Game Timeline

January 2008
All experiments commence
September 2008
The experiments are discovered and close down commences
September 2008
Interns, participants and volunteers begin to move to the town
September 28 2008
The town is suddenly deserted by everyone 'in charge', most of the population disappears, leaving a handful of participants, interns and volunteers
September 29 2008
Emily disappears from the town
Addison and Indira arrive in town
October 1 2008
Emma arrives in town
The stores are running low on supplies and haven't been restocked
October 2 2008
Svetlana arrives in town
October 3 2008
A bear comes into town!
The scientists mess around with firearms - some people have real guns, some have fakes - nobody knows until they use them!
October 4 2008
Gavin, Rebekah, Diata, Seth and Rin disappear
Brianna and Scott arrive in town
October 5 2008
Hadley, Cheryl and Brody disappear
Esme, Tobias, Emily and Saj arrive in town
The town is almost out of food!
October 6 2008
Housing change! Everyone wakes up to find they've been moved into group housing!
All the public buildings are emptied out
October 7 2008
Trevor, Drew and Jeremy disappear
Joy and Posy arrive in town
October 8 2008
Jesse, Leo and Cheyenne arrive in town
Each group house is given a random gift that appears to have a childish theme
October 9 2008
Ben, Trent and Penny disappear
Lilith and Veronica arrive in town
Today is, apparently, Christmas - everyone gets presents, the town is decorated and a naked Scott trussed up with sleigh bells is the town hall's main attraction!