I guess this'd be better than sticking ads to trees.

So. I'm Jack, local carpenter (Along with Adam, but you'll have to talk to him about what work you want done, if any) and one of your resident bartenders. I'm a volunteer, so I'm among the few that actually wanted to move all the way out to bumfuck Russia.

If anyone needs repairs done, doors readjusted, stairs, railings, that sort of thing, give me a shout. My number's in the book. All structural work is done free as a part of the whole volunteer thing (and you or I don't have to pay for materials either, yay volunteer organisations), but specialty stuff like furniture'll cost.

01. I hope I'm doing this right

So I guess I'm kind of late to the party, but that's okay, right? It just makes my entrance that much more fabulous! :-D

Anyway, I'm Jillian, apparently in Russia by way of Phoenix, AZ, USA. I am almost 21 (so close!) and a musician (bass guitar), so if anyone else plays and wants to get together sometime to chill or whatever, let me know. I'm at 11 Cherry Street and if I'm at home I'm almost always up for visitors, so don't be shy!

I guess that's it for now, but if you want to know anything else, just ask. I'm a (mostly) open book!

So. This isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

[public entry]

I thought I might be able to write in this thing without having memories completely crap all over my brain, but obviously not. Two finger typing is go! I'm not overly fond of journals. Don't know if I'll use this much. Maybe I'll have to train myself to.

So. Town. Not a bad place, all things considered. At least there's people. Clarkson's got space, which is good.



Who: Reno and Jack
Where: Church Road South (heading North).
When: Mid-afternoon.

Double entry

-----Private Entry-----

Don't like these things. Didn't before, months won't change that. More clear when I write or type, but words on a screen are mutable, unfixed. Floating free behind the screen for people to seize or shift, to trail to the roots. I haven't wanted to travel in a decade, but now? Now I'd stand under a blue sky with no ceiling, no walls, dirt under foot... if it was just Not Here.

Information Request

So, we were told there were five experiments. I was in Experiment A, apparently. I know there was an Experiment D, that was underground. What else was there?

Freddie's dead.

Who: Dave and Lina
When: Early afternoon
Where: Dave's house

Lina had run. A lot. Until she felt ready to collapse, which with her record, was a hell of a lot. Took main street west and ran far past to where she could see the town, and when she finally collapsed she screamed herself out. She was still desperately wishing she could cling to denial. Logic told her she shouldn't believe shit that guy told her, but at the same time, she felt like she'd always known she'd gone too far that time. She'd always known she killed him, insane as that was, even to her.

She'd killed him. Shit, she'd fucking killed him. The guilt of fucking him up, of losing control, had been bad enough. But she'd actually fucking killed him.

Once she'd screamed herself hoarse, she got up, and started running again. It was the last thing she wanted to do. She wanted a fucking car, she wanted some speed, she wanted to lose control, she didn't care if she wrapped the damn thing around a tree. She wanted a drink - fuck that, she wanted an entire damn bar, something to make this go away - but none of that was possible right now. She had a vague idea of where Dave and Jason's houses were now, and Dave's was closer.

Were she of a mind to pay attention, she would have noticed the difference in neighborhoods and housing, and probably would have been pretty pissed over it. That didn't matter right now. She determined which house was Dave's simply by spotting Prophet in a yard, and breathless, she pounded on the door.

Prophet had started barking the moment someone had approached the hosue, until he'd realised it was Lina and promptly shut up, instead going up to her and getting in her way as she approached the door.

It was the barking that alerted Dave, moments before the pounding on the door and he opened it quicker than he would normally. "Hey, Lina - what's... You okay?" he asked, taking a look at her and standing back so she could come in.

Civilized? (Private entry)

-----Private Entry-----

It's not going to end, not ever. Even if this supposed red tape gets worked out and we each get to our homes, even if I find the people who ran that nightmare and get to do every single thing I dreamt of doing? It won't end. No going back to life before this, no way to think like I used to or forget what I became with a little creative motivation.

