Private. To the scientists.

Hello. I am unsure if this is the correct means of contacting you, but it cannot hurt to try.
I am not sure what you're trying to achieve with the dollhouse, but it seems to have no real purpose.
I did not volunteer to be part of any experiment. I wanted to observe the effects. As such, if you are restarting the tests (which it seems you are), I would like to help you with this. I want to know what the experiments are in aid of. Please contact me in some way if you recieve this message, and give me instructions.

Posy Lewisham

Well, that settles it.

So. Did anyone else get freaky boxes filled with crap or was it just us? This is like those fucking masks all over again. As if that wasn't bad enough.

Bethany, I'm gunna try to get out to you today. Heads up.


Hello everyone. I've just arrived in town, and got a different story than is the case, but I'm kind of getting the impression they're doing that to everyone. My name is Cheyenne, and I was in Experiment D. (So, HI fellow experiment participants! I've missed you!) Let's see, a little about myself. I like taking pictures, I'm kind of working at becoming an artist, I used to be a model. I used to be part of the council that we set up together in my experiment as well, I'm really not sure what's going on with society-structure in town, if anything? Anyone want to give me the rundown?

so where're you lot at?

So, I haven't quite had my coffee yet this morning, so I could just be cranky, but what the fuck? No, seriously. What the fuck. We get told we're rescued then get put into a new part of the experiment? Rude fucking awakening, if you ask me.

Jesse here, experiment E so I'm told.

Where's my people at? Who's made it this far?

Does anyone know anything about my daughter, Jessie, or her mother, Veronica? Any information at all would be good, they were meant to come into the experiment as well but we weren't told there were more than one, and I've not heard anything about either one of them. Any help would be appreciated, please, I've been trying for ages to get any answers but no one would tell me shit. Thank you.

The world's worst marching band

Who: Scott and anyone who cares to join in
Where: Same place as yesterday
When: Early, about 7-ish. Coffee time.

Scott had gotten up early to take a bath and shave what little hair he had left on his head. He'd kept it shaved for years, but lately the job seemed to be taking about a third of the time it had taken him when he was younger. He'd gotten dressed, wearing the same outfit he'd worn yesterday, although he didn't remember hanging it up. He figured he'd be the nice guy and make coffee for the others, get a nice smell going in the house.

Time In A Box

Who: Open to Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira - multiples fine. :B
When: Just before breakfast
Where: The front hall

Brianna was getting really tired of her room being reset. Oh sure, she appreciated that it would mean the kitchen would be restocked and everything would be nice and clean but how in the world were they sleeping through this resetting? Were they being drugged? Gassed? Likely gassed through the air vents or some such. Maybe Indira and Addison were just making her paranoid... But how the Hell else did you explain such occurrences?

the dollhouse

who: everett, eris and brett open to hannah and posy
when: morning
where: front hall

checking in

who: kaori, svetlana (so far)
where: kaori's house
when: morning

Making breakfast again, Kaori noted that the scientists had ignored her. She didn't have any of her case files, and while she'd started writing one up on Svetlana today, (and one for Leah, even if she hadn't met the woman yet) she would have felt a lot better with her case files intact and all together. And someplace that was locked. They weren't left lying around where just anyone could find them or anything, but that was not the point.

Abu Dhabi (public entry)

I had missed my connection in Abu Dhabi - my first flight delayed from Charles de Gaulle. It was Ramadan and the plane finally touched down at sunset. I walked through the almost empty airport, listening to the calls from the local mosques echo through the cavernous halls. It was almost deserted there. I've been to many airports over the years, but that remains with me - how few people there were. All the shops closed up as their vendors went to finally be able to eat.

invasion of the girly-type

who: cheyenne and open to ben, adam & tobias(good for multiple people!)!
where: 10 park road
when: morning

Cheyenne had woken up fairly early, even if she hadn't quite gotten up straight away. Mostly she'd gotten up and looked around her room. It was kind of smallish, kind of homey. Different. She'd looked outside, but that had proved fairly pointless after a while, being it seemed like someone had taken a huge eraser and scrubbed out the rest of the world out there. Either that or someone had had a terrible accident with an industrial vat of white-out.

New Day Dawning


Who: Leo and Emma
Where: 2 Maple Street
When: Morning

It was later than he thought when Leo woke up with the slight remains of a headache. It took him a moment, but once he'd checked the clock and looked out of the window, he'd realised that was because the snow and clouds out there were making the day seem a lot darker than it should have been. That glance also confirmed that he'd been moved, which was a head trip. He'd expected to be driven to the town today, not simply to wake up in a strange - and baby blue (yuk!) - bed with, apparently, all his things put away. He crossed to the (his?) dresser and checked that. And then moved to the bathroom. Yes - everything was there, set out, in place. He shuddered slightly as he realised that it reminded him very much of that first day in isolation, when he'd woken up and everything had been just so. That little memory had him looking for the door and, when he found it, testing the handle. He couldn't pretend he wasn't relieved when it opened and he stepped out into the hallway. He looked around, realising that he was in a house and for a few minutes, retreated back into his room.

