Just Another Day

Who: Adam and open
Where: South edge of the farm
When: Afternoon

Adam didn't celebrate Christmas - whether it came on the right day or not. In fact, Adam didn't celebrate anything. It was not allowed under his religion. Celebrations were a distraction, a dalliance of the flesh, they were not the Way. He appreciated his gift for the functional value it had. He appreciated that it allowed him to be more productive. That was right, that was proper.

PM to Jesse

Jesse, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. I feel... I don't know. Scared, definitely. I just woke up here an hour ago, and there were these pictures? And I'm scared, I don't know where Jessie is and it terrifies me. I hoped, every day when I was gone, that you'd backed out, that you had her and the two of you were safe. So when you showed up on my screen? God, it makes me want to cry again.

anger with a guilt chaser

who: jesse and saj
where: the park
when: mid day

Jesse had waited until Owen and Joy had left. He didn't know where the hell the other chick that lived with them was. He'd also passed Joy's room, and spotted the bar sitting in there, and he stole a bottle of whiskey. Which sure, could possibly come to bite him in the ass later. But right now, he could not summon the energy to care. In fact, he couldn't summon the energy to do anything but want to drink himself into a coma. So he'd taken the bottle, needed to get the hell out of the house, and he'd bundled up and gone for a walk. And kept walking. He didn't go wherever everyone else was headed--hell, he didn't even know where that was.

His mind wouldn't shut up. Even if he'd already killed about a quarter of the bottle? it still kept right on going. Grinding over everything. About how he'd been waiting for months to hear a single word, and the first thing he gets told is that she's there--but their daughter isn't. And no actual idea where she was. Oh, and the real kick to the teeth--that she 'can't do this right now'. What the shit was that? Talking about suffering. His feelings were all mashed together, none of them positive. Not after that initial rush of relief that she was here. Not when she wouldn't even talk to him and refused to see him. Because she couldn't do this right now. Because his time had been a piece of cake. And where the hell was their daughter? God. Jessie.

Swirls of anger, mixed with honest to god pain were ruling about half of him, and the other half was dedicated fully to self loathing and guilt. It wasn't a great combo. So, sitting on the bottom of the slide at the little playground in the park, he just...stared out at the distant tree line and drank, hoping that eventually here, he'd at least kill one of the stabs of badness that sliced heavy through his chest.

Family Drama on Christmas

Who: Open to the groups converging on Scott. And of course Scott.
When: Morning
Where: Town Hall and the Christmas tree

Before having gotten dressed to leave, he had quickly opened his box but didn't really peruse the contents which was why he had only grabbed the video camera. There wasn't really time to look and it would be there later (he hoped). Although he was definitely pleased that there was a video camera because this stuff needed to be documented. Anyhow, he'd gotten dressed quickly and made his way downstairs with the video camera.

With Cheyenne hanging off of his arm the whole time in a complete and utter death grip, it was kind of difficult to slush through the snow. Still, he wasn't going to complain because someone was with him. He wasn't alone and that was the best feeling in all the world. Plus she had the umbrella and his poor pale skin wasn't going to get beaten with the sun.

Hello? (public)

The house is quiet now, the others have gone to see the decorations, whatever they are. I didn't like doing this before, in the other place, but if Cheyenne's here then maybe other people from before are too? And Tobias told me there'd been... other experiments? Which means there's more here still. So, whether I've met you before or not, hello. My name's Veronica, I was in one of the experiments, and now I feel like I've walked into an AA meeting. Or started one. Whichever, I just know I'm feeling saner with a cup of coffee in hand.

Muslims don't do Christmas

who: Saj
when: morning
where: his room

Whispers in the Graveyard

Who: Posy and open to Chris
Where: the Cemetery
When: morning.

sent during the night, private to experiment e

So...any advice you lot have for me on what to do? I kinda sorta possibly accidentally pissed off a batshit insane woman, and it's possible she threatened me because I wouldn't sleep with her. So...yeah. I'm off to a fabulous start, obviously--any of you know Joy? And is she just that fucking scary, or am I overreacting here?


