Date: Sunday, October 13th 2008

Weather: The weather is overcast and cold, but there isn't any snow in the air, and the wind is only a light breeze if there's any wind at all.

Events: Today, everyone wakes up where they went to sleep last night. The only difference is there is now an accessible elevator. This elevator is small, and only has limited buttons on the inside. Up, down and stop. The elevator is located someplace where it was out of the way or inaccessible before. For example, the front door of the apartment/home that didn't open yesterday? Opens today to reveal the elevator. There are no messages from the scientists, no indication anyone should do anything, and all locks/etc have been removed from the rooms, as well as any damage/etc that may have occurred.

Upon stepping into the elevator, the up button will light up, and if pressed, will start a long journey. The ride is over five minutes long, and comes up in the home of the participant. Where it comes up in their home is up to you, likely someplace out of the way. All participants have been given homes, located on the map. The streets have been plowed, the town has been re-opened for habitation. No one's working the shops, but they've been filled back up again. All houses come stocked with food/medicine/possessions/etc.

Note: All participants are back in their original houses--anyone who moved has been placed back where they were originally. Check the map here.

If you have any events or anything going on which you think warrants a mention in the time update, please let us know!