for reassurances

the not so fun house

who: eris and open
where: the funhouse in the mirror maze
when: late afternoon

Eris had finished moving her things from the one house to the vicarage. That hadn't taken her that long, and she'd just gone and put everything inside the front hall, and then went to check out the funhouse. She'd considered messaging a certain someone to say, but...nope. Not with how things were left that morning. It wasn't his problem. He'd probably not know what to do with the information anyhow. She sure as hell didn't know what she would want him to do with it. So...best to just let it go. Not bother with it in the first place.

She'd gotten inside, and most of it had been straight forward. A floor that tilted around crazily. Lights in the walls, disturbing imagery. Nothing too crazy, mostly just things that made her wonder if those bones hanging from the ceiling were real or not. And then she'd gotten to the mirror maze. And that, ladies and gentlemen, fucked her over something fierce. She couldn't help it, she realized she was lost straight away, and while she tried to get through, tried to find her way out, she just...couldn't manage it. all the reflections confused her, she couldn't process it correctly. She even tried to break a mirror, but they were resistant, of course. The lighting kept switching too, blue lights, pink lights, red lights, they moved around, and made it worse, and she eventually slid down a mirror and curled up, hugging her knees to her chest as she tried not to burst into frustrated, bitter tears. This shouldn't floor her so bad. It shouldn't completely handicap her. And yet it did.

A wagon full of issues

Who: Eris and Everett
Where: Church Road
When: afternoonish

by the pricking of my thumbs...


Who: Camber and whoever else wants to join in
Where: Heading towards the Park from Elm
When: Mid-afternoon

Camber wasn't sure if this carnival stuff was sort of fun in a nostalgic, spontaneous way, or really fucking creepy in a Something Wicked This Way fucking Comes way, but it wasn't like she had much choice in the matter. And after living in a house with people for weeks, and then getting stuck in isolation, and now being thrown back by herself...the invitation to come check out the festivities with Glitch, Ronnie and friends wasn't unwelcome.

That didn't mean she wasn't taking a knife with her to said festivities, but hey, she wasn't stupid.

As she walked parallel to Main Street, she could hear the tinkling of carnival music; as she hit Elm, there were signs of food booths and those rigged carnival games, all lighting up as she got near to them. Weird, although she wondered to herself if the noticable lack of carnys meant she could just take the food and giant stuffed animals. Glitch's threat might not have been worth much at all: there wasn't exactly anyone to stop them from just chowing down on funnel cake.

Really good smelling funnel cake.

After having habitually eaten a very rationed, cautious meal three days ago, being denied food entirely two days ago, and yesterday being too stressed and threatened-feeling to even recognize herself as hungry at all, Camber could tell she was verging on the edge of a junk food binge today, what with sugar and starch being waved in her face. She didn't like it: snacking was a waste of calories, calories that should be saved for the next time they went without food. It wasn't a logical decision.

But, hey. It was right here. Their houses were stocked. The stores were even stocked. Tentatively, she took a funnel cake, expecting to be punished for not paying.

Nope. Nothing. The lights just turned off as she stepped away. She took a small bite, continuing on down towards the park where she'd said she was going to meet Glitch.

PM to Cheyenne, Ronnie, Addison, and Camber

All right. So yeah. Carnival in town. Since we can't get ourselves together for a girls' night at the bar, me and Dale are hitting the carnival. And you should be there too. I mean it. Last one there pays for the cotton candy.

PS: If you've got someone you wanna bring along to the fun, pass this along. The more the merrier!

things always get worse

who: eris and brett
where: brett's place
when: morning

Pretendy funtimes in carnival land!

Who: Jack and Esme
Where: middle of town
When: morning

Jack had never trusted carnivals. He’d gone to one as a kid with his father, before everything went to shit. It had freaked him out then and it freaked him out now, as he wandered amongst the rides, starting in surprise whenever one of them went off when he got too close. He’d thought that maybe people might have been there. He’d been –hoping- that people might’ve been there. Someone that he could get to take him home.

PM to Glitch

Glitch! I have a radio station and require delicious ear/brain candy from you in order for me to spread the mighty Sound of Glitch. Also: carnival. Neat.



Date: Monday, October 14th 2008

Weather: Today it feels warmer than usual. There's still a ton of snow on the ground, but the day is bright, clear, there isn't much of a wind, and the temperatures rise high enough that the snow gets nice and sticky--good snowball or snowman material.