Who: Dave (solo/open)
When: Very early morning
Where: Hospital/clinic

Dave had woken around 5am, as he did every morning. The envelope he'd seen straight away, the contents had been hard to deny. Naturally, his attention had gone straight to that. His shower had been as short as he could manage, before he headed out, jogging through the snow-covered streets to the hospital. In his rush, he'd completely missed the message left about the town hall, and his route hadn't taken him past there. Instead he'd gone another way, heading up to the hospital to check out the new clinic.

He hadn't really got how much he'd missed it. When the town had been populated, he'd felt stifled under the yoke of superiors, not being in charge. Fucking consultants, reminding him he'd been 'one of them', humouring him, he felt. But now - now there as nobody else. Not really. He'd missed this. As fucked up as it was, he was back.

Dreaming of a white... October?

Who: Jillian, open to Shane and Jack
When: 8 am
Where 2 Short Street

Normally, Christmas music wouldn't be something that would make Jillian wake up screaming. After her time in the experiment, however, sudden loud noises jolting her out of sleep were an entirely different story, and it took her a few confused seconds to realize it was music instead of a siren going off every hour on the hour. She dropped back into bed, fighting to calm down and keep her heart from bursting out of her chest. After a second, she got up to see if there was some way to turn off the music, because eight o'clock in the morning was much too early to be awake. It was about that time that she noticed the brightly wrapped boxes in her room, one of them with... holes in it? Unwrapping the box nearest the door, Jillian found a bunch of dog toys and care items. That was random... until she opened the second box, containing the most adorable puppy she'd ever seen in her life. Picking up the furry little thing and giving it a good cuddle, she opened her bedroom door and stepped into the hallway, wondering if anyone else was up.

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Who: Owen and Open!
Where: 1 maple street
When:Eight in the morning

we get the point already

Who: residents
When: 8 AM
Where: 3 Oakdale Drive

Rio de Janeiro

The plan was to get there early. The plan for me, anyhow. For everyone else - who knew? We didn't make plans, really. I didn't even know who would show. It had been an off-and-on topic of conversation for the whole year. Whoever I met, whoever they met, messages going around between people who met, who travelled together for a day, a week, couple of months, whatever. People who seemed alright. Meet up in Rio, for New Year. New Year at Copacabana.

I'd never been, but everyone's heard of that, right? The carnival there, on the beach. Who could pass that up.


Who: Esme and the rest of the Scooby Gang in her house.
When: 8AM
Where: Homey home home

frosty can kiss my ass

who: people at the vicarage
when: 8am
where: the vicarage

Eris was woken by the alarm. Frosty the Snowman bit through her blissful unconsciousness like a cheerful fucking scalpel. And at first, she fumbled around, like she was going to shut an alarm off. Only...she didn't have an alarm, now did she? Instead she just managed to knock a few things to the floor and that had her looking over the end of her bed. Her head swam when she did, the music really making her brain fucking hurt, but she focused on...were those presents? What the fuck?

PM to Posy

Who are you?


Fool? Proof.


Who: Scott (closed)
When: Early in the morning, sometime before the alarms go off
Where: O Christmas Tree

The first thing that popped into Scott's mind as he woke up was that he was cold. The second was that it didn't feel like his alarm had been disturbed, because he definitely still had something tied down there.

Rock on.


Who: Cam and open
Where: 9 Park
When: Break of dawn. I mean. 8 am.

Cam was jolted into consciousness by an alarm clock radio playing "Baby, It's Cold Outside," with the weird echo of something else -- further away? In another room? Outside? Whatever it was, it was a cacophony of jingly, happy, snowy music, the kind that reminded her of construction paper and glitter, and family get togethers where everyone got drunk and her uncles fought with each other.

