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How can I set a default character image?

Unfortunately every time you upload a new image to you character gallery, it makes the new image the default for that character (an uses it for comments etc)

However making your preferred image the default is easy.

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How do I customise my user info page?

You can customise your user info page by use of CSS code. Please note that this is only available for your player user info, not your individual character profile pages.

To customise a user info page, go to your user info page and under ‘profile’ press ‘edit’. Enter the CSS code in the ‘Profile Customization’ body. Press ‘save’.

We recommend a knowledge of CSS coding before attempting to customise your user info page, however to get you started, we have provided the code below. Please note that you will need to host all images elsewhere and that certain layouts are fixed width (ie, if you use an image which is too large, it may overlap and hide the side bar and all the links). Do not paste in the parts in bold, these are for information ONLY.

RPGDreams staff can give you no further help with customising your user info.

How do I enter a profile?

To enter a profile, simply go to the 'My Account' page and under profile press 'edit'. This will allow you to enter a profile.

Please note that whilst a heading is currently mandatory, this will not in fact show up on your profile page!

How do I change the look of my account?

To change the look of your account, you need to hit the link for 'my account'. From there, you hit the 'edit' tab, and it will bring you to a the page where you can edit your settings. If you scroll down, there will be a list and preview of all the themes available for you. Simply tick one of them, and then save, and your account will load that theme whenever you're logged in.

Please note that you will need to choose both a 'Theme Configuration' and a 'Blog Theme' configuration. We recommend that you set both of these to the same theme.

Can I upload my own themes to RPDreams?

At the present time you cannot do this. Currently the only customisation which is available is to your user info page.

How do I add/create a custom mood theme?

At the present time you cannot do this.

To what extent will RPGDreams help me customize my journal/userinfo?

RPGDreams cannot make a theme for you, nor can we redo a style you already have. Also RPGDreams support volunteers will not help you with your layouts or customization questions.

RPGDreams also will not assist in customizing your userinfo, other than what is contained within these FAQs.

Can I put images in my profile?

Yes - see here.

Can I have a moodtheme?

There is a default community moodtheme, but at the present time, you cannot have your own.