Events: In the middle of town, at the park, and in the cemetery are signs of a carnival. The merry go round in the park has been replaced with a carousel. There are booths all around the center of town that have all the fixings of carnival food, and booths are located around rides as well. The rides run themselves, slowing and stopping if people ride, and waiting until people are clear before starting up again. Everything is automated, including music that will trigger when people start walking closer. Everything is fully operational, just waiting for people to join in. All rides are low level traveling carnival rides, nothing terribly exciting, but they work! Main rides are the carousel in the park, the funhouse in the cemetery and the bumper cars in the center of town.

There's tons of food made up and ready to go--the only thing is it has all been dosed with hallucinogens. This is not readily detectable, and it's subtle enough that it will not be detected immediately. Flip a coin to judge whether the trip is positive or negative.

If you have any events or anything going on which you think warrants a mention in the time update, please let us know!


held for a talk

PM to Cheyenne, Dale, Glitch

So I think I'm going to be passing on the proposed group mixer we'd talked about, but I'm hoping one of you wouldn't mind taking charge and making sure it still happens, I think it's needed. Sorry to be abrupt, I'm just going to be staying in today. I'll talk to all of you soon.

- Ronnie


holder for Will and Cheyenne funtimes.


held for addison and everett

Viewable to All

Hey guys, it's Jillian. So listen, I'm at Saj's and he hit his head pretty badly two days ago when we were all locked up in crazytown. Is there anyone here who's got medical experience and can come over and look at him? He's got a bad bruise and is vomiting, I'm pretty sure that means concussion and I don't know what else to do for him. We're at 11 Main street.

Lose Yourself

Who: Joy
Where: East side, west side, all around the town.
When: Mid-morning


lalala stuffystuffs

Did somebody say cookies?

Who: Cheyenne and Glitch
Where: Cheyenne's house
When: Mid-Afternoon


for when i'm feeling a bit more creative

PM to Tobias

Are you there? Did you get out of wherever they had us? Are you speaking to me? Please?

Looking for Freedom

Who: Esme and open
When: Morning
Where: The park

Esme was overjoyed to be out of her "home" and back into the semi-real world. She'd found the elevator early, and had wasted no time in getting upstairs- finding herself back in the house she'd been placed in when they brought her here. In a world that had been so inconsistent of late, she was happy to see that some things were remaining consistent. Even if they were completely insane. She'd taken a nice warm bath to wake herself up, impressing herself with how well she'd managed getting in and out of the tub, then made breakfast.


Who: Leo and Tobias
Where: Tobias' house
When: Shortly after the PM exchange

Leo had wasted no time leaving the beach hut place he'd been put in. He was no lover of solitude, in fact, another day of that and even with the ability to message people he would have been climbing the walls. Discovering the existence of some way out was the best thing to happen to him and he was so in that lift within a couple of minutes of finding it, leaving everything behind without a second thought.


Arriving in Mombai (Bombay - which one do you use anyway? I can never work that out...) was a shock to the system. Just the sheer amount of people. This crush of sheer humanity - it was almost overwhelming, to all senses. Smells, sounds, the whole lot. I didn't know where to look, though in the end the 'porter' trying to convince me that I needed someone to carry my bag got my attention.

Trying to Get Out


Who: Brett and Eris
Where: His place(s)
When: Afternoon

When Eris woke, she was still not feeling the best. She didn't know if it was because she hadn't taken any of her medication the day before, or because of her fever last night, or...who else knew what. The headache of all the messages back and forth, the hunger pangs, the fact that she'd wound up having to use a sink she couldn't wash things down in for facilities...there was just awfulness all around. Add on top of that her horrible feelings about her own predicament, her idea that she'd been misinterpreting everything, and Brett's perpetual silence from his computer and you had one hellish day.

So, when there was the ability to leave? She took it. Straight away, even. Even with the locks on things gone, and everything else, she was the hell out of there. She really hated it when she came up in that little house they'd initially stuck her in. That didn't help her disposition at all, particularly since she'd deliberately left the place behind ages ago. Or what felt like ages ago. But all of the things she'd left there were still, in fact, there.

PM to Leo

I need someone to confide in. Can I use you for that? In person.


This may be an odd question, to some of you, but I hope it's not rude.

Given the last few days, and the experiment that I was in -- being suddenly dropped into a home is welcome, but not so welcome. The thing is, I hate being alone. There isn't anyone who would like a roommate, is there? I have a second bedroom and I promise not to get into your way. I can cook, if anyone isn't so skilled at that ;) I just hate being alone...


PM to Glitch

Thank you for chatting with me during the last two days. I appreciate it.


