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PM to Cheyenne, Ronnie, Addison, and Camber

All right. So yeah. Carnival in town. Since we can't get ourselves together for a girls' night at the bar, me and Dale are hitting the carnival. And you should be there too. I mean it. Last one there pays for the cotton candy.

PS: If you've got someone you wanna bring along to the fun, pass this along. The more the merrier!

PM to Tobias

Are you there? Did you get out of wherever they had us? Are you speaking to me? Please?

MSG to Adam, Jillian and Everett

Hey everyone, it's Glitch again. Like who else could it be on this computer, right? Anyways, I finally got a ping on my other computer- it's a girl named Addison who's looking for someone named Indira, who's a relative or something like that. Sounds really important, and I'm all about bringing families together if I can.

Anyways, if you can help, or have someone in your box that can, let me know, kthxbai!

Private to the scientists

I don't know if this will ever actually happen, but if you ever get in the mood to start giving out gifts again, I would like one of those speech synthesizer computer things. I'm getting tired of having trouble communicating with people, and it would make life a lot easier.

Of course if you plan on keeping us penned up here, it's kind of worthless, but yeah.

PM to Stan and Bri

Okay, I think I've figured this out. It's Scott, if you know me. So far I've contacted Jesse and Tobias. Who is this?

PM to Addison, Jillian, and Adam

Hello? It's Glitch, if that means anything to anyone. I've got Everett holding on line 1, but who's on lines 2, 3, and 4?

[PM to Tobias]

Hey sweetie, just letting you know that I'm okay. I know Will messaged you earlier, but I'm feeling well enough to actually get out of bed for a few minutes at a time at least. Just wanted you to know.

Thanks for everything yesterday. And if you see the others, tell them too.

'Sup bitches!

Hey hey! It's Glitch! I just got here a couple hours ago and dumped into the Addams Family house with Brett. Where my other tunnel rats at?

Opening a library! [public]

So, apparently I've inherited a shitload of trashy romance novels. If anyone else is into that sort of thing, feel free to drop by and pick a couple up. I know I won't run out anytime soon! We're on Maple, right by the park.


PM to Tobias

Hey sweetie. Really wanted to get over there to check on you today, but just couldn't get through the weather. Everything okay down on the farm?

PM to Janie

I'm back, freak.

Real cute. (public)

Um, yeah. Whoever stole the firewood? Not funny. At all. Especially since the weather is shittastic now and I'm not going out again. So, hope you don't mind if we just sit around and freeze when the power goes out for good. Thanks!

(Public) Check In Post

I don't know if this is going to work. I've tried this three times now, but the fucking power keeps going out. At any rate, I just thought maybe we should do a check-in thing on the computers to make sure everyone was accounted for, particularly if the storm gets bad outside.

Anyways. This is Esme, and it looks like we're at 2 Maple Street, although I don't think this street was here before. Unless there's still someone hiding out, there's 4 of us here: Me, Dale, Emma, and Jason. Is there anyone else out there or are we the only ones left?

Is there anybody out there? (public)

Hi. It's me, Esme. The little spaztastic girl. They dropped me off this morning. Am I the only one? Or did they bring the rest of you in too? Drew? Janie? Bob? Aamir?

Wherever you go, there you are (public)

I'm not quite sure where to start here. I went to sleep and woke up here. Wherever here is, anyways. I figured that, like in the old house, the best place to go for info was always the computer. I'm Scott Thomas, 40 year old gay man, and from what I've been able to gather from the computer, I was in Experiment E, I guess. I can't imagine what you've all been through. I'm so sorry.

So yeah, I guess, hi? Is there anything I should know? I peeked out my window, but this town looks so deserted. Bri? Cam? Did I see your names on here somewhere or am I going crazier?