PM to Posy

are you indira?

edge of apathy (and pms)

who: janie (and pms to leo, ronnie, sophie & indira)
where: her pretendy old apartment
when: evening

She'd heard the sounds of messages. It took her a long while to figure out what she was even hearing. When she'd woken up, in the apartment she'd left in Nina, she didn't know what to think. She'd picked up the phone first, though it wasn't connected. That and she kept staring at it, wondering who the hell she even thought she was going to call in the first place. Her dad, maybe. But her dad was dead. He really wasn't receiving phonecalls right now.

After hanging up, she'd thought about Gavin. She supposedly had his information somewhere. Where he could be found. But...she didn't have that right now. She hadn't got so far as to get out of bed, and after the world felt like it was crushing back down on her, she curled right the hell back up, and went back to sleep. It was a long time later, twelve hours or so, before she roused again. Then she explored the place, in a slow, detached sort of manner. She saw old messages, but mostly ignored them. She sent the same one to everyone.

i'm noth ome. am i.

She just couldn't tell if she was relieved about that or not.

pm to jillian

Hey, Jillian? Can you message someone named Saj, and see what's up? I've got Will on the other end, worried about the guy, and he says you have contact? I guess he's not answering and shit, said he was going to try to get out a window or something. So, that ought to be fun. Go annoy the shit out of him and message him a bunch, see if you can get an answer.

MSG to Adam, Jillian and Everett

Hey everyone, it's Glitch again. Like who else could it be on this computer, right? Anyways, I finally got a ping on my other computer- it's a girl named Addison who's looking for someone named Indira, who's a relative or something like that. Sounds really important, and I'm all about bringing families together if I can.

Anyways, if you can help, or have someone in your box that can, let me know, kthxbai!

Tropical storms

Who: Ronnie
Where: not Hawaii, for starters
When: early evening onward

Ronnie knew better than to really puff herself up with pride. It hadn't even been a day, after all, and there were so many people she had no idea about yet. She wondered where Cheyenne was, who she was talking to, if their messages might overlap eventually. Ronnie hoped so, she wanted to know that the people she'd endured Hell with were weathering this as well as she was. That thought kept her from feeling too pleased with how well things had gone, relatively speaking.

[private/to scientists]

Look, could you just motherfucking take care of the girl with the meds issues?

...yeah, whatever. I doubt you're even reading this.
A+ for effort, though. Nilla wafers and crocheted blankets and everything.

PMs to Camber, Glitch, and Shane

I've already established contact with one person, but not with you. My name is Addison. If you're active and able to answer this message, I would appreciate it deeply. I'm looking for a woman named Indira. If you've spoken to her or know who someone who has, I would appreciate news about her as well. Thank you.


[pm to shane]

Shane, you have Jillian on one of your computers, yes? Coudl you ask her if she can get ahold of Saj? I know he had her too...

I think he might be hurt, or something may have happened. I can't get him to PM me, and he told me he'd be right back. He was trying to get through one of his "windows"...

[PM to brianna]


Who: Cam and PM to Brianna
When: Late afternoon
Where: Where else?

PM to Camber (mid-late afternoon)

Any word from the doc yet?

She's getting sleepy. Really sleepy. I don't know what to do here. She's asking if a cold shower would help, but I don't know and I don't want to tell her to do something that might make things worse.

Ko Samui - Private Journal Entry (but also copied by PM to Dale, Lilith, Joy and Janie)

White sands, clear ocean, palm trees. It was like something out of a film, or an advert. I half expected some woman to come prancing along in a bikini advertising Bounty. But a thought like that feels like cheapening it now.

Private Journal Entry

I don't know where I am. I don't know what I'm doing here, or where they've sent me. I'm in a set of rooms, all alone. With computers and people saying terrible things (and confusing things about making faces with letters...). Is this some kind of a dream? A nightmare? I've pinched myself, but I haven't woken up.

I don't know what to do.

Dear Wendy #3 {Private, Handwritten}

Dear Wendy,

Private to the scientists

I don't know if this will ever actually happen, but if you ever get in the mood to start giving out gifts again, I would like one of those speech synthesizer computer things. I'm getting tired of having trouble communicating with people, and it would make life a lot easier.

Of course if you plan on keeping us penned up here, it's kind of worthless, but yeah.

pms to dale and joy

looking for a doctor, it's urgent.

PM to Eris

Stockard, what the fuck is going on over there? I just got word that someone (you, apparently) is overdosing. I won't waste time asking if you're okay, so you'd better be.

