1. Respect your fellow players, and your mods. This should not have to be explained. Do not harass or bully other players, and don't start OOC problems for the sake of being a drama queen. If you are having problems with another player, please come and talk to one of the mods about it. We are willing to talk to players in confidence if you would prefer it, but if you are having issues which cannot resolve player to player, please come and talk to us about it. Chances are, it's not just you. We want to help, but we can't if we don't know what's going on.

2. NO GODPLAYING/MODDING OR METAGAMING! Godplaying is when you make another character do something physically or just take them over all together. Metagaming is when your character knows OOC information, things that they - by all rights - should not know. IE: knowing another character's secrets without permission from that character's player. If you run into problems with either of these, talk to a mod immediately.

3. This game is very likely to involve adult situations. Whether it be drugs, drinking, or sex (het or slash), it's all allowed here. However, anything above an R-rating must be clearly labeled. For this same reason, we will not be allowing players under the age of 18. Additionally, a lot of our players access the game at this work. For this reason, we request that any adult content be behind a cut, with simply a NSFW/NWS warning with the who, where, and when. You don't have to specify drug use, violence, or sex - as these words can be picked up by page filters. ;)

4. You must be active. Each character will be expected to show activity once every two weeks. If you are inactive, you will be given one warning. After your warning, you have three days to resume activity. If you fail, you will be removed. If you are going to be unable to be active for some period of time, please inform a mod. :) If you end up on the inactive list three times in a row, the character may be deleted. (Note: Characters that are on hiatus are not subject to inactivity warnings) If you disappear with no warning, and do not respond to contact from mods, we will assume you are no longer interested, and you will be removed.

5. Please use proper spelling and grammar. Look, everyone makes typos, and that's okay. We can't force you to use spell-check to remove them, but it really would help. If ur p osts look liek dis all teh tim, you will be told to edit, or be removed from the game. If you're psots our full off tipos or ovbiosly mispeled words, you will be told to edit, or be removed from the game. Furtherly, any applications with very obvious grammar and spelling mistakes will not be read or accepted. And netspeek does not belong in any scene, ever.

6. Character journals are just that - character journals. Character journals are not required but offered throughout the town, and it works like a closed circuit online journal system. Meaning public entries everyone can read, private ones they can't, and private messages can be sent between 'journals'. (Note: all actual entries are public so everyone in game can view them, merely mark them appropriately so people know if their characters can have seen/received messages) Journal entries would be, by definition, in first person. We encourage journal entries in addition to scenes; they really help to flesh out a character. It is not necessary to cross-post journal entries to the comm, however if you feel that your character's journal entry is something which the larger comm should know about and may miss, please feel free to post a link to it in the ooc.

7. Scenes/logs/threads are to be done in the third person, past tense. No offense to other styles, it's just much easier this way. When you have two people in a scene, and they're jumping between tense/person (IE: I walk into the room and say, 'Hello', as opposed to Joe walked into the room and said, 'Hello'), it's way too confusing. No posts or scenes with *actions* between stars. This is fiction style, thoughts and actions are written out. Also, although we do not have any minimum requirements for each post within a scene, we do encourage players to write descriptive, well thought out paragraphs. This is a community which should be as much fun to read as it is to write. Nobody likes reading 'he said' 'she said' single line per paragraph scenes. If you're posting all scenes that are 'one liners', we will likely issue a warning to put more effort in.

8. Scenes can be done through thread, AIM logs, Gdocs, email, PMs, depending on the player's preference. Please note that all scenes go in the community, not your character's journal.

9. OOC comments and posts do not belong on the in character board. Now, everyone's had that tag scene where you have to tell the other player something - be it a new line notice, or a correction request - but please, do not post OOC comments along with your tags. Any OOC notes, corrections, or questions belong in the OOC, private messages/e-mails, or in conversation on AIM. If you must post OOC questions/notes in scene posts, please do it in a separate comment from scene content that can be deleted by the mods later.

10. Do not join to post nothing but smut. If that's what you're after, this is not the game for you. NC17 scenes are fine, but there should always be content and something actually happening.

11. Do not only post with one other character. If we see a set of characters that have grouped off and ignored the rest of the town, we reserve the right to issue a warning. This is a community, not a private roleplay. Participate!

12. Communicate. If you are going to be missing for a while, for vacation, illness, etc, please let people know, so we don't wonder where you've gone off to, and people aren't waiting on you. Also, if you are not an active member on AIM to speak with other players--you will need to be communicative in other ways. Via pm, email, the ooc, any way you wish, but we expect players to have initiative, and not sit back and wait for other people to seek them out.

13. IC=IC, OOC=OOC IC=/=OOC. Don't turn IC conflict into OOC drama. Just because two characters are at odds in a scene or the game as a whole, it doesn't mean one player doesn't like the other. A story needs conflict, characters don't always see eye to eye; it makes it interesting. If we find that you're mixing in and out of character, you'll get a warning, and if it continues, you will be removed.

14. Three Strikes. This game operates on a 'three strikes and you're out' rule. If you fall foul of the above rules three times, you will be asked to leave the game. Each time you fall foul of the rules, you will be given a warning by a mod.

14. Probationary Period. We have a one month probationary period for new players in the game. During this initial one month period after acceptance to the game, if it becomes clear that the player is not suitable for the game, they will be asked to leave.

Regarding Character
1. We are an original character game only. This means we will not be accepting any fandom characters. No rewrites of fandom characters, no AU versions of fandom characters, nothing. If we find out that you have gotten through with a character that is not original, they will be removed immediately.

2. No famous people. We're not a celebrity game either, so there won't be any real celebrities, or anyone related to them, or other famous people. Sorry, don't even try.

3. Multiple Characters. Players are allowed to have more than one character within the game. It is up to the player to be sensible about the number of characters they think they can cope with. Each character must be applied for separately by going through the same application that an initial character must go through. Each character will be considered separately. A player will be expected to establish their initial character within the game before any application will be considered for a second character. If you are having trouble establishing a character within the game, please talk to one of the mods who will be happy to help.