Wanted in Game

Wanted Characters

Because there is a lot of backstory to this game, there are a number of characters who have been specifically named in that. We've left things open so that you don't have to take a previously named character, but here is a list of specifically named people and what is known about them. Anyone in the below list is up for grabs - if anyone takes them, they will be removed from the list.


Any other Interns!

The stalker/one point kidnapper of Cheyenne. Unnamed, any details would be up to you, contact Taffy for questions/comments. taffy13@gmail.com

Please note that at the current time we are no longer accepting applications for interns who were for any reason later put into any of the experiments

Experiment A
There are no people up for grabs in Experiment A. Please see the write up of ExA for further information.

Experiment B
Nobody specific wanted at the moment!

Experiment C
Nobody specific wanted at the moment!

Experiment D
The ex-boyfriend of Cheyenne. Unnamed, any details would be up to you, contact Taffy for questions/comments. taffy13@gmail.com

The gone-missing-during-the-experiment fiance of Cheyenne. Unnamed, female, details can be discussed, please contact Taffy for questions/etc. taffy13@gmail.com

Experiment E
Anyone in Experiment E! Also looking for people Everett found!

Morris: 50-60 years old. ExE. Leader of the first group to try and find food. ex-marine. seemed perfectly gentlemanly in the house and said he was an accountant. shot and killed two participants in the wilderness. go figure?

Carly: 18-22 years old. ExE. Joined first group to search for food. Very athletic - runs triathalons for fun. was wounded by Morris, and went missing while in the facility recovering (up to player how this is explained). Saj has a bit of a thing for her but again, it's up to the player how she feels about him.

Ryan: friend of Camber. Attacked on the trek by Camber for cannibalising their friend (more info on Camber's page). Upper-class type background, never been throguh anything like this before, though he knows how to hunt.

Rachelle: (late 30s), left the house in a group with Camber and Ryan, but got separated from the group. Has some kind of foreign or travel/survival experience.

Liadan (LEE-din): 35-45 years old. ExE. A mother figure all the way. Irish decent and the mother of triplets. Joined the experiment to get a bit of money to provide for her children as they're rather poor. Left in Bri's group as the leader but ended up breaking her ankle in an unseen animal hole. She sent Bri and Roger onward so she wouldn't hold them back. There was a big argument about it.

Roger: 29-39 years old. ExE. Rolly-polly and wears glasses. Former comic book store employee turned tax auditor. He's not very good at his job. Left with Liadan and Bri in search of help. One evening, he and Bri got separated what with his poor eyesight and her horrible night vision. They never found each other again.

Experiment E people left in pairs and small groups, but we're quite open to people being found alone if you want to play it that way!

Any Experiment!

Jennifer Tobey: 24-26 years old. Strong willed and very comfortable with herself. 'Goth' in appearance. Best friends with Tobias Only joined the experiment because Tobias insisted on her coming with him.

Tiffany: 21-27 years old. Intern. A complete snob of a woman, hardly anyone likes her and those who do are generally just as bad as she is. She has no sympathy whatsoever for the experiment victims and actually found it kind of funny. In fact, she seems to be lacking in all forms of empathy unless it's 'oh woe is me'.

Any volunteers! We only have two!

We specifically need people to help run the town - store-owners, bar tenders, workmen/women, clerks, hospital workers...