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Arriving in Mombai (Bombay - which one do you use anyway? I can never work that out...) was a shock to the system. Just the sheer amount of people. This crush of sheer humanity - it was almost overwhelming, to all senses. Smells, sounds, the whole lot. I didn't know where to look, though in the end the 'porter' trying to convince me that I needed someone to carry my bag got my attention.

PM to Glitch, Posy and Cheyenne

Apparently we are likely to have the same message on our computer. And the kitchen and bathrooms are locked. I have the following message:

Good morning Grah "Happy Days" Mmnah. We hope you are well, and you have Cap'n Hillary Leadsword 8671 - do with it what you will.

(I don't know if I copied that correctly).

Salem also has a 'cryptic message' which I assume is akin to mine.

PM to Posy

are you indira?

PM to Camber (mid-late afternoon)

Any word from the doc yet?

She's getting sleepy. Really sleepy. I don't know what to do here. She's asking if a cold shower would help, but I don't know and I don't want to tell her to do something that might make things worse.

Ko Samui - Private Journal Entry (but also copied by PM to Dale, Lilith, Joy and Janie)

White sands, clear ocean, palm trees. It was like something out of a film, or an advert. I half expected some woman to come prancing along in a bikini advertising Bounty. But a thought like that feels like cheapening it now.

Private Journal Entry

I don't know where I am. I don't know what I'm doing here, or where they've sent me. I'm in a set of rooms, all alone. With computers and people saying terrible things (and confusing things about making faces with letters...). Is this some kind of a dream? A nightmare? I've pinched myself, but I haven't woken up.

I don't know what to do.


I knew, of course, that it used to be busier. I was told, by taxu drivers, locals - the tourists used to come in droves, but that was before the bombs. 2002, 2005 - it was quieter now. But I wasn't looking for droves, I was looking for beauty. People just got in the way of that.

I ended up with monkeys! I was tired of the beach after a while and travelled to Ubud - looking this time for culture. I ended up at the sacred monkey forest (who the hell has a sacred monkey forest, I though - this I had to see...). The entrance was guarded, seemingly, by two giant stone statues - monkeys, of course. I wandered around for most of the day and there were statues all around. I stood in front of one for ages, just looking, until I was driven away by a chattering monkey - think I was on his patch or something. I didn't stay in one place for long after that.

PM to Leah

You said you'd come over. To visit the woman who was sick.

You didn't.

She's better now. No thanks to you.


Rio de Janeiro

The plan was to get there early. The plan for me, anyhow. For everyone else - who knew? We didn't make plans, really. I didn't even know who would show. It had been an off-and-on topic of conversation for the whole year. Whoever I met, whoever they met, messages going around between people who met, who travelled together for a day, a week, couple of months, whatever. People who seemed alright. Meet up in Rio, for New Year. New Year at Copacabana.

I'd never been, but everyone's heard of that, right? The carnival there, on the beach. Who could pass that up.

PM to Posy

Who are you?


Abu Dhabi (public entry)

I had missed my connection in Abu Dhabi - my first flight delayed from Charles de Gaulle. It was Ramadan and the plane finally touched down at sunset. I walked through the almost empty airport, listening to the calls from the local mosques echo through the cavernous halls. It was almost deserted there. I've been to many airports over the years, but that remains with me - how few people there were. All the shops closed up as their vendors went to finally be able to eat.

PM to Leah


We have someone here who's possibly suffering from exposure - got caught out last night in the snow storm, appeared back at the house this morning. I have her wrapped up and warming and started her on antibiotics and antipyretics, but I'm not doctor. I don't know about your place, but we're mostly snowed in today, but if sometime in the next few days you can get over here, would really appreciate a proper medical opinion. In the meantime, any advice on anything more I should be doing? We're in the vicarage.


What do people do?

Don't know if this has already been addressed, but now we're on our own, what did people do on the outside? What skills do people have? We should all know this.

Private Journal Entry

Day three. The word is that you've taken over, that this was never ended. So, where does that leave me? I worked for you and I still will. Whatever you want me to do. I know if you're out there you can read this - I always read their's. So tell me - what do you want me to do? Just let me know.

PM to Lina

So, you starting your morning run again? There's not many people around at 5am...

Information Request

So, we were told there were five experiments. I was in Experiment A, apparently. I know there was an Experiment D, that was underground. What else was there?

Please pretend there's a witty, funtime title here...

[public journal entry]

I find it hard to shift the shadow of the experiment I was involved in when the first thing I see when I move into the house they assigned to me is a computer with journalling capabilities. It brings back memories, ones I'd prefer to forget if I'm being honest. And why not be honest - apparently we're here for counselling and reintegration, as well as the fact that they feel they can't just let us go. International red tape or something.