Sitting down at the computer there, he took the opportunity to write in the online journal (thank god he still had that functionality here - if not, he'd have been hunting for a pen and paper first thing! Got to get that in!) before heading out to explore the house. His house - that felt strange. So much space now, space to explore. Would he be sharing with anyone? They hadn't told him either way. If not, he'd have to brave the snow - there would be other people in town. He'd been promised that.


Playing the weatherman

Who: Owen and Open
When: Early morning, around seven am.
Where: 1 maple street

Owen couldn’t really deny that the scientists were behind this now. Not when he woke up exactly the same way he had before (not in the bathtub and not hoping there would be someone else there) and with Jeremy still missing.


Date: Wednesday, October 8th 2008

Weather: The snowstorm continues and the lying snow is now a good couple of feet deep, but the storm itself died down a little in the early hours of the morning and isn't as bad as it was yesterday. A very determined person could probably leave the house today - they just shouldn't plan on going very far!

Events: What a surprise - it's groundhog day again! Today dawns exactly the same as yesterday, and the day before. Meaning everything that was moved is exactly where it had been the day before. Anyone who hopped households, or rooms is right back where they started. Everything down to the placement of items in the rooms in the houses has been re-set. Food has been re-stocked. The only changes are to people in some households - There are some new additions in the form of Jesse, Leo and Cheyenne.

The households are as follows:
Leah, Trent, Scott, Saj and Will staying at 2 Oakdale Drive

Ben, Adam, Cheyenne and Tobias staying at 10 Park Road

Shane, Jillian, Penny and Jack staying at 2 Short Street

Lina, Dave, Kaori and Svetlana staying at 3 Oakdale Drive

Jason, Emma, Dale, Leo and Esme staying at 2 Maple Street

Chris, Bethany, Jesse, Joy and Owen staying at 1 Maple Street

Brianna, Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira staying at 9 Park Road

Everett, Brett, Hannah, Posy and Eris staying at the Vicarage

Again, no one will have any memory of being moved, they will only recall falling asleep last night wherever they went to lie down.

The rest of the town is still boarded up tight. All other houses are locked up tight, and anyone wanting to get inside may have to resort to use of a chainsaw or two. All public buildings are the same, and the power seems to be out in them as well.

All public buildings are completely emptied. Stores, the rec center, the hospital, the bowling alley, everything, it's all emptied out.

One thing is different though! Each group house has a 'gift' of sorts sitting in the centre of the hall. Each is a large, plain, cardboard box - closed and without any note on it. There is one box per household and each is different. The contents of the boxes are as follows:-

2 Oakdale Drive - A selection of instruments: a couple of recorders; a xylophone; a triangle; a pair of maracas and some sleighbells. There is also a pile of sheet music scored for these instruments.

10 Park Road - A large, ornate puppet theatre with six creepy, hand painted marrionettes. The set up includes several different changes of scenery and a small, hand cranked street organ.

2 Short Street - A pile of school primers from the 1940s, covering basics of alphabet, grammar and mathematics. Also a pile of slates for writing on and a supply of chalk. Furthermore, there are several pots of black ink and six nib-fill fountain pens together with a half dozen hardback journals filled with rich, cream paper.

3 Oakdale Drive - A selection box of old children's toys, including a half dozen china dolls, five Barbies and a Ken doll (with various outfits), a dozen My Little Ponies, three water pistols, a giant box of Lego and a wind up cymbal-chiming monkey.

2 Maple Street - An ark and a large selection of stuffed toy animals. There are, of course, two of each type. All the animals fit inside the ark, but only by dint of much stuffing of them in there! There are no mythical creatures amongst the toys (ie, you're not going to find anything like a unicorn in there).

1 Maple Street - A large piece-assembly 00-guage electric train set, with enough track to run round the whole house if people want to set it up, complete with all necessary signals, bridges etc and with several different complete trains and carriages and little track-side additions, such as train-workers, passengers, animals, trees etc.

9 Park Road - A box of various costumes, all from different eras and in different sizes (though all costumes will fit at least one member of the household). The costumes are all in perfect condition and include shoes, hates and all necessary accessories.

The Vicarage - A dolls house which is a perfect scale model of the vicarage, only in the model, the building isn't falling down and is beautifully decorated in rich tones and hues, thick carpets and velvet curtains. The furniture in each room is also beautifully done and the dolls representing the occupants, though resembling the current occupants, are all dressed in an old fashioned style (a la US civil war era).

