Getting Started

I'm joining the game late, what do I need to know?

When the game first started, the town was populated not only by former experiment participants and interns, but also by a small army of volunteers who ran everything, organised everything and generally kept things running. All the stores were fully staffed, the restaurants were run, the theatre, bowling alley, gym etc - these were all staffed. The town was organised from the town hall and everything operated smoothly. New people, be they volunteers, participants or interns, moved into the town on a daily basis, they were housed by the people at the town hall and they were encouraged to get jobs.

Then one day, overnight, most of the volunteers disappeared. Anyone who was in a position of responsibility disappeared (see the time line for more detail). Some volunteers remained, though they do not know why they remained - they are just as clueless about the abandonment as the interns and the participants.

Since the disappearance, people have continued to arrive in town at random intervals - participants, interns and volunteers. But whereas before these people were driven to the town, these days they simply wake up in bed in their allocated accomodation. Prior to waking up, they had been in a facility, waiting to be transferred to the town. New arrivals have all been told that the town is operating normally and not informed at all about anything 'weird' going on.

Bringing in a new character

All new characters are brought into the game as new arrivals in town, so you don't have to worry about being aware of game backstory too much.

If you are playing an intern from any experiment, or a participant from experiments A, B or D your character will have been 'rescued' from their experiment in September 2008. What has happened to them in the meantime is largely up to you. There's a certain amount of choice in this. When rescued, everyone was firstly transferred to a facility for assessment and to ensure they were stable enough to live independently. Only once they passed this assessment would they be transferred to the town. Physical injury and mental problems which would not allow them to live independently would mean a delay in transfer.

If you are playing a participant from either experiemtn C or experiment E, you have slightly more flexibility. Because of the nature of these experiments, not everyone would have been rescued at the same time, therefore you can give your character a longer/shorter amount of time at the facility - but they would have gone through the facility. Experiment E characters cannot simply 'arrive' in town on foot. The town is miles from anywhere, it's impossible for people simply to wander in. Please also note for experiment C characters - if you're having them remain in their room undiscovered past September 2008, they would have stopped having food and water supplied therefore anything more than a few days and they would be dead/dying in their rooms...