there but here

who: kaori
where: her home
when: morning

When she first woke, and looked over the computers, she wasn't sure what to think. There wasn't anything different--until she got to the hall, to go check the computer there. Because the little button for the elevator was lit up. It hadn't been yesterday, and she had tried. So, reaching out hesitantly, she hit the button, and to her utmost surprise, it opened. It looked just like the elevator from the house, only the buttons on the inside didn't match. The floors were missing. Eventually, after some debate, she hit the up button, and took the long journey back to the surface. It was odd. She realized in a belated fashion that she knew how long the trip should have taken her, to go from the lower sub basement to the ground floor in the mansion. But she wasn't in the mansion, apparently.

That was something that was confirmed when the doors did not open up into the living room there. Instead, she was let out into her new home. The door hadn't been there previously, but that was something she was now accustomed to, and barely batted an eye at. Upon inspecting her home, she realized that she was alone there. No one was there, the rooms looked emptied and unused. She actually had to take a trip back down to her 'office' to really confirm the strange sensation that she was there but here as well. It was odd to say the least. Drawing in a deep breath, and letting it out slowly, she made herself tea, and tried to think of what happened now. What moving forward was going to entail. She would need to get hold of Everett. Perhaps arrange a meeting with Stan to see if he was alright. ...there were things to do. She just needed the motivation to do them.