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PM to Cheyenne, Dale, Glitch

So I think I'm going to be passing on the proposed group mixer we'd talked about, but I'm hoping one of you wouldn't mind taking charge and making sure it still happens, I think it's needed. Sorry to be abrupt, I'm just going to be staying in today. I'll talk to all of you soon.

- Ronnie

PMs to Jesse, Glitch, Dale, Cheyenne, Camber

PM to Cheyenne, Dale, Glitch, Camber

Everyone okay? I'm guessing I wasn't the only one with an elevator, but... now I'm in this house? Gonna head out in a bit and figure out where I am exactly, but I wanted you all to know I'm alright. Group drinking night really needs to happen soon, I'm voting for it. Maybe not tonight, I'm resettling and stuff, but tomorrow? Everyone let me know if there's anything that needs doing.

- Veronica

PM to Jesse

PM to Cheyenne, Eris, and Glitch

So I already told Camber I'm not fucking playing pirate for these assholes. If they want me to piss in a corner, I'll end up doing it. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, though. The name and number I was told to look for on my terminal were as follows: Cap'n Hillary Leadsword, 8671. If any of you find someone who got saddled with that goofy shit, congrats. You or they can now take a shower. That's what I figure at least; they're making us swap information along these fucking terminals just to get the basic facilities opened up.

PM to Eris

Stockard, what the fuck is going on over there? I just got word that someone (you, apparently) is overdosing. I won't waste time asking if you're okay, so you'd better be.

Requests and offers (public)

Again, hello to all. My first entry here was deliberately done when many of you were tending to a crisis, but my first day here wasn't a pleasant one on most levels. So I'd like to just say hello again. Hi.

PM to Camber


I want to say first that I know this sort of message is even harder to receive than it is to write. I'm grateful for the fact that Jesse trusts you, I want you to know that. Please believe that this is in the sincerest of faith.

PM to Jesse

Jesse, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. I feel... I don't know. Scared, definitely. I just woke up here an hour ago, and there were these pictures? And I'm scared, I don't know where Jessie is and it terrifies me. I hoped, every day when I was gone, that you'd backed out, that you had her and the two of you were safe. So when you showed up on my screen? God, it makes me want to cry again.

Hello? (public)

The house is quiet now, the others have gone to see the decorations, whatever they are. I didn't like doing this before, in the other place, but if Cheyenne's here then maybe other people from before are too? And Tobias told me there'd been... other experiments? Which means there's more here still. So, whether I've met you before or not, hello. My name's Veronica, I was in one of the experiments, and now I feel like I've walked into an AA meeting. Or started one. Whichever, I just know I'm feeling saner with a cup of coffee in hand.

Murderer (private)

I've been stalling. I've been GLAD for shit going crazy, for needing to be there for Janie, to sit at the jail and keep an eye on that cracked out little bitch in the cell. I haven't wanted to come home, because the moment I walk in I know the box is here. It's sitting right where I put it last night, before I went to see Janie. Haven't taken the belt out of it yet, I don't think I want to either. Just looking at does... plenty.

The state of things (public)

Well everybody, welcome to another day. We've got more shit to talk about, so I won't waste any pleasantries right now. First off, I've been at the station most of the morning, haven't checked these systems until now. So if there's anything that needs to be brought up, feel free to do it here. If I'm needed, I'll do what I can to help out.

Report (public)

Janie sent word that Gavin's gone, and I can only assume the worst. Back in my experiment, it was standard procedure to pull one person out and bring a new one in. Which synchs right up with Brianna's arrival, really. Now if we want to theorize, that means that anyone any of us knew could still turn up here, for good or for bad. But I'm not in the mood for extended theories. I need to get shit under wraps.

PSA: Bear Warning (public)

Just like it says in the headline, people. There's a bear in town. I thought people were just fucking around in my earlier post, but nope. It's there. So if anyone has suggestions on how to lure it out, speak up. I'm going to try luring it with some food, I'm near the east edge of town already. Worse comes to worse, well... this is why I passed out guns. So I may be a bit later in starting gun safety classes than planned. Stay safe.

