Who: Will (and open PM to Hannah, Bethany and Shane)
Where: The only room he can be in right now.
When: Late morning

Will knew he was fucked when he realized there were no doors.

Okay, he suspected he was fucked before then, when he woke up and he wasn't in the white bedroom in the giant house; his heart immediately started pounding with the innate knowledge that he had been moved; he had fallen asleep and he had been in the dark alone and he had been taken somewhere.

But this room didn't look anything like that big plush room in the experiment. It was like some kind of vacation house; he woke up and everything was sunny, he was asleep in a day bed in a small neat room, pale hardwood floors clean and shiny. Across from him sliding doors let sun in; tucked into a nook beside them, a closet was open across from him with all his clothes. Over to one side there was a tiled bathroom behind a screen.

He got up slowly, unsure, turned to pull his covers straight and froze. Beside the bed was a workdesk. A little white wicker chair sat at it. It had his family photos, stationary, paper, a ballpoint ink pen. Psychology text books mixed with escapist fantasy literature of all sorts on an overhead shelf.

And a computer.

PMs to Jesse, Brianna and Brett.

Pms to Jesse, Brianna and Brett

Well, there's these computers with this messaging system on them and I figured I'd give it a try. I'm Owen. There aren't any names on these things, as far as I can tell. Uhm, Hello? I mean, is there anyone there? Please tell me I'm not alone.

Well, there goes the neighbourhood.

Who: Owen
Where: The room of doom!
When: morning

Owen woke up in hell. He’d never been the type of guy to go from asleep to alert instantly, so he woke up groggy, rubbing at his eyes and wincing when his hands cramped. He reached over for the advil, needing the pain relief and just stopped when his hand met empty air.

Waking up then felt like cold water being poured down his spine. Owen sat bolt upright, hands gripping the blankets of the bed, heart shuddering in his chest.

PMs to Bethany, Shane, Esme and Kaori


I'm not sure how this is going to work, and I'm not sure who's out there, but hi. I'm Jack. I'm guessing this is just those scientist guys fucking with us because this? This is not normal. Is there anyone there? I've gone around to each computer and written basically the same message. Well, every one but the centre one because hey, there's no message system on there. Bastards.

Anybody out there?

Private Journal Typed In Braille

I do not know how they replicated this room. It has been out of my mind for several years now. I cannot believe I even remember the layout. It is both comforting and concerning. The bed feels smaller but just as soft and elegant. Of course, when I was a child, a king sized bed was a landscape in sheets and is not so much anymore.

Oh... CRAP.

Who: Jillian and open to Shane and Posy
When: Morning
Where: Who knows? She's in HER room...

to will, lillith, jillian and joy

The fuck's going on? This is Saj. Is anyone on the other end of this computer? It's not set up like the other one in the house...and there's 5 of the bloody things. I'm sending this message on each one just in case, but bollocks, I don't like this. It looks like my home in here. In fucking London. How would they know what it looks like there?



PM to Addison, Jillian, and Adam

Hello? It's Glitch, if that means anything to anyone. I've got Everett holding on line 1, but who's on lines 2, 3, and 4?

private to scientists

I am very unamused. I thought we had established that I was to be monitoring people, assisting you? Was that not the purpose of the computer system I was given? Frankly I resent being locked up in what appears to be somesort of cell with no word as to why, or what the purpose of it is.
I would very much like an explaination. The operation you are running here seems incredibly slapdash.


Ukrainian, motherfucker, do you speak it?

who: svetlana. open to others via PM, too. (hannah, bethany, sophie, owen)
where: freakout central
when: who knows?

[private, handwritten]

[completely erased and reworked at this point]

What a bunch of fucking bullshit.

Okay. For reference so far:

Brett - I Wanna Be Sedated - needs a doctor

PMs to Scott, Cheyenne, Ronnie and Salem

fuck please God let these things work I can't believe they did this to me again please let someone be there please oh my god. let me out let me out let me out let me out

is anyone there?