"That's it," she mumbled, sitting up and rubbing the sleep dust forcefully from her eyes. "I really am in...Hell." The words died on her lips as she found herself staring at a bright bass guitar in a stand beside her bed. "Oh my god." She nearly jumped out of bed, careful not to knock it over but hasty to look and touch and -- yeah, it was completely real. "Holy shit."

And there was more. One huge package by the foot of the bed, and a smaller one on her dresser. What was all this? Had everyone gotten these?

She ran her fingers over the strings, hesitant to leave the bass, as if it might disappear if she blinked, but curious about what was going on. "Hey guys!" she called into the hall, poking her head out, as if the raucous Christmas music hadn't been enough. "Wake the fuck up, Santa left presents."

Joyeux Noel! Or something.


Who: Will and open to multiples ("...where's Scott?" ;D)
Where: The house
When: 8 am, promptly

Will woke to the blaring tune of "Jingle Bells", loud enough to flood the entire upper floor of the house. At first he rubbed his eyes and rolled over, wondering if someone with a sense of humor was putting their musical instruments to good use, before he realized that -- well, for one thing, it was October; for another, there were lyrics.

Will blinked awake and found himself looking at a neatly wrapped box sitting on his nightstand. He sat up. The rest of his room was reset, just as it always was; the family photos, his letters and stationary, books and clothes, all back in their place as they had for the last two mornings. But this box, wrapped in shiny paper and tied with a bow, about the size and shape of a shoebox. He was simultaneously terrified and transfixed. "Merry Christmas," he said to himself, pulling at the ribbon.

Footsteps in the hall distracted him, however, and, after a moment of deciding whether or not to just carry the box along with him, Will put it down; better see what was going on with the household than be selfish with gifts. He'd save it for a quiet moment later. He pulled on clothes quickly and headed out to see who else was awake.

Wakey wakey

Who: Ronnie and open to her housemates (good for multiples)
Where: 10 Park Road
When: morning

She woke early, oblivious to the new surroundings in the depths of lingering sleep. When held against the lodgings of the rescue effort, a bed was a bed and it was a step up in Veronica's world. Her first few minutes of wakefulness were slow and unaware, spent with her eyes shut and her blanket tugged tight around her. It wasn't the first time she'd wake up thinking she was at home, really, but it wouldn't last either.



Date: Thursday, October 9th 2008

Weather: The snow has finally taken a break! Sometime shortly after midnight, it stops, and clears up. The wind dies down, and the day dawns--actually pretty nicely. It's still below freezing, but just below, the temperatures ranging around 30F. The sun shines brightly, the skies are bright blue and sans clouds. It's a bright, bright, bright sunshiney day.

Events: Every day is Christmas! ...or maybe just today is. Nope. Definitely today is. so either the scientists are very confused, or everyone else is. The entire town is decked out with Christmas cheer, gaudy decorations everywhere, speakers attached to telephone poles and such that are blaring christmas tunes. There's even a set of blinking, plastic anamatronic choir boys and girls along with angels at the church, that sing in time to the music and endlessly go about their mechanical singing, swaying back and forth.

Every house is also decorated up for the holidays, complete with trees in the living rooms, and fixings for feasts in the kitchens. The televisions all day only play christmas movies. There are also presents for everyone! (All the house gifts from yesterday are still in there!):-

Dave - There is a small cream envelope left by the bed, a note inside detailing that a small clinic has been opened at the hospital and this will be kept fully stocked at all times. The clinic consists of five beds in private rooms, two offices and facilities for diagnosis, treatment and care of patients. Attached to the clinic is a small theatre for surgery and a radiology area equipped for x-ray and ultrasound.

Jason and Emma - In their room, there is a small parcel wrapped with gaudy, child-like paper and tied with a large red bow. Inside is a large pile of letters from Jason's sister Maggie. They've clearly been written over a long period of time. Also with the parcel is a small cream envelope informing the couple that there has been a clinic area opened at the hospital with ultrasound facilities.