If you have any events or anything going on which you think warrants a mention in the time update, please let us know!

[public] 7 Oct 2008

Alone in a dark house -- something I hate. Everyone is sleeping, I think, except myself. It's a little comfort to know that I am not really alone: there are people sleeping upstairs, and perhaps even the movements I imagine or the sounds of the house may be theirs. If I needed them I could call out to them. But I don't know them, and they do not know me, not well.

And neither do you. I've been reticent to use this computer. This computer, that like in my old room, stays lit when nothing else does. But then again, I was never able to talk to those whose words sometimes appeared on my screen. And here, I can.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Will; I'm from the experiment they called C (and before that, Michigan, and before that, France...). I'm 23 years old, a psychology student. Is there anyone else out there, reading?


Who: Camber and Janie
When: Late afternoon
Where: ...the same damn house.

Camber had taken some food up to her bedroom to eat and write, and in the process had gotten side tracked looking over her journal entries. She knew by now the scientists were probably reading them, but she still didn't feel comfortable, some how, directly addressing them. They'd never been a direct presence in her life before, and some semblance of privacy, the notes to herself, the little things she squirreled away for her own keeping...

Guess I Should Warn... {Public}


Okay I'm trying really hard to type details but its just not working so I guess I'll have to vague it up. I go deaf at random and for unknown lengths of time. So - people of the house, anyone who manages to get to the house - if you're speaking to me and I don't answer you, that's why.

- Tobias

P.S. Okay, the power is out and the computer is still on. What the fuck?


Who: Brett and Everett
Where: The vicarage
When: afternoon

Everett knew he should be doing more. He'd been good lately; helpful, reliable, structured. And talking with Posy had helped return a bit of social normality to his head, but it wasn't enough. He'd headed back up to his room afterwards, and had just sat there for a while. He had clothes ready to be changed into, a razor to smooth out his scalp and jaw, thoughts half-formed in his mind about what he could do and who he could go see. None of it seemed worth pursuing, though. Why bother? He'd just end up getting himself in deeper.

But for all his apathy, Ev slowly went through each step of getting ready. He was still pursuing the day and his vague plans for it, just at a pace that felt like moving underwater. He needed a smoke, three drinks, and a week to sleep. But he didn't have any of those things, so Ev just ended up heading downstairs. He didn't make it far from the stairs before he ended up sitting on the bottom few, slowly lacing and tying up his boots, eyes fixed on his hands as they worked each lace together.

private to the people in charge

I'm unsure if this will work or not, but thought I would give it a try. We have individuals in town who's medication supplies are running low. I request that they be replenished. If not, I request that the hospital be put back into working order, with the requisite medications located there. I will find a way to get there and get to those in need if this is opted for.

How Is Everyone?

I just wanted to check in with people. How is everyone doing? Does anyone need to talk about anything? Are the households(as I understand it) working alright for people? If anyone wants to talk, I know with the weather as it is that I can't come to you or vice versa, but there's always the private message system, or the phones...I believe they're still working. I'm available whenever you need me to be.


permission to take the out

Who: Kaori and Lina
Where: Kaori's house (their house?)
When: Early afternoon

Lina hated being snowed in. Indoor things really weren't holding her attention, and she wasn't in the mood to attempt to fight through the snow and get frostbite, either. She'd taken to reading, and sprawling out on one of the sofas, but she wasn't happy with the situation. Some days she felt like she'd actually been a lot happier living outside.

Kaori entered the living room, or more the raised den. It was an odd layout for a house though she enjoyed that room. It was pleasant. Sitting down on the loveseat opposite of Lina, she smiled politely. "You look stunningly uninspired." she noted good naturedly. "Reading anything good?" she asked.

Lina gave Kaori a small, humorless grin. "Well," she said, turning the book to look at the cover. She'd forgotten what the fuck she was trying to read. "Does that answer your question?" she smirked. It wasn't that it was bad, it just wasn't holding her attention. "How are you doing?"


Who: Svetlana
When: Very late night/early morning
Where: Kaori's front lawn

PM to Janie

I'm back, freak.

009. public entry.

I've never seen so much snow come at once. There were storms in Licupe, yes, but nothing quite like this. It's almost as if mother nature is plotting against us, trying to break our spirits.

