new house


who: Cheyenne
where: her new house
when: afternoon

Cheyenne had realized there was an elevator a while back. Really it was hard to miss, since her area was kind of enclosed, and there hadn't been a shiny metal elevator door just hanging out there yesterday in one of the walls. But it was there now. It had just taken her a long time to actually get herself to venture up. When she finally did, she felt embarrassed, silly.

She was a little confused when she came up into an empty house, or at least an unoccupied one. That further hit her upside the head with embarrassment. But she explored around, and figured that this was apparently her house. Crazy. And not bad at all, it was kind of a cute little thing. Eventually she relaxed enough to sit down at the computer and type up a message on her journal, saying hi to everyone and the like. Then she waited to see if anyone would reply to her, or if she was going to go exploring on her own. Which...would really not be the best course of action for her.