Experiment A

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Experiment A

Experiment A took place in a large mansion isolated in the middle of the woods. It had most everything provided, and often, if residents had requirements, they would be provided if requested. It started small, with twenty participants, ten male, ten female. After a while, the experiments began.

They started out small, minor annoyances more than anything, but quickly escalated. More people were added to the mansion, and there was a lot of turnover in the beginning, as it was an option to leave the experiment for a while. It was a continuing theme through out the experiment that individuals would disappear at random, with no warning.

People weren't the only things appearing or disappearing. Entire building wings, rooms, structures, and floors to the house did the same. No one ever knew when something new was going to hit. A few months into the experiment, it was revealed that there was an entire floor full of separated participants, who had been living upstairs the entire time, and no one knew about them.

As the months wore on, the experiments got worse. They got more dangerous, and it became clear after a while that the scientists were not inclined to intervene in most house business. There was a suicide early on, and later, after a claimed 'break in', one woman was dead, and another needing hospitalization for her injuries. From there, things didn't improve.

The death toll kept rising, the experiments continued to get worse, and everyone was under a lot of stress, and there was a high, running state of paranoia constantly present.

Please note that we are not taking applications for new participants for Experiment A - see the FAQs for further information. You can, however, apply for an ExA intern.

Experiment Overview


The experiment began slowly, the tests low level - testing how people coped without designer clothes and styling products; how they coped with temperature changes; without mind-altering substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Already some participants are disappearing and new participants are put in their place without a word.

The first major test came towards the end of the month when there was a series of disasters - electrical faults, major plumbing issues, floods, all were thrown at the participants to deal with - and to be either punished or rewarded depending on how they react.

Emma Keigwin became convinced that she saw a girl trapped beneath the ice of the lake. A group went diving to investigate and though they didn't find a girl, they did find a severed human arm in the trunk of a drowned car. They didn't tell the rest of the participants about it and several days later the arm mysteriously disappeared, only to reappear in the bed of one of the participants the next day. She panicked and threw it away, quitting the experiment shortly after.


Dave Peterson is appointed from out of the participants as house doctor and a state of the art medical facility is added to the house in a basement level. Unfortunately though, it appeared that this was just in time as there is a break in at the property and two women are abducted. Holly Grant turned up murdered, whilst Emma Keigwin was found alive, but brutally attacked and raped.

The scientists also seemed to be on a trip to 'out' various members of the household - the girl who falsely cried rape (Holly Grant); the OCD suffered (Emma Keigwin); the murderer (Jason Kales). Nobody could be sure their secrets would be safe, or what secrets the house itself held and halfway through the month it was revealed that a group of people had been living in the attic, unknown to anyone else.

The house continued to grow, extra pieces being impossibly revealed overnight - first the medical wing in the sub-basement, then a huge ballroom on the ground floor. Surely this kind of thing was impossible? Yet it happened, leaving the participants feeling off kilter and unsure what would happen next.

The severed arm, apparently, decided not to stay missing - it turned up in the meat locker. Also making an appearance in the meat locker was one of the participants, who was found strung up, naked and covered in graffiti. What's more, it appeared that this was not the doing of the scientists, but of one of the participants, Laila Beheshti.


March began badly as the house was filled with pests. Bugs, spiders, snakes - if it crawled or wriggled, it seemed to be there and it took a few days for the participants to realise that none of it was actually poisonous, even though some of it should have been. As this drew to a close, another outing by the scientists lead to the attempted suicide of Jesse Acxom. This one failed, but another death didn't-- the apparent accidental death, of Eris Stockard. What the participants did not know was that this was no accident, but actually a murder, perpetrated by the very man who had been appointed as being in charge of house security and safety, Everrett Dupree. To make this worse, Eris' body was found the next day, gutted and dismembered, her innards strewn across the floor. It seemed Laila has struck again - though still none of the participants knew who is behind the random house attacks.

Laila also targeted various other participants, including Hannah Mori, a blind girl. As the participants began to become suspicious, she set up a multi-victim attack which included herself to throw them off the scent.

Later in the month the house was hit by infection - something not helped by the scientists taking the house doctor out of the loop, leaving a student nurse, Zoe Green, in charge of the sick. Everyone, thankfully, recovered but whilst everyone was still fragile the scientists decided to play with their hormones, giving certain participants increased levels and making others impotent. To really drive the point home, they also played loops of the participants' sexual exploits.

