Release into the wild

Who: Ronnie
Where: Her new house
When: late morning

There was no false relief this time when she awoke to gentle ocean sounds, curled in an intimately comfortable bed. Ronnie's mind was forcing away even the room for such feelings to exist at this point, so when she woke it was with a tired sort of acceptance. She didn't bother getting out of bed for some time, just laying curled up and watching her computers for the flash and chime of unanswered messages. When one came, it wasn't from the terminals, and that was enough to draw Ronnie from under the covers.

It came from behind the door that, back home, would've led out of Ronnie's bedroom and into the open air space that would've been her parents' living room. But beyond that door, where there should've been wicker furniture and a hanging basket chair? A closet-sized room waited, buttons set on one wall. An elevator? Hoping this was some kind of release, Ronnie wedged a computer chair into the open elevator door and set about gathering up the bits from this room she'd want to take away.

Of course her painting supplies were coming wherever the elevator led, each bit broken down and returned to her dresser drawer, the entire section of dresser pulled free. Ronnie stuck the drawer into the elevator, grabbing her old pillow and tai chi clothes before stepping in. What if it was a trap? Maybe it'd lead back to the tunnels. But then, maybe it was the only chance she'd get to leave too.

That idea didn't make pressing the button to ascend any easier, of course. And the strange house revealed to her when the elevator chimed and stopped? It encouraged the idea that she was being lured into a strange new scenario. Ronnie only explored as far as the first window before glancing out, quickly connecting the streets beyond to what she'd seen of the town before being removed. She was... back there? Somewhere in the town?

It was daunting, really. Before the isolation, Ronnie'd at least had the group housing for sanctuary. And before it, even in the experiment she hadn't spent much time alone. Curious about her new living space or not, Ronnie wasn't exactly eager to get used to solitude now. She lugged the drawer of art supplies to what seemed to be a living room, setting it down as she spied a computer just like the ones downstairs. Hopefully, this one was connected to everyone.

Ronnie moved for the chair in front of it, settling in. Poking around could wait. Right now, there were too many people she wanted to try and reach, to make sure they were okay. And one in particular that was going to take some courage.