Adam - a complete new set of carpentry tools in a hand-crafted wooden box. Other than the box, this gift comes with no wrapping.

Eris - Next to her bed is a pile of small presents, all wrapped in gold paper. The presents are all memory aids of some description, including a pocket-sized notebook and pen; a dictaphone for recording messages; and a gold bracelet whith an alarm system set into it set to go off whenever she needs to take medication - there is an audio alarm, plus a small light which has to be manually turned off once the medication has been taken.

Janie - On her pillow, wrapped in silk is a new set of tarot cards. They're all hand painted, and contain familiar figures, people she's known, etc. It's done in the style of someone she once knew in her experiment as well.

Hannah - Gets two large boxes full of brailled sheet music, wrapped and left at the foot of her bed. There are giant pink bows on them!

Everett - Upon waking, he will discover his dresser is lined with expensive, gift wrapped bottles of scotch, and there are several boxes of cigars to go with.

Lina - There's a tool box wrapped up with pretty bows in her room, and a key hanging from the bows. Outside, there's a snowmobile--very top of the line, only it won't start. It needs to be fixed before it can be driven.

Kaori - A filing cabinet appears in her living room, locked, containing her case files, and locked cabinet of medications she formerly had access to is set into the wall. Both have bows on them.

Esme - Esme wakes up with shelves lining her room, with rows upon rows of romance novels. Each one has a tiny bow fixed to the binding.

Joy - Set into one wall of her room is now a mirror, a bar, and all the bottles of alcohol she could ever want. Complete with glasses, and everything else. It's a minibar of a different color.

Indira - In a large, ornately decorated wooden box at the food of her bed, she gets a new set of dance bells, and a wardrobe to go with, all tailored to her perfectly.

Addison - A wooden chest with a bow on it is at the foot of her bed, inside is a complete set of new art supplies.

Shane - In the driveway is his car, a vintage convertible, just how he left it, with everything he'd had inside it when he first entered the experiment. There's a huge red bow on the hood.

Jillian - In a brightly wrapped box with holes cut into it is a puppy, who also has a bow around his neck. Inside are papers that state he's had his shots up to date. Food and toys are in another gift box by the door.

Owen - Set on a wooden guitar stand is a beautiful, top of the line acoustic guitar, and a small jar of picks.

Svetlana - Set into the far end of Svetlana's room is a mirror, with a ballet bar fixed to the wall as well. There is also a small stereo that plays music compatible with her tastes to dance to. In a box on the floor is a new ballet outfit, with shoes, all tailored to her perfectly.

Tobias - In a box wrapped with black wrapping paper and white ribbons are all of his pictures and videos of Jenny. He also has been given a new poloroid camera with a large stock of film for it, and a new video camera that's top of the line.

Will - In a nicely wrapped box on his dresser is a bundle of letters from his sister, written over the past few months.

Leo -In the centre of his room is a pile of pots of paints in his favourite colours, plus rollers and brushes to redecorate his room. There are also several parcels wrapped in silver crepe - new bedding to match the colours for the walls, together with framed prints of various locations around the world for him to hang on his walls.

Dale - Set into the corner of her room is a way to patch into the radio station from her room. It's got all the state of the art equipment, a very large music selection she can choose from (though today, all that will play is christmas music) etc.

Leah - There is a small cream envelope left by the bed, a note inside detailing that a small clinic has been opened at the hospital and this will be kept fully stocked at all times. The clinic consists of five beds in private rooms, two offices and facilities for diagnosis, treatment and care of patients. Attached to the clinic is a small theatre for surgery and a radiology area equipped for x-ray and ultrasound. Leah also receives a small box containing refills of her medication.

Brett - Sitting with a red ribbon on one of the handles is a brand new wheelchair. It's completely fixed up to suit him specifically, is top of the line, with compartments, it's own kit that fits into it's own compartment, wheels that can handle a lot of different terrains, etc.