Psycho Bitch


Who: Chris and Lina
When: Late morning
Where: Wandering around town

This place? Was kind of fucked up. And creepy, in the Pleasantville sort of way. Actually, it was very Pleasantville. Any minute now Lina expected to see little blonde girls in poodle skirts skipping out of a malt shop hand in hand.

God, she hoped that wouldn't really happen. She'd seen a lot of shit in the past nine months, even played hockey with an internal organ or two - in the quite literal sense - and had developed quite the strong stomach, but that would truly make her ralph, right on the street.

She'd left the house - her house, she reminded herself - just to see what the fuck was out there. She needed a car. Though really, after an entire summer and half of spring trekking through the woods, she was more than used to walking. It was the principal of the thing. She missed having a car. One of the first things she'd done, before they'd even put her in this place, was access her bank account and go wild with ordering parts. She was looking forward to that. And there was little else to look forward to.

Aimless walking through the town had eventually taken her to an abandoned school, which she looked at from the sidewalk. So. Fucked. Up.

Chris was also walking. So, they'd provided them with a town map - whoopsiedo. Wow, it was a piece of paper with lines on it. Lines that meant fuck all if you didn't really know where you were going. Or have any idea of the reality of your situation. So, he was walking, map in one hand, loosely, putting reality to paper, committing it to memory, wanting to really know the town. And, also, keeping an eye out for people he knew. His fellow interns, the experiment 'people'. And intrigued about those he didn't know - so there had been more than his labrats. That was interesting, very interesting. And only peaked his curiosity of the scientists, who obviously had wider remits than he'd imagined. He liked that. Vision, ambition. He liked that a lot.



Who: Adam and Jack
Where: The farm
When: Early morning

It would figure the guy was moving out onto the farm. He figured he was lucky he didn’t live in the south end of town; otherwise it would have taken him much longer to get there. He’d set his alarm for somewhere around eight o’clock and hadn’t bothered rolling out of bed until eight thirty, sure that the guy (Adam, his name was Adam, he’d have to remember that) wouldn’t want him rocking around just as soon as he’d started to unpack. Stretching and yawning, he ambled up the road towards the farm, eyes turned skyward.

It was a nice day, really. Not much cloud in the sky, the sun making the whole place kind of warm. He could get used to the town, he’d decided, booted feet smacking against the pavement as he made his way past the main drag. It was more activity than he’d seen in the town since he’d arrived, and he was surprised by the knot of apprehension that had settled in his gut. He wasn’t usually nervous, but then again, he wasn’t usually in a town this small, either. It took him less than an hour to walk from one end to the other (he’d timed himself and doubled back a few times, just to make sure) and compared to the sprawl of some of the major cities back home, it was positively rustic.

Group therapy my ass.

[public entry]

So we're alive. Alright, kids: show of hands! Who is not sure that's a good thing? A lot of you? Wow.

Yup, we're fucked. Everybody can go home now.



who: Shane and Jillian
where: His house/yard/street
when: noonish

Shane had gotten up late. He'd gotten some of his shit sorted, at least, the shit he cared about. That was about all, really, but whatever. He had his stereo out. And, because it was a halfways decent day out, he set up said stereo on the porch, flipped the volume up loud, and went and laid on the porch rail. It was wide enough to hold him comfortably. He had his sunglasses on, and was lying there in the sun, just soaking it up.

After so fucking long without it, he was of a mind that outside was a great thing. Outside, and sunshine, and air that wasn't processed. He was a huge fan. He knew he should probably get around to going for a walk, or attempting to meet his neighbors, or other people in town...but he hadn't yet. He couldn't explain to himself why, not in any proper, understandable manner.

And Shane being Shane, fucked if he was going to lay there and examine it too closely. Not right now, anyways. So he didn't. He listened to music and largely ignored what was probably glaring issues, looming over him.

Say say my playmate, Won't you lay hands on me,
Mirror my malady, Transfer my tragedy...

Morning - Open!


