Character Types

Experiment Participants
Experiment Participants are anyone who was in any of the experiments. They are from all walks of life, countries, social statuses, career fields. It was anyone who was willing to sign their life away for a year for a large sum of money.

Interns are anyone who previously had been hired by the scientists. There were different interns for every experiment--no cross overs for any of them. What this means is any interns around were for one specific experiment, and they only have information pertaining to that single one. All interns had the same set up, however they were housed separately in different buildings, and had absolutely no idea there were any other experiments going on.

While the experiments were going on, they were kept in a large building that had everything provided. It was set up somewhat like a cross between a military building and a university dorm. There was a large library set up, a computer lab, entertainment rooms, a gym, etc. Most of the inters were still completing university courses, and it was all done online. All interns were roomed with other people--and the dorms were all co-ed. The dorms were large rooms with no windows, and bunks that were slats fixed to the walls. They were generally four to a room, though as interns left the program or 'moved', it was possible that not everyone was in a full room. No one had a single room. Room assignments were made initially by the scientists, but interns were allowed to move rooms if everyone involved agreed to the move. The politics of the dorms were mainly left to them to decide, the scientists had little input unless there were arguments. There were large locker rooms provided for bathing, etc.

For their jobs, interns were usually set to monitoring cameras. This ran twenty four hours a day, in shifts. No one was on a single shift for too long, the rotation usually lasting seven days with a day or two 'off' in between a shift change. Each intern would have a section of cameras they were watching. All feeds were recorded as well, but they were required to monitor their sections, and make notes of events. There were large check lists of behaviors for each participant, and places for other noteworthy events should it not be covered by the list. As time wore on, interns would be required to help with events going on in the experiments, helping change things around, helping move people, remove people, drug them, etc.

All interns were given in depth files on the participants in their experiment. These files included personal history, psychological write ups, and were added to as events unfolded in the experiment.

Some of them are completely in the dark about what's going on in the aftermath, others are fully aware and have their own objectives. Currently, in town, quite a lot of the interns are being treated for the same types of things the experiment participants are, as a lot of them were traumatized by having to participate and witness everything that was going on.

Volunteers are anyone in town who was not part of the original experiments, or in the employ of the scientists. They are individuals from all over the world, who were either contacted to be part of the relief efforts, or who heard about it through other channels and signed themselves up to help. They can be anyone from hospital workers, public service officials, store owners, store workers, etc.