Cheyenne - In a huge, ornate trunk set at the foot of her bed, is a print out of every photograph she has taken since joining the experiment. They're all in 8x10 form, full color(save for those she deliberately took in black and white), and in perfect clarity. She also has a few boxes of new memory cards for her camera, and discs with all the pictures she's taken on them.

Lilith - By the side of Lilith's bed there is a small, ornate wooden chest, intricately carved with patterns. Inside there are a selection of blindfolds in a variety of colours and materials. Also all the foodstuffs in her house are labelled with Braille (though this does not include doors, rooms, cupboards - just the food around).

Veronica - In a nicely wrapped scrap book style photo album, there are current pictures of her daughter, during the past few months. She is smiling and happy, though it is impossible to tell who she's with or where the photographs were taken.

Cam - An iPod stocked with music of her tastes is wrapped up and left on her dresser, as well as a brand new bass guitar that's put on a stand near the bed. Everything she needs to go with it is in a wrapped box at the foot of the bed.

Brianna - A red wrapped box with holes cut into it holds a kitten, placed at the foot of Brianna's bed. The kitten matches the description she gave the scientists. Food, toys and litter are in another gift box by the door.

Saj - Sitting by the door of his room is a largish box, about the size of a big shoebox. This is wrapped up in bright red paper, with little pictures of puppies on it, and tied with a big green bow. Inside there are over a hundred of CDs, none of them labelled at all. They are all identical in appearance and most of them play music that is of Saj's taste. There is one CD, however which, though it looks exactly the same as the rest, when played instead of music plays what seems to be a bad quality recording of an conversation involving Carly. The sound quality on this is awful and it's not always clear what's being said. There are no details about where she is, or what she's been doing, but she sounds healthy and a date is mentioned, suggesting the recording is recent. It is not clear from the recording who she is talking to.

Scott - It may take Scott a while to get to his present, but on returning to his room, he will find an envelop containing a Christmas card. Inside the card is simply written 07789 - the garage. The garage at 2 Oakdale can now only be accessed by an inner door, which is accessed by use of a keypad. The comination is that which was written in the card. Inside, the garage has now been fitted out as a fully-equipped gym.

Jesse - In a leather bound, old style photo album, there are current pictures of his daughter, during the past few months. She is smiling and happy, though it is impossible to tell who she's with or where the photographs were taken.

Chris- There is a new addition to Chris' room - a new computer. This is on when Chris wakes, but the screen is dark, save for a simple typed message in white. The message reads look. If Chris accesses the computer, she will find that he has access to certain CCTV cameras around town. Currently, these cameras are only the hallways, kitchens and living room of each group house, plus an overview of the park and the area outside the town hall. There is a blinking light in the top righthand corner of the screen. If he clicks on this, it will bring up a small message box telling him who currently has access to this system. At the moment, there is only one name on the list: Posy.

Bethany - Bethany's entire room has been redecorated in a wolf-theme. The curtains, bedspread, even figurines have been added into the room, and a life sized stuffed animal wolf left on the foot of her bed with a bow around it's neck.

Jack - Inside a large box at the foot of his bed is a huge photo album, that contains all of the photographs from his old photo album--as well as new photos, up to date ones(and including the time since he got here) of his family/friends/etc. It also includes photographs that are older that he has never seen before.

Posy - There is a new addition to Posy's room - a new computer. This is on when Posy wakes, but the screen is dark, save for a simple typed message in white. The message reads look. If Posy accesses the computer, she will find that she has access to certain CCTV cameras around town. Currently, these cameras are only the hallways, kitchens and living room of each group house, plus an overview of the park and the area outside the town hall. There is a blinking light in the top righthand corner of the screen. If she clicks on this, it will bring up a small message box telling her who currently has access to this system. At the moment, there is only one name on the list: Chris.

