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I'm having trouble finding everything!

Everything you need should be linked in top bar or the side bar (depending on your layout). If you spot a post that you think would be awesome to have linked there that isn't (and yes, we're only talking information posts here, not the uber-cool scene you wrote last night!) let one of the mods know so they can consider whether to add it to the side bar.

How does the menu work? What does everything do?

Content This is the menu is where you're going to find all the scenes, journal entries and ooc posts available in the game.

Journals: This link will show you only the journal entries of those who are in the communities. This will be all of the journals, not only those on your buddy list.

Ooc Posts: This will show you every post and only posts that are in the Ooc community.

Where are the Forums?

At the current time, the forums for this site are inactive.