I'm Going Home

Who: Camber
When: Late Morning
Where: The box, and at the end, back on Elm Street.

Camber woke with a start, curled up on the couch where she'd fallen asleep, hoping beyond hope that someone would get back to her with the keys to unlock the kitchen, but knowing they wouldn't. The bathroom hadn't been as big a deal to her - you do what you have to do. It wasn't like she was going to feel sorry if some scientist flunky had to clean up piss on the carpet.

Somewhere in her brain, though, the simultaneous lockdown of all the niceties of houses had taken her back to the woods, and not in a good way, if there was one to be had. Survival mode had kicked in: there was no food, there was no bathroom, there was no foraging this time and nowhere to run to, there was a whole lot worse it could get and she needed to be ready. And maybe that was why she was sitting here curled up in a hoodie on the couch, not the computers.

Cam was trying not to think about it. The woods. She'd slept uneasily - at least, for a while until whatever They did kicked in - and it had been full of fear and hunger and blood. Nothing clear, but clearer than it had been in a long time. She could never remember those dreams, and yet somehow, with one day of having the kitchen locked. Well, fuck. It had started out all fun and games, right? Pirates. And then almost no one on the lines all day, and she had known this was all going to hell.

When she woke up, everything looked the same. Computers, locked kitchen, everything. No new messages.
And then she saw the door. It was where Jenny's room would have been, if this had really been a big stretched-out version of their apartment. Had someone else been put in here? Was there a way out?

She got up, easily ignoring the pain in her stomach, and getting out the knife, approached the door obliquely. She swung it open with the side of her hand and stepped sideways, fully expecting something horrific to jump out at her.

No. Instead, a cylindrical, closet-like elevator sat behind the door.

Camber looked back at the computers. She looked at the elevator.
There wasn't much of a choice here, was there? She could go and get chopped up or eaten or probed or whatever it was that they were planning to do to her, or she could stay in this place. And this place had no food. And no bathroom. So she stepped in, and pressed the lighted button.

The door closed behind her.

private messages to Stan, Svetlana, Everett

To Stan
Good morning, Stan, I wanted to check in and see how you were today. Hopefully your time hasn't been too rough, and I wanted to know if you would like to meet face to face sometime at your convenience? I'd be happy to meet you anywhere you'd like. I look forward to hearing from you,

To Svetlana
Svetlana, I hope you are well. I hope that you were not too upset by the last few days, and wondered when it may be convenient to see you. Please get back to me at your convenience,

To Everett
Everett, I hope you're well, especially after the last few days. I was wondering if we might want to talk soon about the town, and what we might have in mind for things. Get back to me as soon as you can,

there but here

who: kaori
where: her home
when: morning

When she first woke, and looked over the computers, she wasn't sure what to think. There wasn't anything different--until she got to the hall, to go check the computer there. Because the little button for the elevator was lit up. It hadn't been yesterday, and she had tried. So, reaching out hesitantly, she hit the button, and to her utmost surprise, it opened. It looked just like the elevator from the house, only the buttons on the inside didn't match. The floors were missing. Eventually, after some debate, she hit the up button, and took the long journey back to the surface. It was odd. She realized in a belated fashion that she knew how long the trip should have taken her, to go from the lower sub basement to the ground floor in the mansion. But she wasn't in the mansion, apparently.

That was something that was confirmed when the doors did not open up into the living room there. Instead, she was let out into her new home. The door hadn't been there previously, but that was something she was now accustomed to, and barely batted an eye at. Upon inspecting her home, she realized that she was alone there. No one was there, the rooms looked emptied and unused. She actually had to take a trip back down to her 'office' to really confirm the strange sensation that she was there but here as well. It was odd to say the least. Drawing in a deep breath, and letting it out slowly, she made herself tea, and tried to think of what happened now. What moving forward was going to entail. She would need to get hold of Everett. Perhaps arrange a meeting with Stan to see if he was alright. ...there were things to do. She just needed the motivation to do them.

PMs to Jesse, Glitch, Dale, Cheyenne, Camber

PM to Cheyenne, Dale, Glitch, Camber

Everyone okay? I'm guessing I wasn't the only one with an elevator, but... now I'm in this house? Gonna head out in a bit and figure out where I am exactly, but I wanted you all to know I'm alright. Group drinking night really needs to happen soon, I'm voting for it. Maybe not tonight, I'm resettling and stuff, but tomorrow? Everyone let me know if there's anything that needs doing.

- Veronica

PM to Jesse