PM to Scott from radioland where it's always time for rock n roll: pass these along, never let the music die!


And here we have just in comin off the request line...for everyone's favorite Punk Rock Girl...Camber, this one's for you. It's one of my personal favorites, and the requester writes:

Jesse James, Camber is one of the best chicks in the biz. Her bass playing has been an inspiration for me, and while I write this anonymously from mom's basement, I want her to know that one day, I'm following my dream! Of playing just like her when the guys come over and we hit up Rock Band.

Well, anonymous, good luck with that, man. And here we have it, the moment you've all been waiting for...St. Mary, by Rancid.

PM to Adam and Stan

Who: Salem and open to Adam and Stan
When: after her message with Esme
Where: Cyberland

Moving to the other two computers, Salem sent out the same message to whoever might be on the other side of the computer.

Hello. I'm Salem. I'm not sure who might get this message, but I'm here... wherever here is. Are you okay? Have you heard from someone named Addison? Or Leo? Please respond.

Now all there was to do was wait and hope and maybe someone would know what the hell was going on.

PMs to Lilith, Janie, Bethany

Indira woke in an exact replica of her bedroom back home, save the addition of kitchen facilities. To say she was unhappy was perhaps understatement; just when she got used to a new place and worked out a routine to keep herself safe, she was dropped in a new location. That this was made to look like her home was adding insult to injury. The computers, she noticed immediately. They were, after all, out of place - she owned a laptop.

[pm to brianna, everett, and addison]

Hey, any of you have anyone with a Dave or a Leah? Or anyone with some usable medical experience? Brett has a girl on his end who he thinks might have OD'd on something.

super smash mele!

who: saj, and eventually open to will and jillian via pm
when: ...later?
where: where'd ya think?

PMs to Stan, Janie

After catching up on messages on the two of her computers that had been going, Sophie realized that there were two others that had stayed quiet. Interested in finding out where those led, she typed out quick, identical messages:

Hello? This is Sophie... who is this? And please, don't be crazy and talk in a different language that I don't know and then talk about torture when you DO start writing in english. I get enough of that from one of my other computers.

we are not amused

who: posy
where: her room
when: a couple hours after waking up

PM to Stan and Bri

Okay, I think I've figured this out. It's Scott, if you know me. So far I've contacted Jesse and Tobias. Who is this?

Telephone. [PM to Everett, Brett, Brianna and Addison]

Okay, so it looks like if we want to check on anyone, it's going to have to be this way.

Everett already said he had a girl named Cheyenne on his end that wanted to check on Veronica. I'd like to know she's all right too. Anyone else have messages? Pass them on here. Don't be shy. I'm not easily shocked.

Me, I'd like to know about anyone from Ex E - that's Jesse, Scott, Saj. If anyone got moved in or out from E, I'd like to know that. Um...yeah, just "I'm okay" and "how are you" and that kind of deal.

1, 2, 3, 4

Who: Esme and Open to Indira, Posy, and Salem via PM
When: About the same time as everyone else's scenes
Where: An excellent replica of Esme's room at home. And cyberland.



Who: Leo and open to Dale, Lilith and Janie
Where: his 'room'/PMs
When: Morning

It took Leo a while to work out what was going on. He'd woken up in a wooden hut - the kind he'd stayed in on the beach in Ko Samui. Single room, hammock for a bed, brightly coloured rungs on the walls and floor, palm branch roof - sand everywhere because you couldn't stop that with a beach hut. It was warm, there was a breeze wafting in the glassless, open-shuttered windows. There was a computer up against one wall - a laptop, like the one he'd taken travelling with him.

*tap tap* is this thing on?

who: jesse open for scott and sophie
where: pms!
when: throughout the day

Jesse had been messaging with Ronnie, but went to check the other terminals. That's when he caught Owen, and he figured he'd shoot out messages on the other two, to check who was connected to those. He stopped and grabbed a beer from the fridge first though. He still had his daughter's blue rattle teddybear tucked under one arm, something he barely even noted. Hello out there in radio land, this is Jesse 'the beats, they are down' James, your dj for this evening, we have any callers on the request line? he typed out on both of the terminals he hadn't gotten messages from yet. He figured he might as well attempt to do something a little lighter in nature than typing out a panicked message that would probably only freak people out more.

in a nice close low ceilinged warehouse

who: cheyenne, open to adam and dale
where: pmland
when: noonish

a not so dingy office in the sub-basement

who: kaori and open to stan, addison and brianna
where: computerland among other places
when: mid morning