There are people missing from rooms as well! Ben, sometime during the night, has been removed, Veronica put in his place. Trent has also been removed, Penny too. Furthermore, Scott appears to be missing from his room!

At 8am precisely, an alarm goes off in every group home, playing overly-cheerful Christmas tunes to get everyone up and about. A message in a prominent position in each house recommends that people should hurry to the town hall to see the Christmas decorations!

The 'Christmas Decorations' are a large Christmas tree, all hung over with lights and tinsel and decorated with sleigh bells. There seems to be a whole sleighbell theme, in fact - and the centre-piece is Scott, who has been tied to the foot of the Christmas tree, naked save for the fact that he his highly decorated with sleighbells all over his body (though not in a particularly concealing manner). He's also been given makeup, some glitter, a halo of tinsel and has a pair of feathered wings strapped to his back.

The households are as follows:
Leah, Scott, Saj and Will staying at 2 Oakdale Drive

Adam, Veronica, Cheyenne and Tobias staying at 10 Park Road

Shane, Jillian, Lilith and Jack staying at 2 Short Street

Lina, Dave, Kaori and Svetlana staying at 3 Oakdale Drive

Jason, Emma, Dale, Leo and Esme staying at 2 Maple Street

Chris, Bethany, Jesse, Joy and Owen staying at 1 Maple Street

Brianna, Cam, Janie, Addison and Indira staying at 9 Park Road

Everett, Brett, Hannah, Posy and Eris staying at the Vicarage

Same drill, people wake up in their rooms in their new places, pretty much exactly as they have been the past few nights.

If you have any events or anything going on which you think warrants a mention in the time update, please let us know!

Interrupting your regular batshittery

To bring you this breaking news.

I have the Benny Hill song stuck in my head and I can't get it out.

Story time (flash back)

Who: Everett
Where: unknown
When: April through August



who: eris, everett and brett
where: living room, mostly
when: later afternoon/early evening

It was all a bunch of bullshit, in Everett's opinion. Really, everything here tended to be, but in this particular situation? He was getting reminded of that fact more heavily than he usually would. That stupid dollhouse was an obvious goading tactic, at least as far as he was concerned. What other use would it have? Dress up each of them in some absurd little representation, put the whole thing out in a public spot so they could be witness to each others' reactions. And he blamed his lack of a fucking drink for his, but that didn't exactly matter much now. He'd had a bad one, they'd all seen it. Eris had probably even felt emboldened enough to call him 'captain' again, that or her brain damage had just made her forget not to. But Ev felt surly enough to assume the former as he sat in the living room, staring balefully at the outdated television even if it was off, one hand clutching the doll he'd thrown away earlier, the other holding what had to be his fourth cup of shitty instant coffee.


Who: Scott (closed)
Where: His bedroom
When: Bedtime, nearly midnight
Rating: Slightly NSFW

Scott had tried to stay up. He really had. He felt like a kid waiting up to see Santa Claus, only for much more serious reasons. He wanted to be awake to see whoever was moving them, whoever was cleaning up, and get some answers. And he thought they'd finally slipped up and given him a way to beat them at their own game.

Private to Scientists

A curious thing has been told to me, lab-coated ones. Something I hadn't quite noticed before. I have been told we can make requests of you though I don't know if it will work. Still, we'll see. To the request - a kitten, black and white tuxedo preferred. Spayed/neutered. Not that it would really be capable of adding to the pet population I suppose but the request still stands.

PM to Tobias

Hey sweetie. Really wanted to get over there to check on you today, but just couldn't get through the weather. Everything okay down on the farm?

Bored now.

Who: Joy and Jesse
When: After dinner, about 7pm
Where: Kitchen

talking, sort of

who: shane and jillian
where: his house
when: late afternoon

Wanna play stuffed animal parade?

Who: Esme and Leo
When: Mid-afternoon
Where: Living room

Well, it was something different at least.