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This may be covered somewhere, but is there a time limit before apping another character?

What we say in the rules and the FAQs is that you need to establish your character in the game before apping another. We haven't put a specific time limit on this because people work at different speeds, but if you don't know whether you've established your character(s) enough, talk to a mod about it. :-)

How old does a character have to be to be in an experiment? (Likewise, how old does a character have to be to become a volunteer?)

All experiment participants were legal adults (ie over 18) when they entered the experiment. Likewise, all volunteers have to be over eighteen to be accepted.

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So if the in-game journal system doesn't list character names when one posts, how does one distinguish who's posting what?

Though there is no official ‘name’ on any of the journals (yes, yes, there is for the game post itself, so players know, but let’s have pretend funtimes here and for the purpose of the game, the characters don’t see what the players see, right?), each journal has been given a username identifier. This is not correspondent to the character name, but since most characters have, at one point or another, introduced themselves on their journals, by tracking this through, other characters can see who’s posted what.

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So, we’ve been being asked about cars by people! Which is a very sensible question and so we thought we’d cover it in a bit more detail. So, this is what you can expect:-

  • All cars in town are vintage from the 50s and 60s to fit in with the general feel of the town.

  • All of the bigger houses (medium sized and above) on the good side of town have a car in the garage. The standard houses on the good side of town may or may not have cars, there are a few scattered around, but having a garage does not automatically equate to you having a car.
  • Winter weather: they’re about as winter weather ready as you can get for 1950s era cars. There’s not that much you can do to a vintage car to prepare it for winter.
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Okay, so I can't play a character from Experiment A - can I play an intern from ExA?

Yes, yes, yes you can! You're more than welcome to!

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Please - I really really want to play an Experiment A character!

Sorry, no, that experiment is closed to new characters. Playing House ran for over two years with largely the same cast. It would mess with the ingrained and well established continuity of too many characters to allow it and it would be unfair of us to ask you to read two years worth of posts on two different sites to catch up.

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Why can I not play a character from Experiment A?

Prior to this game, there was another game called 'Playing House' which focused on what is now called 'Experiment A'. What this means is that the characters in Experiment A have all been played before and there is a played out continuity there. Whilst the events in Experiment A will not impact on the events of this game any more than any other experiment, we have decided to limit the characters in Experiment A to those who were played in Playing House for simplicity's sake in preserving continuity.

What about pregnancy / children born in town?

Any children born to participant experiments, etc are fine. No one is separating babies from their parents if they're had in town.

Would a volunteer be turned away on the basis that they wanted to bring their children?

Yes, unless said children are legal adults.

Can my family bring their family with them?

Families are alright as long as there are not small children with them. There are very strict policies on children being in town, and that's in the 'against' column. However, married couples, older siblings, etc are fine.