to know that I am not really alone: there are people sleeping upstairs, and perhaps even the movements I imagine or the sounds of the house may be theirs. If I needed them I could call out to them. But I don't know them, and they do not know me, not well.

And neither do you. I've been reticent to use this computer. This computer, that like in my old room, stays lit when nothing else does. But then again, I was never able to talk to those whose words sometimes appeared on my screen. And here, I can.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Will; I'm from the experiment they called C (and before that, Michigan, and before that, France...). I'm 23 years old, a psychology student. Is there anyone else out there, reading?

[private, handwritten]

Power keeps flickering. I've got to remember to write things down. Or they'll get lost.

message to bri

Hey Bri --

From what I can tell, they think that when new people come in, others are swapped out. Everett's looking to get people to buddy-system it up and search houses, see who's here, alive, okay, who's new, who's...not.

I figure us being the newbies, we're gonna get pinned with any disappearances one way or the other, so we might as well join the search party. The idea of someone just disappearing and not being noticed until it's too late to do anything about it is a little...well, let's just say it's a little close to home.

I'm gonna take Elm Street. You game?


behind the mask [private]

"Life is just a chance to grow a soul"?
WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Who leaves a beautiful mask on someone's doorstep and then writes something like that in it?
I just - what the hell?
. . .Okay.

note to self [private, handwritten]

Thank god, they didn't "lose" my journal somewhere. What with all the weird shit around here, I don't want to trust everything to electronics.

It occurs to me to ask...

Is there anyone from "Experiment E", as they so eloquently were referring to it, here? Anyone holed up somewhere?



I've been searching through this computer, and it looks like I'm (a)in a town full of lunatics or (b)about to hit some serious fucked up shit.

Let's rephrase.
I'm (a)in a town full of lunatics AND/OR (b)about to hit some serious fuckedup shit.
Is this the help we were looking for when we left the house? An abandoned town full of hurt, paranoid people? With, apparently, little to no food? I could have stayed in the woods!

High Stress Situations.

...fuck this.

I should have known, I suppose. It was too easy. It was all too easy. The house was, and now, the promises...
I should have known it was just beginning.

Well. Let the fuckin' games begin, then.