Creature comforts

Who: Everett, open to Cheyenne, Eris, and Glitch via PMs
Where: His room
When: morning

He'd been woken by the soft chime and trill of Camber's message hitting the computer to the north of his room, but Everett hadn't even considered it to be a bad thing at first. No, he'd woken up to a deep feeling of relief, a wonderful surge of hope. Why? Well, because for a second there, he'd believed that the last nine months had simply been a horrible, horrible dream.

Send out the black bird. Send out the dove.

Who: Ronnie (open to Dale, Janie, Jesse, and Tobias via PMs)
Where: her room
When: morning

Ronnie wished she wasn't so comfortable. It wasn't something most people ever wished for, but she had her reasoning. She'd only had two nights in the farm house, but those two nights had given her a feel for the old bed she'd been staying in. It sagged in some spots, it squeaked and groaned, but it was as familiar as everything else in town. So when she slowly returned to consciousness and rolled onto her side, the lack of that squeak didn't sit well.

It's a Psychobilly Freakout!

Who: Joy
Where: Her Own Private Hell
When: About 8ish?

No. Not again. Never. Again.

[pm to brianna, everett, and addison]

Hey. It's Camber. Does anyone know what's going on? (And who am I talking to? Can we only talk to each other?)

Looking Around and Messages

Who: Brett and various PMs (to Owen, Hannah, Camber and Eris)
Where: His room/elsewhere
When: Morning

It was the sunlight and the fucking birdsong that woke him. Which, considering it was the middle of fucking winter and he'd been living for several days in a drab and dank house, a dawn chorus was not what he'd expected.

Neither did he expect to open his eyes and find himself lying in some kind of bower, as though he was in the middle of some kind of fucking Disney film. All it needed for completion was a rambling rose or some shit. Damn, the thing even had ivy. He pushed back the blankets and sat up, looking around. The day was nice - warm, even, though not too hot. And he appeared to be in the middle of a wood. His first thought, looking around, was 'what the fuck happened to winter' - since there was a notable lack of snow and cold. What there was was plenty of trees, and grass, flowers even - little wild flowers scattered all over the place.


Date: Saturday, October 11th 2008

Weather: Who knows? Who cares!

Events: Things have really changed today! No matter where people went to sleep, they will wake up alone and in bed, but the beds aren't in their rooms. And by 'alone', they're really alone. Each person awakes in a room which is fitted out to be an environment they would be comfortable in. Each room is different, and large - around 30-40ft square. But there are no doors or other exits. The only constant in each room is that there are five computer terminals - one each to the north, south, east and west of the room, and one in the middle somewhere. The exact positioning varies from room to room to fit with the design. The middle computer seems set up for journal entries. Each of the satellite computers are set up for IM/PMs, but investigation shows that there's no choice who these messages go to. In fact, each of the four computers only connects to one other computer, but there's no clue from the set up who that may be!

For player reference, the computers set as follows:-

Stan Scott Jesse Sophie
Jack Kaori Brianna Owen Svetlana Bethany
Shane Addison Camber Brett Hannah Will
Jillian Glitch Everett Eris Joy Saj
Posy Adam Cheyenne Dale Leo Lilith
Esme Salem Tobias Ronnie Janie Indira

If your character is on an edge, their computer connects to the person on the opposite side (So, for example, Sophie connects to Stan).

In character move-rounds, Chris has been removed and Stan enters!

If you have any events or anything going on which you think warrants a mention in the time update, please let us know!

Running To Stand Still

Who: Glitch, Cheyenne, and possibly Jack
Where: Outside the vicarage
When: Noonish (just after Cheyenne and Jack's previous scene)

Glitch was glowing with sweat despite the cold. But it had felt so good to just run. She hadn't had that freedom in months. Seeing Ronnie was a bonus she hadn't expected, but one that really warmed her soul. It really helped her outlook to see that she was alive and healthy. It gave her hope for the other people from her experiment that had gotten out.


