PMs to Saj, Posy

To Saj:

Hey dude, Will asked Shane to ask me to drop you a line because you didn't answer him, I guess? What's going on? Did you break out or just crank some music? Either way, I hope you're okay and you get this. And if you broke out and didn't come find us, I'll hunt you down and break your face. (That comes from a place of love and friendship, btw.) And do you know some chick named Indira or have anyone who can get in contact with her? Glitch has someone asking.

To Posy:

Well, you didn't respond to my first message so I hope everything's okay. Again, I'm Jillian, and if you see this message and can respond, that'd be great. If you are or can contact (or can contact someone who can contact) an Indira, I'd appreciate if you let me know. We've got someone asking about her, so we're spreading the word. Thanks!

 - .

Posy finally let the buzzing of the computers get to her. She couldn't not look. She was interested, and this was the second request she'd had for the person named Indira. It could be something of use for her notes after all - if everyone was locked up like this there could be some interesting responses. But she still didn't like the fact that she was being played with, so her answer was rather brusque.

I'm not Indira. You're the second person to ask. My name is Posy. Who is she and why is she so important?

 - .

Jillian blinked at the reply, surprised someone had finally answered.

Hi, Posy, I'm Jillian. I don't know who Indira is, but there's someone asking after her through this kind of network deal. You probably connect to someone else who had the request passed on, is all. I'm trying to get some kind of chart together of who can talk to who, but it's kind of all over the place. I noticed you didn't reply to my earlier message - is everything okay/are you all right? Not that I can exactly do much except lend an ear, but oh well. :-\ Can I pass along any messages for you? I connect directly to Shane, Saj, and Glitch apart from you and we've got a variety of people from there, so it can probably be done.