- Everett

One public, one private to Janie


Shooting lessons and gun safety, who's in? Anyone who is, I'll be up at the north end of what the directory tells me is Church Road in about two hours. If there's anyone who's game for helping me cover the basics of safety procedures, I'm open to help. And to everyone who might want to come out to practice? Bring a few empty cans, we'll need targets. If you (whoever you are) don't have time today, I'm hoping to do these lessons every three or four days until no one needs them. That's all, maybe see some of you out there.

- Everett

(Private to Janie)

PM to Janie

Where else are you planning to set up for a meeting point? I'm working on the church, but I'll make sure that anything useful I have over here ends up there too. Let me know. And it's funny, I finally believe what you always said back in the house. The end is coming.

- Everett

PM to Dale

Planning on staying in? I want to, but shouldn't. Want to go to the church, try and help. Probably not much use, but better to offer, right? Can I get a ride? Won't make it on foot.

Game time (public)

Let's have a talk, everyone. (public)

There was a meeting the other night, I'm pretty sure we're all aware it went down. But not nearly enough of us were there, and what we did work out won't matter if the whole damn lot of us aren't working together. Now I know we're all skeptical about trying to plan out much; we're stuck here and more or less at the mercy of the people who put us here. But that DOES NOT mean that there's no point in trying. For all we know, one or more of us might hit on an idea that the shits keeping us here won't see coming.

Valley Forge

Being here reminds me of the war. It's a strained feeling, tense like muscles drawn taut and held past their limits. Dark days and mistrust, that much is identical no matter how many differences there may be. I've never been an avid reader, though I like a good book now and then. Most don't stick with me, they didn't when I was younger and they sure don't as I get older each day. Still, some sections catch and take hold, and I'm grateful for it. In particular, 'Valley Forge', a book about one lost base of Marines, not so much about Vietnam as the people it touched, both soldiers and their families. I don't trust my memory for accuracy of this sort often, but here it's solid as bedrock.

Private message to Lina

So I'm sure you heard I was here by now. Hi. Enough smalltalk.

We both know what's coming. I knew when I woke up, so I hit the police station. Looks like someone else was there first, but I requisitioned every firearm and baton in the place. Now maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think people who know me'll be wild about me having every gun in town. So if you're okay with it, I think it'd be better if you had them. If you don't want them, I'll go dig a trench and bury them, no hard feelings. Let me know.

- Everett

Sifuna izindaba (private entry)

I'm keeping busy. It's only been a handful of days here and the woods feel months away. Puts me in mind of the war, of waking up in a field hospital and remembering that last fight like it was months ago, or even a bad dream. Just like then, I always have the scars to remind me just how recent it all was. But I'm getting by.

PM to Kales

Got time for a drink and a talk? I figured I'd head up to the graveyard while everyone else fucks off to that cookout.


Volunteers here, right? Decided to come to this place? Had your reasons?

Need groceries, got issues. Hard to go myself. Sorry, hate to ask, would go if I could. Just basics? Cans that don't spoil. Expecting nothing but going myself.

PM to Kales

So I'm alive. So's Eris, believe it or not. Tell Dave I said hey, don't come by my place. We'll figure out a point to talk eventually.

- Everett

Selfish? (Private Entry)

He said his name was Jeremy. Stood tall and scared with the sun going down, like his shadow stretching out and looming over would smack him like father to child who misbehaves. Didn't say what he went through, didn't have to. Pain etches deep around the eyes; crow's feet. Crows feed on death, death's the runoff of pain and suffering, the final product of life.

Double entry

-----Private Entry-----

Don't like these things. Didn't before, months won't change that. More clear when I write or type, but words on a screen are mutable, unfixed. Floating free behind the screen for people to seize or shift, to trail to the roots. I haven't wanted to travel in a decade, but now? Now I'd stand under a blue sky with no ceiling, no walls, dirt under foot... if it was just Not Here.

Civilized? (Private entry)

-----Private Entry-----

It's not going to end, not ever. Even if this supposed red tape gets worked out and we each get to our homes, even if I find the people who ran that nightmare and get to do every single thing I dreamt of doing? It won't end. No going back to life before this, no way to think like I used to or forget what I became with a little creative motivation.