Strengths and Perks

Strengths and perks are things that are strong points to your character, or things that they excel at, or are just lucky with. To have a balanced character, you need both playable strengths and weaknesses. Too heavy a concentration on one aspect isn't fun for people to play off of.

-Ambidextrous Oh, it's fine. I didn't need that hand anyways. I had two of them...
You have no dominant hand/side. You're equally as good with either. Aren't you lucky! It's good for when the only scissors left in the box are lefty's, and jar opening. Oh, also for duel pistol shooting, and other kickass action hero stuff, but those scissors are a bitch, man.

-Balance I was king at the balance beams in grade school, yo.
You have rather good balance. Or possibly perfect balance. You're the guy who can do all those crazy tricks on skateboards or snowboards or whatever other extreme sports they're coming up with these days. You've got incredibly good control and awareness of your own form, so you don't trip up very often.

-High Pain Tolerance I'm fine. Let's just keep moving.
You're one of those son of a bitches that's difficult to keep down for any length of time. And it's not because you're a tank that can't be hurt--it's because even if you are you don't let it stop you. Now eventually you'll have to stop, but you have the focus to push through until things are calm enough that you can afford to. Or y'know. You bleed to death.
Note: this is a very popular strength for people to take. As such, we will not accept any application for this strength unless it is an integral and important part of the character. We need reasons for high pain tolerance, folks. It's not going to be something that someone just has. Justify it.

-Common Sense I am surrounded by idiots.
Not everyone possesses common sense. You do. Which also makes you take larger note of the fact that people seem to be utter morons a lot of the time. You're that voice of reason, however, which probably saves everyone around you a hell of a lot of time and effort. Sure, it comes with the side effect of being generally annoyed by humanity at large when people continually prove they're stupid to you, but at least someone knows the score.

-Focus Shhhh. Calm down. I'm working on it.
You have the ability to remain calm even in stressful circumstances. Crises don't really knock you off your stride, you can deal with them head on and with a clear head. This isn't to say you won't freak out later, but in the midst of the shit meeting the fan, you're not the one who'll be off crying in the corner.

-Strong Will You'll have to go through me first.
Backing down isn't a part of your vocabulary. Giving in is something that only happens to other people--generally the ones who're dumb enough to try to go up against you. You've got a will that's near impossible to break down. You're that person who gets caught and tortured but never gives up the information. You're the best friend who won't give in after you've promised someone something. They asked you never to let them smoke around you again? You stick with that, no matter how much they bitch. It's something that effects most if not all areas of your life. Once your mind is set? That is it, come hell or high water.

-Self Confident It's okay, I've got this covered.
And you do. You know yourself well, and you know your limitations. Which also means you know your strengths, and what you are and are not capable of. So when it comes to the areas you are adept in, you know you can pull it off. This is especially helpful in stressful situations, because you haven't bitten off more than you can chew, and you really do have the skills to do what you thought you could--and the confidence to back that up.

-Geek C'mon, everyone knows Wolverine showed up in...
Basically, you're a subject authority. What that subject is is up to you (to be chosen at character creation) but you're damn good in it. You could be completely oblivious to everything else around you, but when it comes to your one thing? No one's better than you. And you never know when the information you have might become vital.

-Dependable I knew I could count on you!
Whether it's keeping secrets, showing up on time, or being the person people know they can call at three in the morning for a ride three towns away, you are dependable. There's a steadfast quality about you that people can believe and trust in. Sure, that also means you get the phonecalls at three in the morning when you're trying to sleep, but you're one of the best friends the ungrateful masses could hope for.

-Unassuming Awww! You would never do anything bad, here! Have a cookie!
You have a look that makes people want to believe the best of you, makes people pity you, or makes people automatically discount you. This can be particularly useful for younger characters when they want to be getting away with things. Whatever it is about you, you're not automatically pegged for things you may very well have done. No, it doesn't work all the time, and if you keep messing up, it'll go away. But you do get let off on warnings more often than not if you're dealing with people who've not met you previously.

-Charming No, really, you look great tonight!
You have the gift of the gab and always seem to know exactly the right thing to say to get on the right side of people, or talk your way out of a potentially sticky situation. You're also the guy (or girl) who can trot out the same tired old lines as the last meathead - except people buy it from you. Of course, this may make you unpopular with the meathead crew, but that's okay. After all, you can probably talk your way out of it...