About RPG Dreams

I've just joined up and the profile mentions needing an 'AIM' account. This wasn't mentioned anywhere else that I have read, and I spent a lot of time looking. Do I <b>really</b> need one? Won't using PM's here or MSN be enough, I'm really not sure about selling any of my soul to AOL, there's little enough left as it is...

Most people who play in the game use AIM as their IM medium of choice, which is why we recommend it. If you wish to only communicate using PMs and email, that's also acceptable. And, of course, you can be active in the OOC to let people know you're around. Some of our members may have MSN accounts, but if they do, they haven't mentioned it!

I'm having a problem using html in my writing samples. I'm not sure how to get the line breaks in, the separation between paragraphs. I don't use html that often...could I have a little help to get my writing samples looking the way they should?

Well there are several ways to do it, but the easiest is to use the rich text editor, which will give you a toolbar above the text window very much like MS Word. Whilst using the rich text editor, new lines etc will come out just as typed. To turn on the Rich Text editor click the link below the text box that says "Switch to rich text editor".

Should you decide that you wish not use the rich text editor, and just use html then paragraphs are wrapped with <p> at the beginning and <\\p> at the end.

Content of posts and games

All Content posted to RPGDreams.net in any way, is the responsibility and property of the author. RPGDreams is committed to keeping the Service in decent standing for all audiences but is not responsible for the monitoring or filtering of any journal Content. Within the confines of international and local law, RPGDreams will not place a limit on the type, or appropriateness of user content within journals. Those users posting material not suitable for all audiences must agree that they are fully responsible for all the content they have posted anywhere on the service.

Are the celebrity/character journals on this site real?

No. This is a role playing game site. Very little, if anything, you find on this site is actually real.

Many users create journals with the face of a celebrity for use in role-playing games. These journals typically contain a disclaimer in their user information stating that it is part of a game, they are not the celebrity, and have no contact with the celebrity.

Character journals (journals created using the names of characters from books/television shows/films) are not sanctioned by the copyright holders.

Does RPDreams support the use of OpenID?

No, not at the moment - this is something which will be considered in future though and this may change.

How can I help?

At the moment we are not looking for any further support volunteers – if this changes in the future, we’ll post about it.

What are the limitations on icons?

The limitations for the icons is 100x100 pixels in size and 60k in file size, and in gif, jpg, or png format.

We do ask that your icon be non-explicit (no sexually graphic images, no icons featuring inflammatory messages).

Is RPGDreams really free?

Yes - at the moment the site is in beta-testing and as guinea pigs, you get it for free, you lucky people! Eventually it is intended to be opened up to the general public at which stage it will be funded through a mixture of advertising and optional advert-free paid accounts. The exact mix has not yet been decided yet.