Private Message Settings? What do I want there?

Private message settings:

You will want to check the top two boxes, as well as 'every message' under 'Receive e-mail for unread messages'.

How do I know if I have Private Messages?

There are various ways to tell if you have a private message.
1. You can switch on email notifications for private messages in your user info
2. You will be notified of a new private message when you log into your account
3. If you have aggressive notifications of PMs set up, you will get an alter on every page of the site you view in that game until you read the message

What is Private Messaging (PM) & how do I use it?

PMs allow you to send messages to other players within your game without using email or having any other information about them save for their username. Please note that this only applies to players in your game and cannot be used for inter-game contact.

How do I send/Reply to my private messages?

To send a PM to a player in the game, go to their user info page. There is a tag which reads 'send private message to [username]' - click on that link and it will take you to the PM page. Enter in a subject and message and simply press 'send'

I just registered my account and I'm not getting my PMs.

Check your PM settings . Go to your account page and press edit, then scroll down to 'Private Message Settings' - make sure 'allow Private Messages' is ticked.