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9/25/08 public entry

I haven't really made any public journal entries since I've been here, but I think it's time to say hello.

so Hello. I'm Brody.

as pathetic as it sounds, if anyone knows how to do laundry properly and is willing to show me, I've got this weird fancy fruity smelling bath stuff - or vouchers - to trade for the knowledge. hot water has shrunk some of my t-shirts. yeah.

PM to Jeremy

hey jeremy - it's brody from the library and your sort of neighbor. just checking in to see how you've been doing since we last spoke.

I didn't ask for sunshine and I got World War three

[public entry posted out of boredom and insomnia - 2:54am]

A Cheap holiday in other people's misery

private entry #1

Even knowing Jeremy is next door, and Drew is behind me, I still can't shake off the paranoia when I try to sleep. Like I'll wake up somewhere else. Or someone will try to get in. My house creaks so loudly when I'm laying in bed. So I'm typing instead. I thought about posting a public entry and seeing if anyone else was up and awake, but I'm having trouble doing that too. I don't know those people - well, some of them I know from watching them on monitors, but at this point, do I really KNOW them? Not at all.

Post #1

Hello to all fellow journalers and town inhabitants. I've been reading the updated introductions from the new and not so new. So hello and welcome, and all of that. I'm Hadley and I was taken out of Experiment D and plopped down in this place. I'm looking for any other D-er's that might be around. Let me know you're alive, yeah?



It's late, but I am feeling more up to trying this out now. So hello to everyone who's out there that can read this. I'm Cheryl McKinney. I'm 22 and from Ohio. Some of you I may know. Some of you I don't. I'm sure I'll probably run into quite a few of you around town regardless.

I guess that's all I have to say right now. It's late and I don't really know what else there is.