Who: Owen/Dale/open
When: Early morning
Where: Main Street West/Park Road North



I'm a little nervous.

Well, yeah. I can't believe that it's really been such a 'short' time since I volunteered for the biggest mistake in my life so far. It feels like forever.

They gave me a house to live in, all by myself. I didn't really need two bedrooms... maybe when I'm feeling a little stronger I can turn one of them into a workshop or something?

Please pretend there's a witty, funtime title here...

[public journal entry]

I find it hard to shift the shadow of the experiment I was involved in when the first thing I see when I move into the house they assigned to me is a computer with journalling capabilities. It brings back memories, ones I'd prefer to forget if I'm being honest. And why not be honest - apparently we're here for counselling and reintegration, as well as the fact that they feel they can't just let us go. International red tape or something.

[001] And God said, "Let there be some fucked up Pleasantville bullshit out in the middle of B.F.E. Russia."

So I guess this is the part where we all play happy fun introduction time? Okay, fine. If you insist. I'm Hannah. I'm with Janie in that 'Gigantic Mansion of Fucking Doom' or whatever the hell she said is better than Experiment A, but whatever, that's where I spent the last 10 months or so. I don't know about everyone else, but I thought it was a total blast. Like, super awesome, tea parties and kittens every day.


Anyway, there you go. No one's invited over for tea or any other happy fun socializing activities. I like my privacy and I have a freaking huge dog to help me keep it. Rock over London, rock on Chicago. Heinz, it's America's favorite ketchup.

001. public entry.

It seems as if they've finally gotten around to bringing the rest along. Good. The lack of activity was beginning to remind me of hom—Wyoming. At least it isn't like the—never mind. Nothing could be like that.

A Shoutout To All My Homies (and for all you other sad bastards too)

>>>------[Public Entry]------<<<

Why hello there, friends and neighbors. Welcome to the End of the Suck. Or, that's what we're told anyways. That's what I was told.(Yes. I'm paraphrasing. Get used to it. If I wanted to get into technical psychobabble bullshit laced with legalese, I'd be waiting for my eyes to get ripped out. NO. You don't know what that means. Fuck off with your technicalities bullshit and keep reading.) I don't know about you. You could have been told there were pink pony rides and a free unicorn petting zoo coming your way, but I'm doubting that. Anyways, here we are, in this town. Where we're expected to live for an undisclosed amount of time. Peachy, says I.

Whatever. So there were other experiments too. Fucked up. Hi, I'm Janie, I was in the experiment of the Mansion Of Weird Fucking Doom in the Middle of the Goddamn Bloody Forsaken Woods. I think the rescue dudes referred to my case as having been from experiment 'a'. I like my title better. At least it's more accurate.

Anyways. If anyone wants the rundown on what happened to us, I can tell you. I'd want to know what happened to the rest of you insane yahoos who decided this experiment bullshit was a good fucking plan. We all need our heads examined. And oh hey look--we're all required to do that, so guess that's covered.

Anyhow, hey everyone that got out of that hellhole alive. I'm at number 13 Lime Street, right overlooking the cemetery. Which---who else finds that fucked up? Show of hands. Who else wants to go digging up one of the plots to see if there's a casket and corpse? Volunteers, please see me privately.

For those of you who don't know who the fuck I am, I'm Janie(as previously stated). (Gavin's living here with me, for anyone looking for him.) I do tarot readings. So, should you want one, come over, I'll do one for you. The world doesn't end for another few years, and it's going to be boring until then. Might as well kill some time.

The card of the day is:
The High Priestess
Not a bad card, kids, honestly we could do one hell of a lot worse.

Meaning: Enlightenment. Intuition, resourcefulness, independence, meditation, growth, evaluation, consciousness, mystery, inner illumination.

So, we've all just been given a big dose of 'oohhh so that's it', really, so this entire card and everything it means is probably pertaining to that, and I dare say our experience all being tossed in together in this town. It's one big melting pot of fucked up, damaged people, if no one learned a goddamn thing I'd be even more frightened for humanity. (As it stands I don't especially care we're all going to die in a few years anyways. So, have some fun, at least.)