PM to Leah


We have someone here who's possibly suffering from exposure - got caught out last night in the snow storm, appeared back at the house this morning. I have her wrapped up and warming and started her on antibiotics and antipyretics, but I'm not doctor. I don't know about your place, but we're mostly snowed in today, but if sometime in the next few days you can get over here, would really appreciate a proper medical opinion. In the meantime, any advice on anything more I should be doing? We're in the vicarage.


something sweet

Who: Emma and open to people in her house!
When: Lunch-timeish
Where: 2 Maple Street

Emma stood by her earlier feelings - as long as the scientists kept giving them food, she was fine with the move. That food part was terribly important. She'd gotten a little spoiled in her princess room, being able to order up whatever crazy pregnancy craving she had at all hours. God, she'd kill for a pizza right now. And pineapple. Pineapple on pizza! Her stomach rumbled and the baby kicked. "I know, I know." she said to herself, pausing long enough to feed Pookie. Then she turned to the fridge. "Alright, baby, what crazy thing are you going to make me eat today, hm?" She grabbed a green apple to munch on while she tried to figure out what she really wanted. This lead to just staring at the open fridge and willing other things to magically appear.

Hey, stranger things had happened. Especially in this place.

Breakfast with Posy

Who: Posy, and open to anyone in her house.
When: Afternoon
Where: House 'o creep.

Ah religion, the cornerstone of any nutritious morning routine

Who: Saj, and open to anyone else in that house.
When: Late morning
Where: 2 Oakdale Drive

What do people do?

Don't know if this has already been addressed, but now we're on our own, what did people do on the outside? What skills do people have? We should all know this.

a morning in bed


Who: Jason and Emma
When: Morning
Where: their happy home

Emma had woken up to found they hadn't been moved again, which she supposed was a good thing. She really wasn't a fan of the musical chairs with houses. She'd liked it better living with Dave and Lina, but Dale and Esme were nice girls, and she got on with both of them. Like clockwork, she got up the same time as yesterday and headed into the bathroom. "You know, I never slept in all that much before you came along, but I wouldn't mind the opportunity once in a while." she mumbled.

She did her bathroom business and headed back out into the bedroom, casting a small smile in Jason's direction. "Morning."

"Morning." he answered. He'd woken up when she'd gotten up, that movement interrupting the light doze he'd been in. He really had to get used to sharing a bed again, that was for damn sure. He knew he would, but yeah. It might take a bit. A heavy pounce on the end of the bed announced War, who walked up the bed to snuggle into his back and start purring. "Morning, War." he mumbled as well, reaching back to scritch her head. "How'd you sleep, baby?" he asked, turning his blues on Emma again. He tugged the covers back to invite her back into bed.

good morning, sunshine

who: brett and eris
where: spooky doom house
when: morning

When Eris regained consciousness, it wasn't necessarily a pleasant sort of experience. She woke into a world where her head pounded, her body ached, her throat was sore, her stomach ached, she felt vaguely like she was going to be sick, and...generally speaking she felt awful. She was also vaguely surprised, because she really hadn't expected to wake up at all. So upon waking, and realizing she wasn't in fact, dead, and was back in the most uncomfortable damn bed in the known universe...Eris was a little hard pressed to be grateful for continued survival.

She groaned and curled farther into a ball, the movement making shivers break out through her form, since a little of the cool air of the room drifted in through the thin blanket. God, she felt terrible. She probably needed to take something. Or...find a window to leap out of. Cynically, she figured she was only on the second floor. She likely wouldn't actually die. Crap. After having to convince herself a whole lot, she got out of bed, dragging the blanket with her, wrapping it round her shoulders as her teeth chattered. Stumbling out of her room, she tried to remember where the bathroom was, but...that was kinda beyond her reach at the moment. So she shuffled along til she was reaching out for the rail to keep herself upright, breath coming heavier than she would have liked. She only vaguely realized after her vision cleared that she was looking down into Brett's room again. Why the hell didn't he have a ceiling, anyways? What the hell kind of room was that? Who built this house, and what kind of crack had they been on in the first damn place?

Brett was sleeping, lying on his side, his legs positioned carefully beneath the covers, supported by pillows, a position that actually only left him one pillow to support his head, which he'd folded in half and scrunched up to get high enough and which he was holding in place in his sleep by wrapping an arm around it. At least, that had been the plan - he'd got himself comfortable last night, got himself enough pillows by stealing some from the empty room next door, since this fucking house didn't have enough in just his room. But, sometime in the night, those stolen pillows had been stolen back and since then Brett's sleep had become increasingly disturbed as his unconscious mind noticed the subtle change in positioning. Not that he could actually feel the loss of the pillows from his legs, but the change altered the angle of his body and a host of other small matters that registered as Not Right. It had been different when they'd been travelling, he'd expected that, but in a bed - even an uncomfortable one - when he'd specifically set himself up before going to sleep? He remembered that shit, he had to - he didn't want to ever have to worry about pressure sores and other shit like that. he shifted slightly in his sleep, muttering to himself and showing signs of waking up.