Applications: How to Create an Account and Apply for a Character

How to Apply!

RPG Dreams Accounts

First up, we realise that the set up of this website is probably completely different to what you've encountered before and there are some important things to note!

First and foremost you only need one account! That's right - no having to create multiple accounts for multiple characters and spending endless hours logging in and out depending on who you're posting as! At RPG Dreams you only need the one account - your player account.

How does this work, we here you say? Okay, it's easy! You apply for an account as a player. Choose whatever account name you want (it doesn't have to have anything to do with the character you're applying for - choose something that you as a player can relate to). Great, you're now a member of RPG Dreams!

First things first, go and set yourself up a profile.  It'll make everything easier and let you have full access to the characters you create.  Go to 'Create Content' and clikc 'Create' next to 'Profile', then fill it in as you wish.

Now onto the character stuffs!

Applying for a Character

Applying for a character couldn't be simpler. Okay, it could be - but we're not prepared to scrap the application process, so nur! Anyway - go to the 'My Account' page and there you will see that there's a link called 'Create new Player Character'.  There's also a link under 'Create Content' if you prefer. Simply click on this and it will take you to the application form. Fill this in and press 'save' and it will automatically be submitted to the mods for their consideration.

Once the mods have considered the application, you will receive an email either accepting the character, or asking for edits. Sometimes a character is rejected out of hand, but this is a very rare occurrence. Normally the mods will explain what is wrong with an unsatisfactory application and work with you to get your character to an acceptable standard for the game. If a character is rejected out of hand, this is usually because it will not fit in the game setting.

We understand that it's often hard to know what mods are looking for in a new character, so we've tried to help you out here by explaining what we're after.

After acceptance

After your character has been accepted to the game, you're good to go straight from the approval mail. Your application will automatically become the character profile (though your writing samples will only be visible to yourself and the game mods) and you will be able to post from your account in the name of your character. You will also have access to the OOC.

In order to access your character profile though, you will have to set up a player profile (the 'My Account' page.  You do this by going to 'create content' and pressing the 'create' button next to 'Profile'.  Editing your profile can be done in teh same way (once you have a player profile the button will be 'edit' rather than 'create')

From then on, if you wish to make another character, simply go back to the 'Create new Player Character' link on your user info page and go through the same routine. There is no need to make multiple accounts.