The month ended on a low note as one of the participants, Greg Fowler, went missing and his partially-eaten corpse was found several days later in the woods. It appeared on the face of it that he had had a nasty run in with some wolves. The truth of the matter, however, was that he was murdered by Jacie Flores, another participant. The scientists agreed to help her cover up her deeds.

The scientists appeared to be in a random mood at the beginning of the month, testing each participant in individual and often incomprehensible ways. From giving one guy a narrator for the day, to redecorating other's room like a 1970s porno set, nobody was really sure what was coming next...

Unfortunately, what was coming next was a house fire, burning the house to the ground. Not everyone got out alive and the participants were left camping for several days before they were split up and moved to several different locations. At this time four of the participants (Emma Keigwin, Jason Kales, Dave Peterson and Katalina Xarhakos) decided that enough was enough and that they were going to try and walk out of there. They left the others and headed out. They did not return to the house. At least - this is what the other participants were told. What actually happened though was that the four of them were removed by the scientists and left in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. After this time, they had to fend for themselves, seemingly completely abandoned.

The month started with the miraculous reappearance of the house and it seemed that the participants were being given a break. And possibly it was a break - of a sort. Although nothing major happened, May was a month of irritations - clothes became too big, or too small. Parts of the new house were unfinished, the bathrooms didn't work properly, half the stairs were missing. Nothing major, just sufficient to annoy the hell out of everyone.

By the beginning of June, the house was fully constructed again and everything was working and it was at this time that the scientists broke the news that the four people who had left the others in April had all died. Two of them had died when one of them fell down a cliff, the other died trying to rescue the injured party. The remaining two starved to death unable to find food. The news tipped Torlin Mackenzie over the edge and she committed suicide.

Not content on merely stopping with breaking the news about the fate of the four, the scientists felt it necessary to give the remaining participants an object lesson in 'the wild'. A two starving wolves were let loose in the house and pool in the basement of the house was de-chlorinated and filled firstly with alligators and then with piranhas. Along with this, all furniture and cooking equipment was removed from the house leaving the participants with only camping equipment.

July kicked off with a different type of hell for the participants as one participant was removed from the main house into one of the Princess Rooms. There she was made to care for a dying man. Whatever choices she made in respect of him, the house suffered the consequences. If she cared for him, the house would prosper. If she allowed him to suffer, or neglected him, the house would suffer also. Unfortunately, she was not informed or this and she was not the world' most caring person. Unsurprisingly, the house suffered, causing new rifts to open up under the pressure.

The scientists seemed to play into this, running with it and starting a spree of false journal entries, fake video footage and a general campaign to break up established couples and groups, testing people's trust and loyalty to the limit. It was almost impossible during this period to separate fact from fiction.

Tempers were running high and loyalties remained frayed as August commenced and the strain was only added to by the scientists' next test. It appeared that all the participants were to be put on a series of fad diets. The seven days were relatively fine as the only foodstuffs available turned out to be suitable for vegans. But when week two began, it became very apparent very quickly that things were going to be harder as each day they were subject to a different 'celebrity' diet. By half way through that week, a couple of the participants had decided that enough was enough and started hunting for their own food. There was also a small garden that had been planted by Rain Aspen and Adam Doyle - that was, until the scientists decided on 10th August to block off those little sources of supplements and that morning the vegetable patch was found ablaze with a small bonfire of hunting equipment atop it.

The changeable fad diets continued until 16th August, when all food stuffs were returned, but the participants (now all noticeably thinner) were informed that they were expected to complete at least four hours of exercise in the gym or pool every day. Any participant who did not complete this minimum every day to the satisfaction of the scientists was put back on a fad diet and informed that if they did not stick to their diet for 48 hours, plus complete the mandatory training regime, they would be removed into isolation until they could achieve this. This was maintained for the rest of the month.

The scientists decided, as September began, to play hide and seek with the participants. Every couple of days, one of the participants would go missing from their beds and a clue would be left on the computer system. It was then up to the remaining participants to find them. It was made clear that the taken participants would be simply left where they were should they not be found. No food, no water, nothing extra provided for them. And having one participant missing was no 'protection' against another going missing either.

This continued until the experiment was broken up.