And that was my PSA for the day. Later. I have a cemetery to go walking in.

Now what?


Who: Lina
When: Early morning
Where: Her house

As if everything else of the past few days of debriefing and examination hadn't been weird enough, Lina was now absolutely certain that she was tripping balls.

This was her house. And it wasn't just that this was her house, it was that this was her house. This was every house she'd ever lived in growing up. Same layout, same door frames, same fucking windows... after a moment of feeling horribly exposed and not sure what to do with herself, Lina had felt the need to run to the kitchen and make sure there was no basement door. She sagged against the wall in relief when she saw that there was not. One very important difference, at least. Maybe military base housing was all the same, even in Russia.

Looking around the house, she didn't even have to close her eyes to imagine it as places she'd grown up in. She knew exactly where her mother would have put every stick of furniture. Where the godawful patchwork couch would be, her old man's medals, her mom's favorite painting of the dancing woman... her father's gunrack.

I need a fuckin' drink. Alcohol had been a rarity, out in the woods. Even with that time they found a ballroom in a goddamn cave.

Coeus squacked loudly, and Lina realized she'd just set him down on the floor after needing to see if there was a basement. She headed back into the living room - her living room, god it was ugly - and picked him up, putting him on her shoulder as she looked towards the bedroom doors. She didn't have to look to know which of the three doors was the bathroom, and which were bedrooms. She knew this shit already, even if she didn't want to. If I wake up in the woods, and this was all a fuckin' dream... I won't know whether to be pissed or happy. She had no fucking clue how to feel about any of this.


Date: Monday, September 22nd 2008
Weather: The weather over the past few days has been definitely autumnal, but today seems nicer than most – there’s a nip to the air once darkness comes, but the day itself is crisp, clear and warm in the sun, thin wispy clouds are all that mar the pure blue skies.
Events: The town is beginning to get populated now. Having begun the shut down of the experiments in early September, some people have already settled into the small town, others are arriving every day. There’s a sense of bustle and there are new faces seemingly everywhere.

Everyone seems to have gone through the same routine, but for differing lengths of time. Once removed from the experiment, or found wherever they happened to be, each participant was taken for ‘debriefing’, a medical checkup (both physical and mental) and discussion about options in the town together with a rundown of the fact that the experiments had been closed and that there had been more than one (though details were not really supplied about the nature of other experiments).

In town, they seem to be going all out to help people settle in. Houses are provided fully furnished to a basic level and each person has access to a bank account which has been set up for them. But, more than that, there are stands set up on Main Street giving away items for free to help newcomers out – clothes, books, games etc. All of them are second hand, donations from around the world, but there’s obviously a feel of wanting to make a new start in life.

Today is also the grand opening of Penny Royals flower shop!

If you have any events or anything going on which you think warrants a mention in the time update, please let us know!

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Writing Samples

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Basically you all write too much. Now me I throw a strop if I have to pen anything (such as this message - but I made up for it by giving some lackey a really tedious site maintenance job to do and feel better now).

To fix this we have separated writing samples from character submissions. You should now all have a block on your sidebars called "Getting Started" (assuming that tedious job has been correctly carried out by the fore mentioned lackey). It details the three stages you need to complete before you can play on the site properly.

These are:

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So you will need to now create writing samples. To do this, click on the "Create a writing sample" in the Getting Started block, or select it from the Create Content page



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Writing Samples-Please Read!

Hello everyone!

We're having a few teething problems with the site and it seems to be having a fit about the length of some apps, blanking them if they're too long. It seems to be the writing samples that's causing this, so!:-

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Welcome to reEcho

re-echo logoWelcome to reEcho, a brand new game. This game isn't open yet, but we're accepting applications and we hope to be able to open very shortly. To learn more about reEcho, go to this page here and there should be everything you need to get you started, including how to apply and how to create accounts. If you have any questions, you can contact us.