Radio Nowhere Ep. 1

Who: Dale
When: evening
Where: radio station

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is Radio Nowhere and I'm Rubicon your evening host, out in the middle of, well, hell, nowhere! The weather looks okay but I don't have a forecast for later on. Don't forget, snazzy meeting down at the pub for everyone who wants to attend and it's going on right now, so you kiddos out there who are innocent about our dear scientists' methods of madness, go on down! See if you can mooch a free drink for your local friendly radio DJ while you're at it. Next song up is Blind Melon with 'No Rain', Rob Zombie's 'Dragula', and just for y'all who like a little variety, we got Aesop Rock's 'Water'. Remember, there's no time like the present to PANIC! This advertisement by the local grocery store, which is giving away all it's canned goods and other times, because they don't really have a choice!"