Who: Will, and anyone currently in 2 Oakdale Drive (residing or visiting!)
When: After dark
Where: aforementioned house of "Experiment E-ers with S names...& Will"

Will had taken the long way back, in some kind of hope of finding Leah amongst the twists and turns of the town. He didn't have all the streets quite memorized -- and had gotten lost -- but as dark fell, he knew he needed to get home before something happened to Scott or himself, and started paying attention. He wasn't finding Leah and this was doing no good.

psychotic fucking bitch -- viewable to everyone but Joy

So, just for everyone's knowledge here, heads up, Everett, but there's a psychotic bitch named Joy in town, who as far as I can tell, wanted sex out of me, and when I wasn't into it, she got psycho whore on me and keyed my car. And I do mean my car. I got it back when it was christmas the other day. Thought I'd give people the head's up, because yeah. Fucking bitch. She seemed off and crazy before the keying, so I'm not thinking she's the most stable either. out for her. whatever.

[PM to Tobias]

Hey sweetie, just letting you know that I'm okay. I know Will messaged you earlier, but I'm feeling well enough to actually get out of bed for a few minutes at a time at least. Just wanted you to know.

Thanks for everything yesterday. And if you see the others, tell them too.

i don't think i ordered a crazy person delivery?

who: svetlana, open to owen, and possibly others in his house?
when: nightfall
where: owen's house

private messages

private to ronnie
I really wish I would have woken up with you. How're you holding up today?

private to camber
Everything okay?

private to all experiment e folks, everett & ronnie
Who wants to find alcohol, a place to hang out, and watch movies or something? I'm feeling the need for something vaguely normal.

Search and Rescue.

Who: Will
When: Late afternoon
Where: Between the house and the clinic

Will burrowed into his coat, walking along the now-desolate streets of the town, retracing the steps he had taken with Leah the day before. It was a clear, sort of beautiful day, but no one was out, and the decorations of yesterday were down. He wasn't sure what was more sinister - the decorations themselves or the fact that they'd ever been up. Nothing about their abrupt Christmas seemed very pleasant.

He was very conscious of the fact that Leah wasn't with him; very conscious of the fact that she had probably come this way on her own. Her disappearance bothered him more than he could even articulate, but his attempts to convince himself that she must have been hurt somewhere weren't working very well. He walked quickly, lit a cigarette with shaking hands, scanned the snow for footprints or signs of a struggle without much hope.



who: shane and joy
where: around town
when: afternoon

Shane had gone for a drive. It had taken him a little while to actually notice that he'd gotten a present too, and it was his car. His baby. And she was purring like she always did. So, when stress was building up again, and he felt just about like he was going to be driven entirely insane, he'd gone for a drive. It wasn't quite the same without the ability to have the top down, but whatever. He still had his shades on anyhow like it was mid summer. The glare off of the snow was bright enough to hurt his eyes. And sure, he didn't have far he could go, but at the moment he could care less. He had the window rolled down, and his mp3 player playing loud as he pulled up to a stop sign--not that anyone else was out driving. He leaned back in his seat, one hand on the wheel, the other tapping out the drum beat to the song that played.

What'll it take to get it through to you precious
I'm over this. Why do you wanna throw it away like this
Such a mess. Why would I want to watch you...

private to owen

I've been moved back to my house. Don't look for me.
You're going to get hurt if you let people in so easily.
I'm dangerous you know. They locked me up.


In the Know

Who: Posy & Open
When: Afternoon
Where: Vicarage


Date: Thursday, October 9th 2008

Event: Sometime during the day, it's not clear exactly when, Leah is removed from the town. The clinic remains open, and stocked, but with both doctors having been removed from town today, it's no longer staffed...

After dark, however, Leah's room is filled again - this time by Sophie. As per usual, she awakens in her bed with no knowledge of how she got there. All her belongings are put away in her room. She has not been given any information in regards to the town being abandoned.

[PM to Tobias]


Scott's here - back at the house. We're on Oakdale by the park, I don't know if you knew that. He's resting now, but he wanted us to let you know that he's here, and that he's okay. He was concerned that you'd be worried when everyone woke up re-set -- he wanted to know if you're okay. Leah lives here, and she's going to go for medicine, I think, in a bit. We're all trying to help.

I don't mean to overstep my boundaries, for you or for him, but I think he'd be pleased to see you when you're able.

Please let me know if you want me to tell him anything, or even if you need anything. I'd like to help where I can.